Liver Sprinkles Protein Powder


Is your pet a bit of a food snob? Does your dog or cat have such a finicky palate that they will resist your attempts at switching them to a healthier diet?  Then sprinkle a little Liver Sprinkles protein powder into your pet’s food and watch them happily devour their meal in no time flat! 

Besides giving your pet’s meal a yummy boost of flavor, Liver Sprinkles provide your pet with some additional healthy benefits:

  • Vitamin A for immunosupport. 
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat.
  • Rich in iron.
  • Carnitine for energy and muscle support (great for active dogs).
  • DHA essential fatty acids for brain and heart function.

Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutrients and enzymes without cooking, these Liver Sprinkles are the only ones on the market that are BARF-approved for a raw pet food lifestyle.

Quantity represents a 3 oz. bottle of freeze-dried chicken, beef, lamb, and duck livers.

Ingredients: Liver (duck, chicken, lamb, beef).