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You are invited to become a member of the World-Wide BARF Association.

Membership fee $39.00/year

Membership enables you to not only participate in advancing the cause of pet health, it will also directly benefit both yourself and your pets. Prior to 1993 there were no people calling themselves “BARFERS” and only people born before the introduction of commercial dog foods remembered how dogs were fed in the past and how healthy they were!

However, we cannot be complacent. There is much to be accomplished!

We believe that it is only a matter of time before feeding pets their evolutionary diet changes from a radical new idea with a handful of adherents, to common-place and mainstream. You now have the opportunity to join with the BARF World team in our mission to keep pets healthy and return them to their natural and biologically appropriate raw diet.

BARF Research – You Can Help!

By joining the World-Wide BARF Association, a portion of your membership fee will support the funding that is required to further the scientific development of BARF as THE HEALTHIEST method of feeding companion animals. We must continue to raise the standard of pet nutrition (and therefore pet health) so that future generations of dogs and cats can enjoy long, active and trouble free life. Our aim at BARFWORLD is to push the limits of nutritional knowledge in order to feed our pets in the very best way possible. For example, it is only through such research our vets will accept BARF as a legitimate way to feed our pets. You also have the opportunity and are invited to participate directly in this research.

BARF education – You can benefit and help others as well!

By joining the World-wide BARF association, a portion of your membership fee will help support the funding that is required to further the education of both yourself and others, in this exciting new field of pet health. We fight an uphill, daily battle against the giants of the processed food industry. It is like salmon running upstream and it is not an easy task. Our goal is to educate and change the eating habits created by this industry and your membership fee allows us to continue our work.
By joining our association you become part of a revolution that will ultimately change how people feed their pets.

Our World Wide BARF Association exists to directly help you and your pets.
When you join the World Wide Barf Association you will receive the following:

Fabulous Savings on BARF World food products and supplements

  • A 10% discount on our Fresh Frozen Diets in patty and mince form
  • A 10% discount on all BARF supplements
  • Member Only special offers and discounts on all products in addition to the 10% discount will be offered throughout the year.

Membership fee $39.00/year

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome at

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