Choosing a Dog Breeder

The first step in finding the dog breeder that meets your needs begins with homework! BARF breeders care about the health and happiness of the lives they've created and are interested in upholding the standard of their chosen breed. They're also willing to be a consistent source of information and support for the lifetime of their puppies. BARF breeders work hard to produce sound examples of their breed and belong to appropriate breed registries and kennel clubs. They will want to know that their pups will be going to a good home, so you can expect a lot of questions and in turn, they will expect the same from you. The bond shared between you and your dog can be one of life's most enriching experiences. To give the relationship the best chance of success, your BARF breeder will help you choose your new puppy carefully, taking into consideration your personal needs, your lifestyle and your home.

More and more breeders are becoming aware of a simple way to prevent many health
problems in their pups... The BARF DIET!

There's so much to learn about your new puppy, from house training to obedience training. Feeding may seem like the easiest part of a dog or puppy's care. Right? Not exactly. The quality of a puppy's life is not only influenced by genetics but also by nutrition. How and what a puppy is fed can contribute to behavior problems or health related disorders. Although care involves proper training and love, suitable nutrition has a significant impact on how well a puppy grows and develops so he can live up to his genetic heritage.

Many modern dogs live unhealthy lives. There is little doubt that the increase in what was once a rare group of diseases is the direct result of a world wide change in the way puppies are reared, particularly when it comes to their eating habits. The cost of a purebred puppy, his training, food bills and the inevitable vet bills often associated with the treatment of disease involves more than money when it comes to a cherished pet.

BARF breeders understand that it is essential to match the requirements of a pup's body to it's long time heritage of natural food and the sort of exercise and rate of growth experienced by its ancestors. It is well understood that the more we depart from a dog's biological background, the more we test his ability to grow and function normally. That's why BARF breeders help new owners understand the importance and simplicity of feeding their new puppy a biologically appropriate raw food diet. They want your future family member to start out on the right paw in life.

The breeders listed, provide a diet that optimizes health through biologically appropriate raw foods. That means a better start in life for your puppy from before conception to the time you are ready to take him home. BARF breeders believe that maximally healthy parents means maximum health for puppies. Congratulations on your new BARF puppy!

Finding the Right Breeder

Don't buy on impulse. Be sure you understand the breed and it's temperament. Avoid impulse buying from pet stores and puppy mills.

Contact breeders that will interview you as carefully as you do them. Look for honest caring answers, advice and invitations to visit their kennel. Conscientious breeders will offer documentation of health certificates pertaining to the breed.

Ask to meet the sire and dam or puppies from the same parents. Are the puppies raised in the home and well socialized? Are they raised with children and other animals? Are there references available from other owners of pups from this breeder?

Does the breeder show the dogs, compete for obedience or working titles, belong to a kennel club? The more active a breeder is with their dogs, the more knowledgeable they are likely to be.

Does the breeder have a contract or guarantee? What will they offer if the pup's health is defective? Are there stipulations on spaying, neutering and breeding?

Be sure to ask about the nutrition program of the dam and/or sire. How are the pups weaned and on what foods? Remember that a puppy's nutrition begins before birth.

Before you purchase a dog, remember that you must make a commitment that may last more than a decade. Be sure you are ready to take on the cost and responsibility that a dog requires.

The BARF Breeders Network is a public service. BARF World Inc. does not endorse, recommend or guarantee any kennel, breeder or dog contained with in the BARF World website. Individuals are responsible for and encouraged to research before making any decisions or purchases based on the content herein.

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