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"The Intelligent Pet" E-zine

Past Issues

2013 Issues

Vol. 4, Issue 29
Being A Pet Parent

Vol. 4, Issue 28
Is Your Pet Properly Protected For Summer?

Vol. 4, Issue 27
A Pet Parentís Worst Nightmare: What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

Vol. 4, Issue 26
Reiki For Animals: Healing Abuse, Trauma And Neglect

Vol. 4, Issue 25
Environmental Allergies And Stress

Vol. 4, Issue 24
Leo Needs A New Home

Vol. 4, Issue 23
Animal Abuse: Recognizing The Signs And Doing Your Part To Help Stop It

Vol. 4, Issue 22
A Little Known Household Essential You're NOT Using (But Should Be)

Vol. 4, Issue 21
Tick & Flea Medication Dangers

Vol. 4, Issue 20
Camping With Your Raw Fed Dog

Vol. 4, Issue 19
Dog Adoption Tips

Vol. 4, Issue 18
Chihuahua de Mayo

Vol. 4, Issue 17
Home Sweet Home: The Pet-Friendly, Allergen-Free, Spring Cleaning Checklist

Vol. 4, Issue 16
Dog Hair Loss: How Natural Remedies And Raw Food Can Help

Vol. 4, Issue 15
Detoxification And It's Effect On Skin

Vol. 4, Issue 14

Vol. 4, Issue 13
Hip Dysplasia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Vol. 4, Issue 12
These Dogs Have the Luck 'O the Irish

Vol. 4, Issue 11
Keeping Kidneys Safe: Kidney Disease In Dogs and Cats

Vol. 4, Issue 10
The "C" Word: What To Do When the Diagnosis Is Cancer

Vol. 4, Issue 9
Good Pet Dental Hygiene Leads To Good Cardiovascular Health

Vol. 4, Issue 8
What is the difference between omega 3, 6, and 9

Vol. 4, Issue 7
Tips To Keeping Your Dog Heart Healthy

Vol. 4, Issue 6
Arthritis Can Be a Real Pain

Vol. 4, Issue 5
An Unhappy Mess That May Be Easy To Avoid

Vol. 4, Issue 4
Your Pet's Stool Is The Barometer Of Their Health

Vol. 4, Issue 3
Constipation On Raw Diet: A Stop And Go Solution

Vol. 4, Issue 2
7 Steps To Successfully Enjoy Traveling With Your Dog

Vol. 4, Issue 1
Too Much Of A Good Thing? Dog Diarrhea And Vomiting

Past Issues (2012)
Past Issues (2011)
Past Issues (2010)

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