Are All Pets Good Feng Shui?

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend”, cats are classy and sophisticated…fish-filled ponds and aquariums are beautiful and invite wealth into our homes…but are all pets really good feng shui?

· April 23, 2012

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend”, cats are classy and sophisticated…fish-filled ponds and aquariums are beautiful and invite wealth into our homes…but are all pets really good feng shui? Those of us that have pets and are animal lovers know what true love and devotion really means, and we are grateful for the “unconditional love” bestowed upon us by our wonderful animal companions.

They comfort us during moments of depression and keep us company when we are lonely. They stand by us no matter how imperfect we are…never judging or arguing with us, never losing their temper or disagreeing…and they’re always glad to see us. What better source of good chi could there be?

Pets Create Plenty of Precious Yang Chi

The Chinese have long held that pets are a great source of the vital life force we call “chi” and many feng shui experts maintain that having a pet in the house is one of the best ways to keep the energy from becoming stagnant. Whether it is the dog happily wagging it’s tail or bounding to the door to greet us as we return home at the end of the day, or a furry feline sitting prettily on the windowsill…we can be assured of plenty of yang energy when they are around.

So, in today’s world with both husband and wife working, our pets maintain the precious yang chi in the home while we are away all day… and if there is an elderly or sick relative, the yang chi generated by the presence of a pet will add an amazing therapeutic essence! Hospitals and caretakers have discovered that allowing patients to interact with well-trained dogs and cats often enhances the recuperative processes.

Yes, most definitely happy dogs and cats are good feng shui. They create precious happiness chi…but our pets are living, feeling creatures and they have emotions too. It is no good keeping an overzealous puppy if you have no time to play with it…it may be better to select a different pet…perhaps a cat as they are more independent and require less interaction. Pets can only be phenomenal generators of precious yang energy when they are happy and well cared for.

What About Pets in Cages?

According to Chinese feng shui masters of Hong Kong, keeping pets in a cage creates bad chi or energy…so you should avoid selecting pets that need to be caged or tied up all day. Pets that are locked in cages suggest a constriction of energy and thus you are also “symbolically caged”. So, birds that are allowed to fly freely are considered excellent purveyors of good chi, but keeping birds in cages on the other hand is most inauspicious. Unless you are able to create some sort of garden sanctuary, it would be better to bring birds into your home in another artistic form, perhaps a gorgeous painting of a flock of flying birds.

Fish however are an excellent choice and keeping them in a pond or aquarium is fine because they are able to swim and be very happy. It is only bad and problems begin when you force them to live in overcrowded glass bowls and the water is not kept flowing and clean.

When you keep fish, remember that you are also introducing the element of water and this has good or bad feng shui connotations depending on the location of your aquarium.

Unclean Pets …A Living, Breathing Source of Bad Chi

Feng shui enthusiasts know the danger of a cluttered environment…how it can stifle progress and success. It is the same with pets. A dirty animal living in your house will emit the same kind of bad chi that clutter does. Keep your pets absolutely thoroughly clean…or you will have a living, breathing source of shar chi right in your midst. Set aside time each week to give your pet a bath, brush them daily if you can!

As for fish, you simply MUST change and clean the water as often as required. Nothing will bring more horrible results as fast as a dirty fish tank…but when it is kept clean and well oriented there is nothing that will bring you wealth luck more quickly!

Be kind and loving to your pets, keep them clean and well cared for, play with them, walk with them and always respect them. They are indeed good feng shui!

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