Wild Alaskan Salmon oil omega-3 supplement

Do you have a dog or cat that is constantly plagued by dry, itchy skin or red, inflamed rashes (aka “hot spots”)?  If so, this may be a sign that your pet is in need of some omega-3 in her diet!

The best source of omega-3 is from fish oil…but not all fish oils are created equal! 

Fish oils made from poor quality ingredients, which not only contain less beneficial properties, they can be dangerous too.  Inexpensive fish oils are cheap because they’re made from poor quality ingredients – often sourced from genetically engineered fish, which contain high concentrations of heavy metals and PCBs.

That’s why Wild Alaskan Salmon oil stands out from the rest! Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is a natural source of omega-3 for your pet, which helps to reduce inflammatory conditions such as hot spots and itchy skin.  

What causes these conditions in the first place? Many things including: stress, vaccines, leaky gut, viruses, and much more.  These can often trigger more serious problems such as allergies and arthritis.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure you add Wild Salmon Oil to your dog or cat’s daily diet.

  • Provides a rich source of natural omega-3 from fish oils can:
  • Support and promote healthy skin and glossy coat.
  • Promote a healthy immune system.
  • Offer cardiovascular health benefits 
  • And healthy brain development. 

Ingredients: Salmon Oil, Rosemary Extract