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If you are a breeder following the guidlines below,
we invite you to add your kennel to our World Wide Breeders Directory.
The purpose of the directory is to provide information about the
availability of puppies or adult dogs from ethical and honest BARF breeders.

BARF Breeders Code:

  • Must feed BARF.
  • Must be a breeder of dogs that are eligible for registration within their country or breed registry. Puppies must be registered. This is to promote responsible dog breeding.
  • Breeding only to/from adults which are known to be free from any inheritable defects, and avoid the introduction of any detrimental factors. The dogs used for breeding have passed the health tests pertinent to that breed and have health test results available on request from buyers, for we are ultimately trying to enhance the health of future generations
  • Keep all breeding stock under clean and sanitary conditions. Provide adequate housing and/or run areas of adequate size with safety features specific to the character and exercise requirements of the breed.
  • Provide maximum health protection including veterinary care.
  • Carefully screen all potential buyers, educating them on all aspects of the breed, health and Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.
  • Sell only to proper homes - individuals who give adequate evidence that they have a satisfactory environment, and will give the puppy the proper care, attention, exercise and required nutrition. Breeders listed cannot sell to pet stores, brokers, or puppy mills.
  • Accurately represent the qualities of their breed to the purchaser; will not knowingly use misleading or untruthful statements when selling or advertising.
  • Provide buyers with health and general care information at the time of the sale, including but not limited to, feeding and general care instructions, a veterinarian health certificate.
  • Provide buyers with the paperwork necessary for registration and a complete pedigree.
  • Be responsible for dogs sold for their lifetime. If a purchaser cannot keep a dog you have sold, make every effort to assist the buyer in finding an appropriate home. If the owners are unable to place a dog for whatever reason, or a displaced dog which you have bred is located in a shelter or through Rescue, be prepared to take the dog back and be responsible for placing it in an appropriate home.

If you meet the above qualifications and would like to submit your breeder profile for the BARF World website please email us at

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