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 Editor's Note
Working for a dog food company definitely has it perks.  I get to talk to other dog-loving people on a daily basis and swap funny, heartfelt stories about our pets.  Plus my dog, Chewy gets to try the latest toys, treats, and food for free (he’s our best critic).

With all the great things that come with this job, the perk that I enjoy most is being able to bring Chewy to the office with me.

Unfortunately, having dogs in the office isn’t always as peachy as you would think.  We’ve had unprovoked bark-a-thons, which always seems to happen right when someone is on the phone.  There was one scary situation where a dogfight broke out over a dropped treat (Luckily, no one was seriously injured but we owners learned our lesson.)  Then there are the wild turkeys that seem to love to taunt our dogs into a game of chase. Unfortunately our pups are all to eager to oblige. When that happens, you end up with an angry turkey in a tree, a laughing dog, and a lawn full of feathers.

This Friday is Take Your Dog To Work Day.  Many businesses are planning on opening the doors to invite their employees’ dogs in for the day.  These savvy business owners know that Take Your Dog To Work Day boosts morale and make the office environment a little bit more fun.

Is your job celebrating this dog-friendly event? Send us your stories, pictures and videos over and we’ll post them in next week’s newsletter. Email them to ezine@barfworld.com.

Two paws up to dog-friendly businesses,

Amber Keiper & the rest of the BARF World team
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 If Dogs Could Talk

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Written for BARF World by Cynthia Corpuz

Millions of dogs will be heading to work this Friday, enjoying (and most likely distracting you) from your daily routine of checking emails, going to meetings or whatever it is you do at work. Yes, that’s right, this Friday is Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International (PSI), Take Your Dog to Work Day is celebrated annually the Friday following Father’s Day. Thousands of companies around the country take part in the day, many recognizing that dogs in the office often contribute to a positive work environment.  In fact, studies show that animals in the workplace help lower the stress of employees resulting for a happier and more productive office.

Of course, the day is not only reserved for dogs. Cat owners may be allowed to bring in their feline companion as well.  But before you pack that lunch and grab that leash for your dog on Friday, there are a few things you should check with your work first.

Before You Bring Your Dog To Work
First, check and make sure your employer participates in Take Your Dog to Work Day. While it has become an annual tradition, some work environments might not be suited for pets. If your employer says it is OK, then be sure to ask about their policies and rules for where your dog is allowed to roam. If you are allowed to let your dog roam, consider getting a dog tag with your name on it as well. This is just in case he happens to wander too far, and your fellow co-workers can easily reunite the two of you.

Be A Courteous Pet Owner
Next, talk with your co-workers who perhaps sit around you or frequent your desk. Let them know that you plan on bringing in your dog and check to see if anyone may have pet allergies. Last thing you want to do is cause stress for someone else.

Then the morning of, take your dog on for a longer walk than usual. Give him plenty of exercise in the morning so that when you get to work he isn’t overly hyper. You might find that he’ll just nap most of the time while you work away on your computer or make phone calls, only waking up periodically to eat, drink and maybe wander around to explore his new environment.

Office Pet Essentials
Finally, be sure to pack the essentials for your dog. Bring in a water bowl, healthy snacks one or two small toys and even his favorite bed or soft blanket for him to nuzzle with and remind him of home. Check for small office items that your dog might chew on and store them safely in your desk or closet.

Just like at home, when your dog is happy you are happy. So, make Take Your Dog to Work Day a stress-free event that all humans and canines will enjoy.

Does your employer participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day? Share your comments and photos with us. 

Cynthia Corpuz is the social media assistant for BARF World Inc. and a part-time freelance blog writer. She and her husband share a home with a very vocal, yet adorable 7-year-old rescued Bombay cat, named Balti, who recently fell in love with his new raw food diet. Join Cynthia on BARF World's Facebook page to share your pet adventures and more.

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