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Is Your Pet’s Natural Built-In Defense System at Risk?

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By now you may be asking, “What are dogs allergic to?”

Food and environmental factors are the two most common causes of allergies in dogs today. Aggravating allergens are a clear sign that your dog's immune system is in great jeopardy. A dog with a healthy immune system won't struggle with allergens. A dog with a weakened or hypersensitive immune system is likely to have multiple allergy triggers and an ongoing suffering from allergy conditions.

Whether it’s the food or the environment, there is a natural, LASTING solution to your dog’s chronic skin and coat problems and digestion issues.


If you feel you've tried everything, and your dog is still struggling with aggravating allergy problems... then you deserve to get the relief that many other pet owners used to stop their pet's allergies. There is a natural, LASTING solution to your dog's chronic skin and coat problems as well as digestion issues.

"She was at the vet at least once a month - during allergy season.

She has had ear infections, severe skin issues where she scratched until she would bleed, and urinary tract infections from licking. The shots (from the vet) seemed to help a little bit, but after 2 years I was not happy with the results. I decided to stick with the diet for the 90 days and am soooo glad I did. Serena looks amazing. She has so much energy, her coat looks great, and she is super happy. We all get sleep now!"

- Dawn Leconche, Cromwell, CT