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If Dogs Could Talk

Your Dog Ate What? What to Do When Your Dog Eats Something They Shouldn’t

by Amber Keiper

My havanese mix, Chewy is quite the adventurer.  He loves to travel.  In fact, he’s snuck out of the house on more than one occasion, only to be brought back to us by a friendly neighbor down the street or with a much anticipated phone call from a good samaritan.  No matter how hard we try, if he’s determined enough, Chewy will find a way to go for a walkabout.

Chewy is also quite the daredevil...

And he likes to try new things.  Like the time he got into the cat’s litter box and, as my brother-in-law puts it, “ate all the almond roca out of it.”  Chewy had a rough time afterwards, throwing up constantly and suffering from diarrhea and nausea.  It was easily taken care of at home though.  Here’s what I did:

  • First, I had to fast him for 24 hours, only giving him a dropperful of Nux Vom homeopathic oral drops in his mouth every few hours or so to help relieve the chronic nausea and vomiting.
  • The next day, I gave him his bowl of water with Luxolite white bentonite clay mixed in to help relieve the diarrhea and to remove any remaining toxins in his belly from the cat litter.  
  • Then, I slowly weaned him back onto food, mixing the E-BARF Plus enzyme and probiotic supplement into his BARF patty to help ease his digestive tract.  
  • Instead of getting a whole patty in the evening like he was used to, I had to portion his food out into smaller more frequent meals throughout the day, to make sure he could keep it down...and he did.  

After a couple of days, he was back to his normally happy, devious little self.

Dogs eat all sorts of weird things: dirt, sticks, poop, insects, even vomit!  You name it, my dog has probably eaten it at one time or another.  I actually had a client who switched her maltese, Roxy to the BARF Diet because she had developed pancreatitis after getting into the rubbish bin and eating tissues, tampons, and a sock!

Our dogs are resilient but still, they could use some help from time to time, especially when they’ve been extra naughty like Chewy or Roxy.  

I suppose only people with pets or small children can truly understand how hard it can be to keep our little ones from getting themselves into trouble.  As savvy moms know, this is why it’s so important to always be prepared for anything life throws our way.  Making sure to keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet is vital for households with pets and little children around.

After that little episode with Chewy and the litter box, I ALWAYS make sure to keep Luxolite and Nux Vom in my cabinet in case Chewy gets himself into something he shouldn’t.  Luxolite helps with detox and diarrhea while Nux Vom will stop the nausea and vomiting.  In fact, my husband, Jesse (who’s a guitarist in a metal band) seems to end up needing Nux Vom himself from time to time when he’s out late drinking with the guys.

Chewy is going on 10 years now so I’m starting to be even more aware of his health and understanding the need to include additional supplements to his dietary regimen in order to keep him as healthy as he is now in his later years.  Practicing better preventive health care for my little guy, I now include the Jump-Start bundle his BARF patty each day.  Not only does it help to support healthy digestion and mobility, it also gives my guy’s immune system an added boost which he can use during his golden years.

ggggAmber Keiper is the Marketing Coordinator and Raw Pet Food Specialist for BARF World Inc. She is “mom” to two animal rescues - a spoiled Havanese mix named Chewy and a sassy tabby mix named Chiquita. For more holistic pet health, nutrition and wellness tips, go to barfworld.com or sign up for the FREE weekly newsletter, The Intelligent Pet.

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Brighthaven's Adoptable Dog

Dear Friends,

Just a very quick note to let everyone know that Aslan left the vet's office yesterday and went to foster care in San Francisco. Many thanks to Family Dog Rescue for taking him into their foster and adoption program, and to Marlane for getting him from Fremont to SF.

Susan Hoffman
BrightHaven Rescue Coordinator


Aslan's Last Post

We have a place for Aslan to go but we just need some transport help. He is currently in Fremont but needs to get to San Francisco. Is anyone able to help?

Also, I met little Aslan today. He just had dental work done by our vet, who also discovered that at some point in his life his jaw was broken. So Dr. Chahal inserted a wire to stabilize the jaw. Nice little dog -- and I'm a cat person - but very sweet little dog with such silky ears.

If anyone is up for a drive from Fremont to San Francisco, this one is safe. Please let me know. Just email me at susanh@brighthaven.org.

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Affectionate Cat - To Say The Least

This week's video is a cute and fun one. We could all use a break for some "Aww," especially right before the holiday rush hits.

CLICK HERE for the cuteness.

Q: What did the dog's right eye say to his left eye?
A: "just between us, something smells!"
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