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BARFWorld – BARF Food & Diet for Pet

The BARF Diet – A Healthy, Natural, Nutritional and Complete Raw Diet for your Pet!

Your pet deserves only the most nutritious, safe, healthy and natural raw pet food on the planet. BARF World’s philosophy is that in order to achieve optimum health for your pet from puppy to senior you should feed a "biologically appropriate raw food" or "BARF" diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, natural protein sources and premium quality fruits and vegetables.

A holistic approach to your pet’s health care

At BARF World we embrace a holistic approach to your pet’s health care, which begins with a healthy, natural, nutritional and safe raw diet. Our BARF products do not contain wheat gluten, corn or carbohydrate laden cereal ingredients.

What’s the rest of our BARF secret? It is living enzymes. Cooked and processed foods lack this vital catalyst that plays such a critical role in delivering the full nutritional value of our food to your pets. Our founder, Robert Mueller has done extensive research on enzymes as a life force and we recommend reading his informative new book entitled "Living Enzymes: The Best Kept Pet Food Secret"

Is the raw pet food philosophy new? No, it’s been around for centuries! BARF is the healthy, safe and nutritious way to feed your pet. The BARF Diet mimics the way your pet used to eat before highly processed, grain-based foods entered our pet’s food chain. While manufacturers of modern processed pet foods tell us that raw diets may not be safe and lack scientific testing, you have only to look at the spectacular track records of BARF pets to make up your own minds. Will you find BARF fed pets at the doggie dentist? Of course not – our finely ground bones mixed with healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals minimize the need for dental visits. Our customers report that skin problems disappear and coats are shiny and lustrous on pets fed our raw food diet.

Because you have accepted responsibility as the guardian of the life of your pet, you must do all within your power to ensure they experience optimum health. At BARF World we recommend a holistic approach or lifestyle beginning with raw, natural and healthy foods, kind and loving attention, regular visits to your veterinarian, frequent walks or runs with your pet and of course, if you’ve got a dog, the feeding of healthy and safe raw meaty bones! Our pets are family members and must be treated as such. Think about what you are feeding your kids and yourself and think about what you are feeding your pets. No one should suffer from an inadequate, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or improper medical attention.

BARF World is committed to raising the bar on the raw diet. We are a growing, dynamic company with one simple aim in mind – to restore health to the pets of our world through our holistic philosophy and approach toward pet care beginning with a natural, healthy and nutritious raw food diet. We invite you to join us in the exciting journey forward towards an optimum healthy lifestyle for your pet.

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