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Helping you Build Your Distributorship

Working Together to Help You Build Your Distributorship

BARF World believes strongly in the value of an organized, well planned and systematic distribution system. This means that the people we accept as distributors will be become our ambassadors and must be prepared to educate others. We are ready and willing to provide the support you require and look forward to working together with you to help you build a profitable and rewarding business. Many tools have been and are continuing to be developed to achieve this goal and will require your participation and support.
BARF World Distributor Survey

As part of our support system prior to acceptance as a BARF World distributor we ask you to complete the following survey to rate yourself from #1-#10 on your skills ( #10 being at the top of the skill ). This will show you and us where you need our help and how we can best assist you. The topics included are:

  1. Knowledge of Raw Food Diets, particularly our diets
  2. Knowledge of categories of potential customers in your area
  3. Marketing skills to get the word out (and increase sales)
  4. How to develop and utilize word of mouth referrals
  5. Raving Fans customer service strategies
  6. Financing your distribution business – It’s about making a profit
  7. Managing your inventory (by product and financial means)
  8. Knowledge of your competition’s strength and weaknesses
  9. Knowledge of logistics and delivery
  10. How to assess you customer’s needs

Goal Setting - If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there??

Goals vary depending on your business and the level of distributorship you have chosen. Your sales goals should be set for 30, 60 and 90 days initially, and you must decide what is achievable in this time frame. We are here to help you! Barf World sales support team will contact you to follow-up and assist during this initial period. We are only successful if each of you is successful, hence our philosophy is to provide close support as needed by each distributor.

The goals we will set together must be clear, written, specific and achievable. They should always be accompanied by written plans and schedules to accomplish them. You can then work to this plan on a daily basis for success.

Making you, our distributor, accountable and checking your progress helps both of us. It keeps us well informed and able to assist you – especially in the early months as new distributors. By setting goals at 30 and 60 days we can determine what challenges or obstacles you may face and help you overcome them.

Performance Standards – Feedback from and to our Distributors

a) Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) — BARF World management has compiled a set of key performance indicators that allow us to measure performance and track how your business is going. These include monthly sales figure, year to date sales by dollars and pounds sold, any compliments or complaints received, etc. We will provide these to each distributor on a monthly basis.

b) Open Communication — From time to time Distributors will be contacted by a member of our customer service tem and asked to discuss and report their activities and in particular to let us know what is working well and what is not working. We want great, open communication and good working relationships and we will discuss such topics as:

Do you get adequate encouragement and help from us?

Do you have the right tools to sell BARF World products?

Do you have a good relationship with other distributors?

Do you under understand our values and culture, our products? Do you feel that your progress is being properly monitored and are you kept abreast of your sales records?

Are we providing referrals/opportunities to you to improve your business?

What new products do we need?

What complaints do you and your customers have about our products?

All of the above will be answered with a quick yes/no response survey on line provided by BARF World. It should take you no more than one minute to complete although we certainly welcome longer and more detailed feedback.


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