Welcome to my new web site.

The creation of BARF World Inc., has taken three years by a hardworking team of dedicated BARFers — Australians, Canadians and Americans. You will notice that the head office of BARF World Inc. is in Saskatoon, Canada under the administration of my dear friends and fellow BARFers, Dennis and Brenda Hagel — two people that I cannot allow to remain behind the scenes. You will get to know them and the entire BARF World Inc. team as you join with us in advancing pet health.

The gold standard approach to BARF is for pet owners to create their own diets for their pets. To simplify this process, I have written a new book titled the "THE BARF DIET," obtainable through this web site very soon. "THE BARF DIET" details home produced diets for both dogs and cats, together with chapters on supplements, trouble shooting, switching to BARF and much more.

Many pet owners are not able, for a variety of reasons, to create a BARF diet for their pets, but have indicated they would definitely feed BARF if it was available in a convenient and affordable format. This has made the production of a range of BARF products and supplements a major priority of BARF World Inc.. It is one of the many initiatives being taken to forward the march of healthy eating for our pets. Because of the enormous scale of this project, we had to prioritize. We are providing for North America first, with Australia coming soon! We have also had expressions of interest from Japan and the UK. I look forward to participating with you all — my fellow BARFers — in the many facets of allowing our pets the opportunity to be fed BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE RAW FOODS.

Health through BARF!
Ian Billinghurst

Why do we call it BARF?

The word BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. BARF also stands for Bones And Raw Food. Other apt terms include evolutionary diet, natural diet, and species appropriate diet. Every living animal requires a biologically appropriate diet. If you think about it, not one animal on earth, is adapted by evolution to eat a cooked food diet. This means a BARF diet, is exactly what we should be feeding our pets!

Would you love to start feeding your pets a healthier diet? Are you hungry for valid, scientific and truly health promoting information on pet nutrition? Look no further! BARF World Inc. is coming soon to provide you with all this and more. It may be that you wish to feed a new puppy or kitten. Perhaps you are thinking of switching your older dog or cat to a wholesome raw diet. No matter what your canine or feline's specific needs are, Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diet™ has a simple solution!

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Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™ Fresh Frozen & Freeze-Dried Patties
Chicken, beef, lamb, pork and kangaroo secured from Australian inspected facilities.This is the same fresh meat you would buy for yourself, with one important exception....it's bon-e-fied! Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diet™ includes wholesome vegetables and fruits, phyto-rich greens, fresh ground flax seed, garlic, whole egg and cultured kefir.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARFMates
Imagine the fun you'll have ... Mix 'n' Match BARFMates to create your own individualized home made BARF Diet.
Meat & Bone Minces - Veggies & Fruit - Beef Offal Blend - Unbleached Beef Tripe

BARF Supplements
Dr. Billinghurst's BARFPlus
Contains a mixture of the finest ingredients including pesticide free grasses, natural vegetables, freeze-dried probiotics and full spectrum enzymes.
Dr. Billinghurst's 100% certified organic Kelp Powder
Dr. Billinghurst's 100% certified organic Alfalfa Powder

Dr. Billinghurst's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
Dr. Billinghurst's Atlantic Salmon Oil (GMO free)
Dr. Billinghurst's Salmon - Evening Primrose Oil

Dr. Billinghurst's Books and Video!
Give Your Dog a Bone - Grow Your Pups with Bones
New! The BARF DIET by Dr. Ian Billinghurst ©2001
New! The BARF Diet Video with Dr. Ian Billinghurst ©2001

Dr. Billinghurst's World Wide BARF Association!
The purpose of the BARF Association is to unite BARF feeders from around the world under the guidance of Dr. Ian Billinghurst. The BARF Association is dedicated to restoring health to the pets of our world through evolutionary nutrition. Members are invited to participate on the BARF World Inc. message board with Dr. Billinghurst, receive a bi-monthly newsletter and valuable discounts on Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diet™ products. Membership fees help support BARF research!

BARF World Inc. Breeders Directory
The BARF Breeders directory is for BARF breeders wishing to place pups into BARF homes, announce litters or share puppy brags...on the otherhand, it's also for folks that want a BARF puppy that is naturally reared, fit and healthy.

All This ... and More!
BARF World Inc. Wants YOU To Grow With Us!

Put Our Ideas to Work

Our Distributor Program was developed with YOU in mind. Consumers just like you are demanding healthy choices in nutrition products for their canine and feline family members. You will now have the opportunity to provide Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™ products to your clients, family, and friends!

BARF World Inc. wants everyone around the world to benefit from Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™. Working with distributors gives us the opportunity to accomplish this goal. We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a distributor to apply today. Our distributor program is easy. All you have to do is fill out our distributor application. Whether you are already in the business, a breeder or just a dog lover, this is an easy way to start your own business and contribute to the health of our pets around the world.

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