“Mallie Inhales the Food and Begs for More”

"Mallie Mae is new to the world of BARF! She is a two-and-a half-year old, short coat Chihuahua. More importantly, she's the love of my life. She was having pain in her tummy from time to time. Recently the pain became so severe she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of dehydration and severe bloating. A day of treatment with her regular vet and she was feeling much better.

Then, to ensure the absolute best care for her well-being, we went to a holistic vet. I had no idea what the doctor would recommend. When she said "BARF" it was definitely a "beg your pardon" moment! Raw meat wasn't my idea of a good solution - I'm vegetarian (practically vegan) but my desire is to do whatever is most beneficial for my little girl.

Already, our mantra, like a BARF T-shirt says is: "Kibble makes me want to BARF." Mallie inhales the food and begs for more - though part of her wellness regimen involves losing a pound and a half! The customer service at BARF World has been proactive, professional and extremely attentive. They've far exceeded my expectations - which are mighty high, because after all this is about my baby girl!"

-Dawn Hibbard from Loma Linda, CA