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Distributor Level Definitions

There are three (3) levels of distribution available to potential distributors. Specific programs in conjunction with the three levels have been developed by BARF World to aid in the marketing of our products to your customer.

a) Level One (1) Distributor

A level one distributor is a registered retail store front or business that is set up to accommodate servicing retail customers during normal business hours. For example, this could be a pet store, natural food store, vet clinic, groomer, training center, breeder etc. In all cases the business is set up to handle retail customers.

Minimum Order Amount:
The minimum order that you must place from BARF World in order to qualify for free freight delivery is 500 pounds (21 cases) of frozen product, shipped directly to your business facility. A lesser amount than 500 pounds may ordered but the freight cost involved is charged to you.
If a level (2) or level (3) distributor operates in your area, you may be able to purchase directly from this distributor in quantities less than 500 pounds if this better suits your needs and space availability. By contacting BARF World we will advise you of the nearest distributor or you can obtain such information on the website by going to

Annual Purchase Requirement
Our mission is to spread the word about raw food and the BARF philosophy. We require proactive retailers who consistently put forth effort in this regard. We therefore expect our level one distributor to meet their annual sales goal of 1,000 pounds or two 500 lb. orders per year.

(b) Level Two (2) Distributor

A level (2) distributorship is designed for someone that is interested in on selling to most customers such as individuals, retailers, vet clinics, groomers, trainers, level one distributors etc. and holds adequate stock inventory at all times to enable supply on a regular basis.
A level (2) distributor could also be a store, vet clinic, groomer, trainer etc. and may have a large customer base already.
This distributor must be regularly involved in the business, financially stable, be prepared to deliver or to arrange delivery to the customers, have adequate freezers, maintain inventory levels to meet demands and be willing to educate and expand the BARF World philosophy.

Minimum Order Requirement
The minimum order amount from BARF World in order to qualify for free freight delivery at this level is 1000 pounds or approximately 42 cases of frozen product. If a lesser amount is ordered, the distributor is responsible for all freight charges.

**Freight Incentive for Level 2 Distributors**
Any level 2 distributor ordering in quantities of 2000 pounds or more per shipment will receive a 5% discount off listed prices.

Annual Purchase Requirement
The annual sales goal and ordering requirement to maintain level 2 distributorship status and pricing is 6000 pounds. This represents a total of 240 cases, which must be purchased on an annual basis.

(c) Level Three (3) Distributor

A level three distributor is a larger, volume-based distributor, often referred to as a multi-line distributor. This distributor can employ sales reps that call with regularity on their accounts, supplying sales support and marketing aids for our products. Reps must be educated in the BARF World philosophy and knowledgeable about our diets and their benefits. This distributor has the ability to make frozen deliveries as required to his retail customers on a regular basis and maintain proper inventory levels on all BARF World products. This level is not based on sales volume alone, but rather on the level of support given to the spread of our philosophy and the marketing time and money behind it. This could be for example, through show support, sampling allowances etc.
This level requires better margins to support this expansion of sales. A level 3 distributor will require thorough investigation by BARF World of the existing business entity, previous business experience and appropriate financial references and history. The minimum purchase requirements and annual volumes are larger to reflect the increased sales activity and commitment.

Minimum Order Requirement
The minimum order requirement in order to receive free freight on your shipment is 5000 pounds per shipment. If any lesser quantity is ordered the distributor will be charged the freight cost pertaining to the reduced order.

Annual Purchase Requirement
Our sales goal for multi-line or level three distributors is 30,000 pounds of frozen product annually. BARF World will monitor the sales every 3 months to ensure distributors are maintaining levels agreed upon. After six months, if the multi-line distributor is unable to meet the required sales goals (15,000 pounds after 6 months), then BARF World will have the authority to return this distributor to level 2 pricing on subsequent orders until volumes are increased to meet agreed upon amounts. BARF World will continue to monitor and work with all Level 3 distributors on achieving their sales goals within the designed time frames.


Basic Guidelines for Distributors

  1. Our BARF World Statement of Understanding must be read, understood, signed and returned to BARF World prior to commencement as a distributor.
  2. There is no territorial protection. However, we ask that no solicitation by any level two(2) or three(3) distributor is allowed in stores or areas already being well serviced by another BARF World distributor. Management monitors, respects and protects sales efforts by all levels of distributors in our organization and will not tolerate direct infringement in an area already being serviced by another BARF World distributor.
  3. Based on our philosophy and goals and efforts to make this affordable to all we ask your support to maintain suggested retail prices.
  4. All distributors must comply with any legal or binding regulations within their state such as resale licenses, appropriate business licenses, employee laws and conditions, insurance matters etc.
  5. BARF World must be supplied with a list of all retail outlets that you supply with our products. These will be posted on our website and customers will be directed and referred to these outlets wherever possible.
  6. Payment and ordering guidelines must be followed.
  7. Level two (2) and level three (3) distributors are required to file a monthly sales report that will be provided on line by BARF World. This is a quick, simple sales report that will take only a short amount of your time. We recognize the value of your time but this sales information will help BARF World management provide necessary sales assistance and support to you and also help you to maintain proper inventory levels of each of the various diets.


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