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If Dogs Could Talk

A Proper Introduction For Dogs Out For A Walk

By Doggy Dan

So often, greeting another dog on a lead becomes a total disaster, with both owners apologising for their dog’s behaviour and neither dog enjoying the experience. Neither owner is sure what the correct meet and greet procedure is, or the what the right thing to say is, and we become too involved in what should be a purely dog affair.

So I have put this simply post and video together so that you have a few key pointers up your sleeve for next time.

The video above is a ‘must watch’ – How to introduce dogs on a walk correctly. In the video you’ll see everything I discuss below, in action.

Meet and Greet Tips

Here are my 5 tips when meeting another dog on a leash, helping everyone (including the dogs) to stay safe and ensure a relaxed and natural encounter.

1. Play safe

Every situation is different so it’s worth firstly checking out the dog coming towards you. No matter how many dogs your dog has met there are always some that you should stay clear of. Sometimes the simple question “Is your dog friendly?” before you introduce them can save you a lot of hassle. Other times you can make your own decision from a distance.

Usually we are wise to go off our gut instinct and intuition. If you feel unsure or uneasy simply take a small detour around the person and their dog and carry on your way.

2. Loose leash

Once you decide to let your dog sniff the other dog, make sure that their leash is loose. If you are unsure about doing so then maybe you should not be letting the dogs meet. Clearly if your dog gets over excited and you need to pull them away or restrain them, then the leash will not be loose. However if they are behaving nicely give them the respect they deserve and a nice loose leash. Imagine trying to meet somebody for the first time with somebody tugging you back by your neck!

If your dog is pulling so hard you can’t loosen the lead, then you more than likely have an issue with your dog believing they’re in control of the walk. And this stems from their built-in pack mentality. A dog is either a leader or a follower, and if you’re not the Pack Leader, then your dog will naturally assume the role. This leads to 95% of the dog behavioral problems I work with everyday – from pulling on the lead, jumping up and barking to biting and separation anxiety. So make sure you are the Pack Leader – read more here about becoming the Pack Leader, and the 5 Golden Rules.

3. Give space

Once your dogs are sniffing each other give them a little space. You don’t have to walk a long way away, but simply giving them a yard of space will allow them to breathe easier and give them the feeling that you are not concerned. Standing over them and crowding them because you are getting ready to pounce gives off all the wrong messages.

4. Two’s company, three’s a crowd

When you are really trying to understand what somebody you have just met is trying to say and a third person starts talking over the top of you, it really doesn’t help. It’s the same for your dog. When they’re getting to know each other and sniffing, stay out of it and give them the time they deserve. The best way to do this is to avoid any pats, words of encouragement or affection. Of course you can talk to the other person, especially if you keep the conversation light and jolly, but allow the dogs to check each other out in peace.

5. Change the energy

Sometimes if things look like they’re a bit stuck or frozen you can get it all moving again by simply walking away. In the video I walk 2 yards away with Jezebel when things look a little strained and she immediately relaxes. Sometimes that is all that is needed to break the ice.

ggggDoggy Dan is an expert dog trainer and canine behaviorist from Auckland, New Zealand. His online dog training course has helped hundreds of dogs and their owners resolve behavior issues and improve the bond between dog and owner. To try Doggy Dan’s online training course for only $1, go to www.barfworld.com/doggydan                                                                                            

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Brighthaven's Animal Sanctuary & Hospice
I am writing to you today with the exciting news of our Christmas pledge rescue! We have been waiting for the right animal to cross our path to claim a place, but so far, although many have come along, none quite fitted the bill. Until last weekend when a sad face appeared on my computer screen and pulled at my heartstrings, much as the faces of Layla and Lily did in recent months.

Meet Lali....!!

Lali was dumped by her family in a high kill shelter in Los Angeles. She has bilateral cataracts, extensive mammary tumors and a high grade heart murmur - oh yes, and of course, a rotten mouth we're told, and so she sounds to be a perfect candidate for BrightHaven!

Because once again the amazing BrightHaven supporters sprung into action with their Christmas donations, another dear life has been saved and today Lali was pulled to safety, courtesy of our good friend Barbara, who has boarding arranged for tonight. I had not let anyone know about this before as Lali could well have lost her life in the shelter and so the last several days have involved much chewing of nails!

A generous pilot responded to her plea and flew Lali to Santa Rosa.

Our little girl is without doubt in competition with Lily as the sweetest dog on the planet! She adores everyone and just wants to be with someone all the time, although her preference is to be with Richard, to whom she appears to be glued 99% of the time!! Happily all our other dogs, and cats too, seem to be behaving as though she has always lived here, although none can quite understand her slight reticence with food and are very willing to help her....! The only thing I have so far found that she will eat is raw, ground turkey, which she inhaled happily and so I'm hoping it doesn't upset her stomach!! She is also showing a marked preference for things like toast and pasta and so it would appear this little lady has enjoyed a varied diet that shows in her somewhat distended tummy area!

We were a trifle concerned because of her bulging eyes and tubby torso, that she might prove diabetic but a simple ear prick this morning showed her glucose at a very normal level - phew! Dear Lali does have some more major issues going on though. Her heart murmur is a very high grade and her URI is intense, with crackly lungs. She has around 10 mammary tumors in her abdomen, BUT yes, there is good news too - her blood panel shows nothing to worry about as far as kidneys and liver values - with the worst thing being her high cholesterol level!! (I wonder why!!!)

Having said all this, Lali cares not about any of it. Life, she says is all about the living of it TODAY and she is doing that - and having FUN!! Bless you all for making her dreams come true.

Much love and gratitude,

If you'd like to learn more about BrightHaven and how to help support saving animals' lives, please visit us online at www.brighthaven.org write to us at info@brighthaven.org, or call us at 707-578-4800

Tail Us What You Think

In response to our article, “Signs That It's Time To Get A Second Opinion”, published January 29th, 2014:

“I tried 3 vets and had a poor opinion of all three!!!  Holistic is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned!!!...

The dog had gotten so bad that he laid down all the time and cried when he had to get to go to the bathroom.  Up and down stairs was out of the question.  No energy.  No brightness in his eyes at all.  Hair was dull and had some patchy skin irritation (I used raw honey and an essential oil to help clear those up).  Quit having any interest in his toys.  There was 35 pounds of fluid in his body.  That even affected his bark, he hardly had one at all.  Like laryngitis.  I had to feed and water him when he was laying down.  I truly thought we were going to have to put him to sleep!...  

Now all of of the above is gone.  What's left is his spine to be adjusted more and the stiffness from arthritis after first getting up.  We can now take long walks, he trots and even gallops some.  Wants to go out and play ball first thing in the A.M. and has a much better appetite!...

We now drive 410 miles round trip to see his chiropractor (WELL WORTH!!!)...I appreciate your asking about this and hope you can also pass on what has helped us so that other animals and their guardians don't have to suffer needlessly without a diagnosis and no where to turn.  I am so glad I could talk to [BARF raw pet food specialist] Evan about the raw food diet and found this wonderful animal chiropractor that also uses whole food supplements.”

-Lee & Chris
Pet Alert!
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Dogswell Recall 1/27/2013 - Red Flannel - recalling for possible Salmonella.
Dogswell Recall 11/20/2013 - True Raw Choice - recalling Dehydrated Pet Treats For Salmonella.
Dogswell Recall 11/6/2013 - Bailey's Choice - expanding its voluntary recall of its chicken dog treats because of possible Salmonella.
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Chiropractic For Animals?

You betcha!  Integrative vet, Dr. Cathy Alinovi explains how veterinary spinal manipulation works and how it especially helps older pets with pain and mobility problems.
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