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COMMON MIRACLES OF RAW FEEDING. – CENSORED BY YOUR VET Why do you suppose that the traditional veterinarian has a censored opinion about feeding a raw food diet? Is it because of the kibble

· December 04, 2008


Why do you suppose that the traditional veterinarian has a censored opinion about feeding a raw food diet? Is it because of the kibble manufacturing classes that were presented in vet school? Is it because of the propaganda that the dry manufacturers are supplying to the vets? Or is it because of printed publications offering scare tactics concerning the bacteria issues surrounding the feeding of a raw meat diet? We continually hear that the consumers vets are cautioning their clients about feeding a raw meat diet. They are mainly concerned about the POSSIBILITY of a bacterial infection or even the ability of the transmittal of the bacteria to the younger children or older adults. Notice I said possibility. They can’t be offering statistical information because it doesn’t exist. At least it doesn’t exist to the degree that they need to offer such concern about it.

We are suggesting that anyone deciding to switch from kibble to a raw meat diet maintain the same level of caution that they would have in preparing a raw chicken for their family. This includes proper washing of utensils and using bleach to wash down cutting surfaces. Washing hands is always recommended as well. Anyone following these precautions should have very little exposure to bacteria problems.

One doesn’t have to look very hard to see other possible bacteria sources. It could be an item found in the back yard that they dug up, it could be an old bone, it could be exposure to a bag of garbage, or even the back end of the neighbors dog. These are all potential sources of contamination that the dog routinely is exposed to every day. The secret to maintaining a healthy dog is to properly build up his/her immune system. The body’s internal protection mechanism is an amazing process that Mother Nature has built into every animal’s body. Disease and illness is caused when the immune system is depressed. One of the most common miracles we see with the inclusion of a raw meat diet is the positive improvement in the immune system.


Two little known secrets are responsible for the strengthening of the immune system. Living enzymes and phytonutrients are the keys and reasons for the miracles.These two factors are WHY the raw diets work better than the kibble diets. A heat processed food will never be able to supply these two miracle generating secrets because they are destroyed with the application of heat.

Knowing this as fact, then why don’t more traditional vets discover this advantage. The mere recommendation of a raw meat diet could reverse many conditions that cannot be treated with conventional drugs and treatments. We have hundreds of testimonials from clients that have reversed stubborn skin and coat conditions, digestive disorders, cancers, diabetes, obesity and a multitude of other conditions. The difference is that we are not trying to treat the symptoms. We are after the cure. It is a more holistic approach to healing from within.

Some clients call it a miracle- others call it a simple conversion to a more appropriate diet. One that will promote healing from within the body itself. The mission our company is on is to provide the information, make the product available, and spread the word about the miracles attained from feeding a raw meat diet- THE BARF DIET!

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