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 Editor's Notes

DISCLAIMER: “BARF World’s PINK SLIME PATTIES” is an entirely fictitious product. There is no way we would ever make it into a diet for your dog. This is just a parody about the recent issues consumers are being faced with in regards to product integrity and corporate responsibility, which some companies choose to ignore. BARF World’s values are to remain honest and truthful to our customers and to never cut corners in order to increase our bottom line. That being said - please enjoy!

Raw Knowledge

"Pink Slime" BARF Patties?

By Evan Price

As you undoubtedly know, we strive to provide the best possible service to our loyal BARFers. When we find something that we feel is of tremendous value, we feel compelled to share that with our customers and their pets. 

Knowing that you really don't want to spend that much money on your dog (after all he's just an animal, right?), we have recently found a protein source that is so cheap that we have decided to make it into a new BARF diet flavor to save you lots of money.

Introducing the newest member if the BARF World family...PINK SLIME PATTIES!

Don't let the name fool you - pink slime is "technically" still beef and nothing to be afraid of...really.  Otherwise known as "lean beef trimmings", pink slime is made from the remnants of USDA approved meat that has been treated with an ammoninum hydroxide solution to prevent Salmonella or E. coli contamination. (Nothing to worry about, right?)

This hot product has been found in the ground beef products of several grocery stores across the country.

And while many fast food chains, such as McDonald's, have started to ban the use pink slime in their kitchens, it can still be found in the cafeterias of many of our young children schools. Many school districts have approved the use of pink slime as a sensible and safe addition to the menu. (Hey, if it is good enough for our children then it must be good enough for our pets!)

Despite the off-putting name, pink slime and BARF are the key ingredients to proper canine nutrition.  We are pleased to be able to offer you with a cheaper way to make sure your pets are fed a healthy(ish) diet. After all, pink slime is normally found in most kibble and canned pet foods anyway so that must mean that it's okay!

Until next time...happy puking, I mean BARFing!

(P.S. I hoped you've figured it out by now but this article is an April Fool's joke! There is NO WAY we would ever include a rendered product into our BARF diet line. The story about pink slime exploded across the media last year and is still a hot topic of controversy. Read more about it here.)

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