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Amber’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts For The Spoiled Pooch In Your Life

By Amber Keiper

All right, I’m the first one to admit that I spoil my dog. Yes, my Chewy is allowed on the couch...in fact he sleeps on my bed at night. I make sure to feed him the best dog food in the world - the BARF Diet of course - and my husband often remarks that Chewy eats better than we do. Mr. Chewy has his own bowl, his own special shampoo, and even his own toys to play with.

But I can’t help it. Since my husband and I don’t have any kids, I treat Chewy like he is my baby. During the holidays, when my family gathers around the Christmas tree to open their gifts, I make sure to have at least one specially wrapped present for my dear Chewy-face. (And yeah, the rest of my family thinks I’m crazy...but the gleeful look on my dog’s face when he gets his gift makes it all worthwhile!)

So for all of you “crazy” dog lovers out there (like me), I’ve compiled my,

Top 5 Holiday Gifts For The Spoiled Pooch In Your Life

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  1. Freeze-Dried Liver Treats from Etta Says!
  2. Sometimes we pet owners will give in and treat our fur babies to a tasty morsel outside of their daily dietary routine. But during the holidays, giving our dogs a treat or two can quite easily turn into a handful (after all, it is the holidays).

    That’s why Etta Says! liver treats are the PERFECT holiday treat. Not only does their scrumptious taste cause your pet to smile and sit pretty for more, you can rest assured that these treats won’t spoil your pup’s appetite at dinnertime. That’s because these treats are made from 100% pure liver...and nothing else.

    Perfect for pets with allergies and even overweight pets, they come in three tasty flavors: beef, chicken, and lamb. And if you can’t decide, there’s also a Variety Pack option. Only $35.97 for a 3 pack or save $5.97 when you upgrade to the 6 pack bundle. Available online at www.barfworld.com or by calling us at 1-866-282-2273.


  3. rrChuckIt! Dog Toy from Canine Hardware
  4. When your dog goes outside, there are two things he loves to do (besides mark his territory of course): run and fetch. This behavior is quite understandable since these two actions awaken your dog’s natural instinct to hunt.

    A game of fetch is tons of fun for both dog and owner, but what happens if the owner gets tired out before the dog does? Well, with the ChuckIt! dog toy, that will never happen again. This toy caught out attention right away when we discovered that not only does it help you throw the ball farther with less effort, it also helps you avoid getting dog slobber all over your hand. With the amazing ChuckIt! handle, you never have to pick up a drool-soaked dog ball with your bare hands again. Simply push the C-shaped end of the handle over the ball and presto - the ChuckIt! grips the ball and it’s ready to be launched.

    This sweet dog toy impressed us so much that we’ve decided to start carrying it in our regular line of BARF-approved pet products. Go online at www.barfworld.com and get your pooch the perfect Christmas or Hanukkah present for only $16.97.

  5. ttSqueaky Bone Toy from West Paw Design

    Here’s another BARF-approved dog toy that our very own customers have been raving about since we first introduced it back in February for our Valentine’s Day promotion.

    Pai Pai Stoltenberg from Orinda, CA, writes:

    “Rambo just loves his squeaky bone toy! The other toys we get him - balls, stuffed animals, squeaky toys - he tears apart in 5 minutes. He even figures out a way to chew up those sturdy dog toys. (He’s a big, tough guy you know!) But not this bone toy! He acts like it’s his treasure. He carries it everywhere with him and even sleeps with it.


    You can see from the picture that he really loves that thing. He got so attached to it that once it was finally ready to be thrown away, he treated it like a real bone and buried it in the backyard. It’s a very well-made toy.”

    So if you’re always resisted getting your own tough guy a plush toy, for fear that it would immediately be ripped to pieces, you should definitely give this squeaky bone toy from West Paw Design a try.

    Available in Charcoal Grey, Chocolate Brown, Beach Blue, Cardinal Red (Rambo’s personal favorite!), or in Pea Pod Green. Get it online at Amazon.com for $12.99 or less.

  7. uuFleece-Lined Dog Raincoat with Removable Hood from RC Pet Products

    When looking for the perfect raincoat for your dog, you must think about protection, comfort...and style of course! This all-in-one dog raincoat does it all and more:

    • A smart, waterproof twill exterior to shield your pet against rain or snow.
    • A warm and snuggly fleece lining to protect against the cold.
    • A detachable hood to accommodate for various weather conditions.
    • A leash-access pocket for convenience.
    • Reflective piping for safety when walking in the dark.
    • A wide Velcro-enclosure that makes it easy to put on or take off while keeping your pet’s belly dry.
    • And best of all: it’s machine-washable!

    This snazzy raincoat is available in various sizes for all dog breeds. Get yours online at Amazon.com for $55.00.

  9. iiiiRugged Dog Boots from Ultra Paw


Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Boots? Really?” But our dogs do need extra paw protection from hazards such as snow, ice, salt, and even hot asphalt.

When considering dog boots for your canine, make sure that they are sturdy, durable, and don’t slide around your pet’s paws when they walk (because that’s really uncomfortable).

The best ones we’ve found are Rugged Dog Boots by Ultra Paw. The soles are made from recycled tires, giving them a rugged, yet flexible super-grip sole. Their ergonomic design and dual closures make sure that once these boots are on your pet’s paws - they STAY on!

Comes in Black, Red, or Orange and in sizes small to extra large. Online on Amazon.com starting at $28.50.

What other great gift ideas did I miss? Please share your own list of top holiday dog gifts by emailing me at ezine@barfworld.com and I’ll share them on our upcoming issue of “The Intelligent Pet”.

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