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Susan Crawford - DOX Bullmastifs

BARF World considers Susan Crawford an exemplary breeder. Susan feeds Dr. Billinghurst BARF Diets exclusively and continues to have brilliant success with her DOX Bullmastiffs. Susan is a determined woman when it comes to nutrition as evidenced by her story about Peter (Please visit our website to read the full story under our Breeder Profile.) However, what we find most special about Susan is her willingness to teach and help others. She is a great mentor and will expand the knowledge of raw feeding to others. We are so fortunate that she has joined the campaign to return animals to their evolutionary diet!

“The DOX breeding program has produced DOX Fast Freddy, the all time top producing sire in the history of the breed!

In Canada, DOX dogs have won the Canadian National Specialty several times as well as ranked #1 bullmastiff in 1994 and 2000. In the USA, DOX dogs have consistently ranked in the top ten for most of the last ten years, including some years in which several DOX dogs shared in the top ten. The American Bullmastiffs Association’s National Specialty has seen DOX dogs consistently winning Best Stud Dog, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch as well as awards of Merit, Sweeps, Futurity and others too numerous to mention.

Additionally we have shown in Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Chile and the Bahamas. We have participated in obedience, junior showmanship and judged at the ABA National Specialty. DOX dogs are the foundation behind many successful breeding kennels both here and abroad.

Peter’s Experience with BARF!

Peter was a great dog, super type and temperament, good bite and excellent movement. I couldn’t ask for more! But he got a hotspot. Not your average hotspot, though, because it came up fast and covered 20% of the dog and involved enlarged lymph glands. Over the next two years Peter’s hotspots got worse. They were bigger, more frequent and always involved a stay at the vet’s office. If he didn’t have a hotspot, he had open sores all over his body and inflammation of the eyes, ears and feet. It got so bad, he seemed to be allergic to everything and he was constantly reactive to almost everything in the world!

Susan’s Goals as a Breeder

My goal as a breeder is to produce top quality dogs that people can live with, dogs that families can count on, dogs that can go from the couch to the Best in Show ring at Westminster. We feed the Dr. Billinghurst Barf frozen diets from BARF World, to our whole kennel and wean our puppies on it. I am pleased to have a product so user friendly to provide my puppy purchasers. “

Susan’s Personal Philosophy

“Knowledge is all. The more knowledge people attain, the more they will be able to make informed decisions.”

Contact Information:
Susan Crawford
1850 East 1325th rd.
Streator, Illinois

Cell: (815) 343-5698
Farm: (815) 673-2068

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