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"The Intelligent Pet" E-zine

Past Issues

2011 Issues

December 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 13
Help Your Dog Survive The New Year: 5 Tips To Ensure A Calmer, Happier Dog

December 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 12
Tag Me! Why Pet ID Tags Could Save You From the Heartache of a Lost Pet During the Holidays, Santa Paws Is Coming to Town: 5 Dog-Worthy Holiday Gifts Any Pup Would Love, Foods That Trigger Allergies in Dogs, K-911 Pet First Aid Kit, A Stray Dog Gets A Meal Fit For A King

November 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 11
A $3,000 Vet Bill - Are Allergy Tests Really Worth It?, How To Tell If Your Dog Is S.A.D., Can Convenience Be Destroying Your Pet’s Health?, No Muss, No Fuss with BARF World’s Chicken Nuggets, Chinese Dog Owners Turn “Domestic” Into Majestic

October 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 10
When Sedation Becomes Scary, The History of Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang, Feeding Raw Pork-Not As Scary As You Think, Trick or Treat With Etta Says!, Pomeranian Holds Up Rush Hour Traffic

September 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 9
A Truly Amazing Remedy, Why Does My Dog Eat Grass, Dog Training Methods, Dog Genes May Be The Key To Treating Childhood Epilepsy

August 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 8
Microchips: Pet Safety Tool...Or Dangerous Device?, How NOT To Walk You Dog, Chocolate: A Tasty Treat Pets Die For, Pet Identity Theft

July 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 7
Don't Let Your Pet Become a “July 4th Dog”, Dachshunds - Great Big Heart - Itty Bitty Legs, Zoos Lead the Way When It Comes to Raw Diets, Microchipped Dog Reunited With Owner After 5 Years

June 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 6
Holistic Heartworm Prevention that Works, These Dogs Make a Huge Splash - Dock Diving Dogs, The Importance of Raw Diets for Breeding Dogs.

May 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 5
Signs Your Dogs Suffers From Allergies, Skidboot the World’s Smartest Dog, The Best Allergy Defense Money Can Buy, Specially Trained Canine Used In Bin Laden Raid.

April 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 4
Joining the Fight Against Animal Cruelty, Who Is That Dog? - Mysti, Eggciting Facts About Eggs, Neighbors have Shootout Over Dog Deficating in Yard.

March 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 3
The Healing Role of Therapy Dogs, These Dogs Have the Luck 'O the Irish, Super Green Super Foods, Lucky Dog Saved From Drowning With Help From Dolphins.

February 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 2
This Trusty First-aid Item Can Save Your Pet's Life, 5 Ways To Show Your Dog Some Love, Puppy Love- Guidelines For Puppy Nutrition, Family Dog Saved With Mouth to Snout Resuscitation.

January 2011 - Vol. 2, Issue 1
3 Signs of a Healthy Pet Weight, Improvised Exercise, 5 Quick Tips to Keeping Your Pet Trim, After 3 Years Husky Reunited With Original Owner.

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