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Here are some responses from last week’s article on “Animal Chiropractic: The Next Wave In Holistic Healing”:

“Chiropractic is awesome! I am a human and animal chiropractor. I've seen the magic with animals and humans!”
-Dr. Theresa Burns from Pottstown, PA

“Our three year old Rottie, Neely, tore both cruciate ligaments and rather than surgery he went to a chiropractor to align his spine followed by “Probiotic” injections with acupuncture also included. This is all under the guidelines of our Holistic vet Dr. Margo Roman. Neely has also started swimming as part of his therapy. We have noticed a big improvement in Neely but the treatment does not work overnight and we still have quite some time to go. Stem cell injections still may be part of the treatment in the future but for now the current course of treatment is working well. I recommend that all look into Animal Chiropractic even as a young puppy for a great start to life and maybe avoid what we are experiencing now at three years old.

I would thank all of you at BARF World for even looking at Holistic Healing for our pets. At first I was very skeptical about the Holistic way but have experienced it first hand for several years now and it is the best way for our pets…Keep up the great work.”
-Kathy, Phil & Neely

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Important Dates to Remember

May is National Arthritis Month

  • June 2nd – Dogs With Allergies: Common Causes & Natural Cures

(Free Webinar #3) with special guests Dr. Cathy Alinovi, Dr. Richard Patton and Robert Mueller.

Presentation starts at 5:00 pm Pacific


 If Dogs Could Talk

Breeding Practices That Echo Lasting Negative Effects

By Al Skender


We have all seen the heart-breaking pictures online and on TV of suffering dogs being rescued from criminal living situations and ask "who could do such a thing!?" But there is a much more common version of this happening all around us. Though the damage is more subtle, it has a similar lasting impact.

Because of mass canine centers and puppy mills run by breeders who are less than reputable, many legitimate breeders have had to face scrutiny and strict rules. With an incredibly intensified influx of dogs from other countries, cross-breeding, instead of the expected improvement of the gene pool, has resulted in the loss consolidation, and even to the deterioration of the breed itself.

Selecting which dogs to breed is not only about the exterior appearance, but it is about the welfare and the state of the breed in general. Most canines are passed over for breeding for the slightest flaw. Puppies are typically inspected twice and being too small can, and often does, result in rejection from the program.

Adult breeding dogs are required to work out on training courses and present themselves in an exhibition every few years to reaffirm their candidacy for breeding. But what is the result? Does this prove that they are a healthy dog fit for breeding? Unfortunately not. The number of stillbirths or congenital deformities of puppies is not reduced. Malocclusions, cryptorchidism, dysplasia, unsavory behaviors have not been eliminated. So what is the real problem?

It all comes down to the degeneration of genes. All of these consequences of improper breeding are the result of systemic effects, indicating that the gene loses its stability. This is cause for concern. Most degenerative issues with common breeds could have been prevented through proper breeding practices. But the most significant obstacle in this case is unsystematic introduction of more and more foreign genomes into the existing population, i.e., increasing population hybridization and hybrid dysgenesis.

Of course, not every breeding mix leads to the emergence of hybrid dysgenesis. There may be the opposite effect: the combination of genomes will be successful, and they will have the perfect offspring. The mass breeding not only turns "man's best friend" into a commodity but also thins out the stability of the passed on genes. That is why it is desirable to check the quality of their offspring. The appearance of a large number of systemic abnormalities in the offspring will be the indicator of dysgenesis. Know your dog’s family tree.

It is recommended that anyone looking to add a pup to their family to do exercise due diligence and find a trusted and responsible breeder. For a list of approved BARF breeders Click HERE.

Al Skender is a Raw Diet Educator for BARF World Inc. For more articles like these and to learn more about the benefits of raw food for your pets, sign up for The Intelligent Pet weekly e-zine at www.barfworld.com/ezine.

 Bark Out Loud

Canine's Lawyer Petitions for Leash Law Exemption

Blue the dog lives better than some people. He has a savings account, air-conditioned dog house and a lawyer who is working on an exemption from local leash laws.

This Australian cattle dog is a true free spirit - with no owner to answer to.

Read more on this community icon HERE

Wags of Wisdom:

"If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your  pocket and then giving Fido only two of them."  -Phil Pastoret

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can  spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has  ever made."  -M. Acklam

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