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Being a good breeder doesn't mean you have to produce hundreds of dogs
or take home a blue ribbon from the dog show ...

What must be remembered is that a responsible breeder considers the puppies they breed as their "kids" and wants only the best for them. This is what we have come to expect from any reputable breeder. But, what about the breeder who takes the breeding challenge one step further and naturally rears their breeding animals and puppies?

Longtime breeders that follow natural nutrition and rearing philosophies will attest to the fact that there is less disease in dogs fed a biologically appropriate raw food diet, especially following several generations. Given that much of the future health of puppies begins with the health of the dam and sire, a discerning breeder does not overlook the importance of a whole food diet and often incorporates alternative health care into their program as well. If a dog can achieve the highest quality of well-being, any genetic faults that appear can be more easily distinguished from those caused by environment or improper nutrition.

BARF World's Breeder Profiles salutes those breeders
that have made the choice to provide biological nutrition for their canine family.

Breeder Profiles:

Susan Crawford
DOX Bullmastifs

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