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Don’t Let Your Pet Suffer Any Longer

It’s surprising to learn that so many of us never relate our pet’s skin allergies to the diet we are feeding them. After all, that’s first thing medical doctors tell us humans when we go to get relief from allergies. Think about it. The first thing your medical doctor might tell you, after doing the appropriate allergy testing is to cut out certain foods – and one of the first for humans is usually corn or corn products. And the next is usually grains in many shapes and forms.

Choose the Biologically Appropriate Solution

Our pets are not much different. Their "biologically appropriate" food is not grain and corn, but instead their evolutionary diet BARF.

Your pet’s diet is the place you must start if you want to end hot spots, itching and scratching, scaly dry skin and even ear infections. And if you start with the right diet, the BARF Diet, you can probably skip all the expensive allergy testing, save yourself heaps of money and get your pet on the rapid road to recovery.

 As Dr. Ian Billinghurst so aptly explained in his book the BARF Diet: “The further the animal’s diet departs from its evolutionary diet, the more health problems that animal is likely to develop. That is why modern grain based pet foods, no matter how well researched causes so many problems.  It is impossible for them to match the health enhancing attributes of the evolutionary diet."

Why start with the diet?

Your pet's diet is his foundation of health and well-being.  In order for your pet’s body to function properly think how your car functions.  You must put the right fuel in for your car to run smoothly just as our pets require the evolutionary diet that fits their biological design.   That fuel is the BARF Diet

In the last 75 years our pets have been forced to abandon their evolutionary diet and most have been fed processed foods instead.They didn't adapt well as is evidenced by the myriad of allergies, skin problems and disease they are now plagued with, not to mention an increase in degenerative diseases. The biological damage they have suffered is enormous.

But here's the best news ever by feeding the BARF Diet you can return your pet to perfect health and end itching and scratching, hot spots and allergies once and for all.


Here are just a few of the skin and coat benefits you can expect when feeding the BARF Diet and why many of our customers call our diet "The Miracle Diet"

  • Hot spots, and itching and scratching will disappear. You may not believe it but these annoying and persistent problems do vanish normally within 30 days of beginning the diet.  You can throw away the expensive special shampoos and stop antibiotics and worst of all cortisone shots which, by the way, even most vets hate to give to your pet.
  • Coat is lustrous, thick and shiny again. Yes, this is one of the first things you’ll notice.  Sparse, dry dull coats regain their natural luster and your pet’s coat will look the way nature intended it to look and feel.
  • Ear Infections become a thing of the past. This may be the hardest thing for you to believe before trying the diet.  Even if your pet has suffered for years from ear problems and you’ve done everything humanly possible this diet will work its wonders.  How can it cure ear problems?  Because it works from the inside out.  The BARF Diet naturally strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammatory conditions and you’ll have a happy and relieved pet once again.
  • Fleas & Parasites Don’t Like A Barf Fed Pet!  Here’s another unbelievable benefit of feeding BARF. Your pet’s improved and strengthened immune system increases resistance to fleas and internal parasites.  You can stop using flea collars and shampoos once you begin on the BARF Diet.  These contain pesticides that are not good for your pet or your family.

Make Sure it’s RAW

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate RAW Food or Bones and RAW Food.  The key word here is RAW.


A major difference between BARF, the natural raw meat diet and a heat processed kibble diet is the abundance of living enzymes and phyto-nutrients found in the fruit, vegetables and raw meat contained in the BARF Diet. On the other hand, in processed foods such as kibble the health-generating benefits and advantages of living enzymes have been destroyed through the heating process.

The evolutionary or BARF Diet relies on fresh whole foods to deliver the nutrients to the body properly.  That’s why we recommend using raw meaty bones to supply calcium and phosphorous requirements to your pet in a form that can be easily assimilated by the body.


People often panic when we mention raw bones – visions of perforated intestines and the age-old caution to “never feed your dog chicken bones” come to mind.  Nothing could be further from the truth – raw bones are an important and integral part of our diet.  They supply water, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins to your pets in a very natural form.  In addition to the nutritional benefits that bones provide, they play an important role in dental and gum health.

To overcome the fear and objection of feeding raw bones, BARF World has finely ground the bone before adding it to the diet thus enabling your pets to gain all of the benefits mentioned above.  We still however recommend that you feed your pet actual raw meaty bones whenever possible.

It’s easier and quicker than you think to end hot spots and uncomfortable, nasty skin conditions simply by switching your pet to a raw diet – the BARF Diet.


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