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4/6/2012 – Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice (Diamond Pet Foods)
3/9/2012 – FDA continues to caution consumers about feeding dogs chicken jerky products.

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What are some of the things people say when they see a new baby for the first time?

“Oh, she looks so much like you.”

“Wow! He has your eyes!”

We like to make similarities between our kids and ourselves whether they are in regards to our personalities or our physical traits. “You son looks just like his father,” is often though of as a compliment and something to be proud of.

Read about the uncanny resemblances that some people have with their dogs in this week’s issues of The Intelligent Pet. You’ll learn how this phenomenon doesn’t just happen between people but it can also be between our pets and us!


Amber Keiper and the rest of the BARF World team

Important Dates to Remember

April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

  • April 1st – April Fools Day: Beware of pranksters afoot! (Check out our April Fools edition of The Intelligent Pet here.)

  • April 8th – Easter Sunday

  • April 13th – Friday the 13th: If you happen to be superstitious, you may want to be extra careful today as Friday the 13th is often deemed an “unlucky day”.

  • April 19, 1968 – Ashley Judd’s birthday: Actress, animal activist, and charity worker, Ashley Judd overcame depression with the help of her “psychological support” dog, Shug.

  • April 18th – Pet Owners Independence Day. Why should our dogs have all the fun? Today you are allowed to send your dog to work while you sit at home basking in the sun and get into the trash. (At least that what my dog, Chewy does!)

 Good Dog

Like Father Like Son: Dogs That Look Like Their Owners (Does Yours?)

(taken from www.famouschihuahua.com)

By Evan Price

It is often said that a people will generally grow up to be just like their parents.  But did you know that this extends to pets as well? 

Have you noticed how many people have pets that match themselves either physically or personality-wise? What is it that causes us to identify with the dogs that we choose to spend our lives with?  We see this phenomenon not only with our own dogs, but in the dogs of the people we know personally, and even celebrities.

As many of our readers know, I grew up with Dachshunds.  But of all breeds, why that one?  Maybe it was because my mother grew up with one, or maybe it was because I just liked them.  Maybe it is because, in my own mind, I embody several traits of a Dachshund.  It could be said that I am loyal (perhaps to a fault), playful, yet fiercely competitive, and until I grew over 12 inches in high school…really, really small. 

My best friend grew up with a Keeshond, and even though her name was Sparkle, she was affectionately known as “Fur ball”.  It should also be said that my friend, as well as both his brothers and father are men who have more hair on their bodies than on their heads.  They now own a very fluffy Bichon Frise.  Coincidence? Maybe not.

But this trend extends beyond just you and me.  Even celebrities are known for owning dogs that are similar to them in appearance or personality.  For example, socialite Paris Hilton has a Chihuahua named Tinker Bell.  In true diva fashion, Tinker Bell has a 2-story doggie mansion, complete with doggie cabana and crystal chandelier. Seriously, this dog is living better than I am!

(taken from www.celebritydogwatcher.com)

NFL quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart, is the proud owner of a German Shepherd named Hunter and a Bulldog named Max.  Unfortunately, after suffering 2 season-ending collarbone fractures in 4 years, the dogs may be tougher than he is.

Then, there is actress, poker player, and all-around sweetheart, Shannon Elizabeth.  When she was small, her mother would not allow her to own a pet.  Shannon vowed that when she grew up, she was going to have lots of ‘em.  After adopting a 2-year old Chihuahua named Winnie, her family grew to six dogs (all of whom have been rescued)!  But she didn’t stop there. 

She also founded her own animal rescue organization in 2001.  Animal Avengers is dedicated to finding homes for homeless pets, preventing animal cruelty, and promoting responsible pet ownership.  Furthermore, she has participated in several charity poker tournaments with proceeds being donated to various organizations such as “Ante-up for Africa”, and “Bad Beat on Cancer”.

While this concept will not apply to everyone (I’m sure there are some tough guys out there with Maltipoos), it is still an interesting phenomenon nonetheless.  The next time you come across a dog on a walk, take a look and see if there is a resemblance to the person on the other side of the leash. 

Until next time…happy BARFing.

 Bark Out Loud
Laugh Out Loud Comic - April 2012

Wags of Wisdom

“If only men could love each other like dogs, the world would be a paradise.”
-James Douglas, Canadian founder of British Columbia and governor

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