“Now She Loves Meal Time And Is A Very Healthy Dog.”

"Daisy Mae is a purebred English Shorthair Pointer. In this puppy picture she is only 10 weeks old. Daisy Mae had chronic diarrhea after she ate anything! It was awful! I tried her on different vet recommended diets and with no luck at all. It was always the same result. She even got to the point where she didn’t want to eat because she felt sick all the time. Every time she ate, she was sick. I just knew I had to find a solution.

I slowly weaned her on the BARF Diet. It took about a month. It also took about a month for the chronic diarrhea to subside. Now she loves meal time and she is a very healthy dog."

– Elise Barone-Corbeille from Cummings, GA