Welcome To Your Opportunity!

A great deal of care and forethought has gone into building BARF World Inc. Virtually every detail is based on the vision of Dr. Ian Billinghurst. Guiding this vision has been a dedication and commitment to a higher ideal and philosophy. This aspect is one of the most important components of our business. BARF World distributors are our ambassadors, as well as our representatives to the pet owning public. As a result, it is our conviction that the BARF World family of distributors shares the same dedication that the company has been founded upon.

We believe that a distributorship from BARF World is not only an outstanding business opportunity, but will contribute to a healthier future of companion animals. We are seeking individuals that have the vision, knowledge and desire to strive for success in both these areas. BARF World is committed to our distribution team. We have implemented the following sales support to assist you in building your business. The following is a sampling of that commitment:

Dr. Ian Dr. Billinghurst
You have behind you the originator and world's foremost authority on the BARF diet, Dr. Ian Billinghurst. As a BARF World distributor, you will benefit from the promotion of the BARF Diet through Dr. Billinghurst's best selling books, magazine articles, radio interviews, newsletters and worldwide seminar tours. He is also active in continuing research and writing. Dr. Billinghurst will serve as an invaluable asset in building your business profile, product notoriety, sales and ongoing education for yourself and your customers.

Protected Territories
BARF World distributorships represent a tremendous opportunity for growth. In order to assure our distributors a quality, profitable opportunity, we will implement the practice of territory protection. It is based on two factors; population and geography. This limited protection will help you build a base of business without the worry of over saturation of representation selling the same product.

A World Class Web Site
You will be supported by a world-class web site packed full of informative, educational and essential information that can be integral in assisting your customers and yourself. It will serve as both a marketing vehicle and educational source 24 hours a day. All this at the touch of your fingertips.

BARF World Inc. will provide you with your own customized email address. It will be fashioned in the same manner as the BARF World Inc. corporate email addresses. It will appear as distributorname@barfworld.com. This will become your electronic address for conducting your business correspondence as a distributor. This email address will prove to be highly useful. It will serve as one of the main means by which referrals will be forwarded to you from our website. Our system is constructed to easily forward all inquiries to you.

The BARF World email address is to be used solely for BARF World business communications, with BARF World, clients, or other distributors. It is not to be used for mailing lists or other personal uses. Users should check their email regularly. Users must not "leave messages on server". We reserve the right to delete email boxes that have not been checked in over 1 month.

BARF World
A valuable addition to your sales efforts will be a full range of brochures and informational handouts including our distributor start-up kit. Education is an essential aspect of the sales process. Our support material will provide you with the information that you will need to disseminate to your present and potential customers, especially those not connected to the Internet.

Dr. Billinghurst's World Wide BARF Association
The World Wide BARF Association (WWBA) established by Dr. Billinghurst and BARF World provides funding for scientific research on behalf of BARF feeders across the world. By joining the organization the member is eligible for a 10% discount on all product purchases. This organization promotes awareness of BARF and is in your best interest to foster and promote. Creating a sense of community, it provides all customers a common unity in purpose.

Our Family of Products
As a distributor you will be granted access to the BARF World family of products. You will have the confidence knowing that over 25 years of Dr. Billinghurst's knowledge, education and experience have gone into the formulation of each product. He has purposefully supervised every step involved in the manufacturing process. The end result is uncompromised quality. Dr. Billinghurst has made a commitment to conduct ongoing research in the continued effort to improve and develop new products. BARF World is committed to providing you with products that represent the cutting edge of biologically appropriate raw food research employing state-of-the-art technology.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™
Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Diets are available in an assortment of protein sources; chicken, beef, lamb, pork and kangaroo, as well as a combination diet that contains beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Presented in a convenient 8-ounce patty form, the BARF diet is affordably available on a universal basis.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Mates
Dr. Billinghurst's BARFMates represent our complimentary line of component diets. Made from the same high quality ingredients as Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™ patties, BARFMates are intended for the do-it-yourself BARFer. These products also cater to those who require cost advantages such as breeders or multiple dog owners and can also offer ingredient convenience for dogs that require a specialized diet.

Dr. Billinghurst's BARF Supplements
Suitable for pets fed the BARF diet, these original formulations are designed to sustain and restore good health. Assembled with the purest ingredients, they will serve as a great compliment to your sales.

Dr. Billinghurst's Books and Video
An essential part of a business is information. We present to you an integrated opportunity to act as merchants of Dr. Billinghurst's books. These writings will be a valuable asset as an educational aid to reach new and potential clients. Dr. Billinghurst has made a commitment to author new books under a full range of topics in the effort to educate pet owners on all topics from common diseases and their treatment to healthy avenues by which to conduct health care for pets.

BARF Association Newsletter
The BARF Association newsletter will be published bimonthly and will provide a resource of new information with contributions from Dr. Billinghurst and WWBA members in each issue.

BARF World Message Board
The message board at barfworld.com provides opportunity to share ideas and information with BARF feeders from around the world. Exclusive to World Wide BARF Association members, all those that join will have the privilege of exchanging information with Dr. Billinghurst.

BARF World Freezer Program
BARF World Inc. is offering you an outstanding opportunity. We will pay for your freezer! The BARF World Freezer program is limited to Distributors and Volume Purchase Program participants. It is designed to assist with the storage of Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™. The program is simple and virtually effortless to initiate and complete.

More to Come
At BARF World we will continually be developing new products and programs. This will be an ongoing process. That is our commitment to distributors, customers and the pets of the world.

Distributors - What BARF World is looking for?

It is obvious that BARF World has fashioned an extraordinary opportunity. We have created a company that has set the standard high. We will not falter from this standard in cultivating and recruiting our distributor network. We welcome applications from veterinarians, small pet/retail boutiques, groomers, trainers, breeders and pet owners that are interested in joining us.

Essentially what BARF World is offering is an excellent business opportunity. For a nominal investment fee we invite you to join us in participating in a new generation of nutrition that will continue to change how people feed their pets. We want people who are interested in growing with us. We also want the experience to be fun, profitable and lasting.

BARF World has set up a simple system for distributors to apply. This system will take you step by step through the process. It is designed to help us in making an informed decision about those who apply to us.

If you feel that you meet with the following criteria, fill out the application form and submit it to us. BARF World will be selecting its distributors in stages. Should you not meet all the requirements at the time of application, please feel free to apply in the future, as all inquiries will be retained.

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