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If Dogs Could Talk

The Myth Of A “Miracle” Raw Dog Food Diet

by Monica Reyes

Many people seeking a natural diet for their dogs do so because their pet has a pre-existing condition that they want to cure. Conditions like allergies, digestive issues and diabetes are some of the reasons that many people turn to a raw food diet for their pets. Unfortunately, some pet owners have the incorrect idea that a raw diet will provide their ailing pet with a quick fix and will expect immediate, “miracle”-type results.

Results Don’t Happen Overnight

Although switching your pet over to raw food is definitely recommended for long-term health and nutrition, it is important to remember that severe medical conditions won’t resolve themselves overnight.  Even though a raw meat diet is the best thing that you can give your dog or cat, it takes time for a nutritional improvement to show its effects.  Remember: the diseased condition, which has taken years to develop, will take time to reverse itself and for the health of the animal to improve.  

Most of our greatest pet health success stories have occurred after the animal has been on the BARF diet for 60 days or more.  It’s true that there are some great benefits to be seen within the first four weeks of switching a dog or cat to the BARF Diet - such as a noticeable difference in skin and coat, an increase in activity level due to better nutrition and even a much appreciated reduction in stool volume and odor - but for more serious problems, like fur loss, dry, itchy skin, and hot spots, it will take more time for those symptoms to clear up.

User error can also greatly impact the success of switching a pet to raw food. Table scraps, junk treats, and an inconsistent dietary routine can all affect the results that a pet parent will see in their raw fed animal.  Therefore, it is important to get a personalized feeding plan done by a certified raw pet food specialist to make sure that you and your pet are on the right track.  BARF World is the only raw pet food company that provides this custom-tailored service.  Their raw pet food specialists go through an extensive three-month training which allows them to identify various dietary and environmental aspects to address in order to maximize results.  This also provides pet parents, that may be new to feeding raw, the help and support that they need to improve the overall health of their pet.

The 90-Day Raw Pet Food Plan™

Allowing the diet to work in your pet and sticking to a personalized feeding plan is one of the main reasons why the co-formulator of the BARF Diet®, Robert Mueller created the 90-day Raw Pet Food Plan™.  The purpose of the 90-day feeding plan is to instill in the pet owner that the BARF Diet is not a “quick fix” but the first step into creating a stronger, healthier, more vibrant pet.  As Mueller often tells his clients, “If you can commit to following the feeding plan to the letter for 90-days, you will have yourself a brand new pet.”

Don’t Make This Common Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that pet parents will often times make once they’ve seen that their dog or cat has improved on a raw diet, is to go back to old habits and back to feeding their pet‘s former diet - whether out of convenience, or to save a few dollars.  Yet, as many of these pet parents later learn, putting a temporary Band-Aid over a condition that could come back later or develop into something even worse down the road, is not worth the risk.

The BARF raw food diet for dogs is a long-term lifestyle change and a wise investment in the health and vitality of your pet.

ggggMonica Reyes is a Raw Pet Food Specialist for BARF World Inc. She is a full-time student and working mom to a young toddler, a terrier mix named Mookie and a tabby cat named Phillip. Monica enjoys healthy home cooking and spending quality time with her family. For more articles like these and to learn more about the benefits of raw food for your pets, sign up for The Intelligent Pet monthly e-zine at www.barfworld.com.

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