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Exchange information, ask questions, share testimonials
or brag about your BARF pet.
Have fun and meet other folks around the globe with BARF pets just like you!

The BARF World message board is a friendly, meeting place for dog and cat owners who are presently feeding BARF or who want to learn about a "biologically appropriate raw food" or "evolutionary diet".

Messages are archived and searchable so they can be used for future reference at any time. We encourage newcomers to introduce themselves, their dogs and their cats ... to everyone! When you join the World Wide BARF Association you will have the opportunity to connect with other BARF enthusiasts around the globe to discuss the BARF diet!

Privacy Statement: All information posted on this list is copyright BARF World Inc.2001
and cannot be cross-posted to any other public message boards on the internet.
Commercial advertising is prohibited.

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