Does This Look Familiar To You?

Let’s face it - we have all been guilty of giving our dogs table scraps and leftovers now and again. After all, as adoring dog moms and dads, we are allowed to spoil our pets every now and again, aren’t we? Well unfortunately for our pets, the foods that we eat can cause loose stools, indigestion and can even aggravate allergy conditions.

So the next time you simply can’t resist the urge to indulge your pet, give your dog a BARF Juicy Chicken Nugget instead. Made from the same wholesome recipe as our popular BARF Juicy Chicken Patties, the Juicy Chicken Nuggets thaw faster, take up less freezer space, and are the perfect size to feed as an in-between meal treat.
"Pancho loves his B.AR.F. World chicken nuggets. He is more active, has more endurance and he seems happier. Maybe someday he will be able to jump and play like other dogs."

- Arthur Rochester
Studio City, CA

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