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Give Your Dog a Bone
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Dr. Billinghurst's most important piece of writing is the book “Give Your Dog a Bone.” Because cats and dogs have different food requirements, (cats are obligate carnivores while dogs are omnivores with a carnivorous background), he decided they each needed their own book, and that he would write the dog book first. Thus was born “Give Your Dog a Bone.” This book was launched at a 3 day Bichon Frise conference in western Sydney on the 17th November 1993. The book was advertised in all the canine breeder magazines throughout Australia.

Give Your Dog a Bone” proved an instant hit, with many breeders adopting its ideas. Since that time it has been making steady inroads into the minds of breeders and dog owners throughout Australia and overseas. To date nearly fifty thousand copies of this book have been sold.

Give Your Dog a Bone” is the book that began the worldwide BARF dietary revolution for pets and remains 'the book' to read on the subject of BARF. It remains the practical common sense way to feed any dog for a long healthy life.

It is the only book available that deals exclusively with feeding dogs their natural or evolutionary diet. This book contains vital information for all dog owners. It is a must for the owners of new puppies. Its 320 pages are packed with practical authoritative dog feeding advice that will drastically reduce vet bills. It shows that a dog’s diet, which is based on raw meaty bones, is simple to produce, promotes health and is inexpensive.

Give Your Dog a Bone” explains why processed foods are the major cause of growth, reproductive, dental and most of the degenerative diseases including problems such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure, cardiac disease, the auto-immune diseases etc.

The subjects covered include:

  • Modern dog feeding myths
  • The question of cooked or raw foods
  • Your dog’s enemy, commercial processed dog foods
  • The common problems associated with home produced food
  • Basic nutrition
  • Bones as dog food
  • Offal as dog food
  • Fruit as dog food
  • Dairy products as dog food
  • Table scraps as dog food
  • Feeding puppies
  • How much food to feed
  • Feeding your dog vegetarian style food combining
  • Meat as dog food
  • Vegetables as dog food
  • Grains and legumes as dog food
  • Eggs as dog food
  • Useful supplements
  • Feeding the adult dog
  • Getting a dog started on this new diet
  • Feeding your dog for a healthy old age

This book has changed the thinking of tens of thousands of people worldwide. More importantly, it has in most instances improved the health of these people’s dogs. Many of these people now look to Dr. Billinghurst as 'the authority' on feeding pet carnivores their evolutionary diet. Some say that “Give Your Dog a Bone” has become their “Bible.”

"Give Your Dog a Bone" is essential background reading for Dr. Billinghurst's second book “Grow Your Pups With Bones.”

Grow Your Pups With Bones
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This is the second in a series of books that deal with feeding companion animals for maximum health. It is the breeders and puppy owners supplement to “Give Your Dog a Bone.”

The mission of “Grow Your Pups With Bones" is firstly, to show dog breeders how easy it is to produce healthy pups without the problems so many breeders experience. Secondly it aims to show how easy it is to grow those pups into healthy adults with a sound skeletal system.

"Grow Your Pups with Bones" is divided into three parts.

The first part introduces the Bones And Raw Food (‘BARF’) diet for feeding dogs. The BARF diet is a simplified and more prescriptive version of the diet outlined in Give Your Dog a Bone. It is the basis of the dietary guidelines outlined in the remainder of the book. The subjects covered include:

  • What is the BARF diet?
  • Is the BARF diet suitable for growing and breeding dogs?
  • What are the nutrients that support growth?
  • What you will need to produce the BARF diet?

The second part deals with feeding for breeding. The BARF diet is central to this healthy pup-producing program. The subjects covered include:

  • Basic nutrition for him her and the kids
  • Before breeding you must start with healthy dogs
  • Breeding secrets - believe some, ignore others.
  • What do we feed her during pregnancy?
  • The whelping box
  • Eclampsia or milk fever
  • Feeding the lactating bitch
  • Weaning the puppies
  • Orphan puppy care

The third part is about growing pups into healthy adults without producing bone problems such as Hip or Elbow Dysplasia. Once again the BARF diet plays a central role. The subjects covered include all the common and many of the not so common bone problems that may be seen in young dogs by breeders and owners.

The basic theme of this book – the BARF diet – is that dogs are far healthier, reproduce better and grow straighter without bone problems if fed their biologically appropriate diet based on raw meaty bones.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET
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"THE BARF DIET" is a useful primer for the beginning BARFer. However, it also contains much new information, making it a valuable addition to the library of the experienced BARFer. The target audience includes vets, breeders, trainers, pet owners or any other person seeking to either understand or expand their knowledge of evolutionary diets.

The early chapters cover the sound scientific principles on which the evolutionary diet - the BARF diet - is based and detail the enormous health benefits available when animals are fed that way.

There is a chapter devoted to explaining supplementation. There is another chapter, which details the concept of, complete and balanced. This chapter is a must for those people who believe that processed pet foods fulfill the complete and balanced promise. There is a chapter devoted to the vexed question of feeding bones and the fear of bacteria in the BARF DIET.

In the second half of the book, there are recipes and other highly relevant and practical information to assist in the home production of BARF diets for both dogs and cats. Included in this section is a Chapter on "Trouble-shooting" and one on "Switching to BARF." This is the short practical book on BARF that so many BARFers have asked for.

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