Pet Dangers Lurking In Your Own Backyard

My dog, Mookie gets excited when I let her into the backyard; she even sits at the back door, waiting for us to let her run free. Not because she particularly likes the outdoors, but because her

Monica Reyes · August 08, 2013

My dog, Mookie gets excited when I let her into the backyard; she even sits at the back door, waiting for us to let her run free. Not because she particularly likes the outdoors, but because her “brother” Phillip (a large tabby cat) is out there, waiting for her to come out and play.

Mookie and Phil love to chase each other around. Our neighbor is even surprised by their relationship. She once told me, “I have never seen a cat and dog get along so well”. Yes, my two fur-loves simply enjoy each other’s company.

Recently, Mookie was in the backyard playing with her best pal, when suddenly, we heard Mookie crying and limping as she made her way up to the back door. We were so concerned by her cry for help that my fiancé and I immediately jumped off the couch to attend to her. We noticed that she was not walking on her front right leg, and it was painful for her when we touched her paw.

We inspected her paw by separating her digital pads (toes) and found a small thorn in between them. We looked in our standard first aid kit and grabbed a pair of tweezers to pull out the thorn. She was squirming and in a great deal of pain. I sat with her until she calmed down and told her that everything was going to be okay. I felt so bad to see her in so much distress; it broke my heart.

After this incident, I realized that my home first aid kit was not going to be good enough for my active family. If I had thought to have our K-911 kit on hand, I would have had the essentials to handle this “Mookie emergency”. If I would have had the K-911 kit, I would have been able to not only have the right tools to properly remove the thorn, but would have also been able to apply the Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel to clean and disinfect the wound (This particular product can be used for topical pain from wounds, burning, itching, and even acne!). The kit also comes with Traumeel homeopathic pain relief drops which would have helped to further alleviate the pain and discomfort that Mookie was experiencing. (Did you know that Traumeel is also used to help relieve muscle and joint pain for pets, people, and even professional athletes?)

Many of us have a general first aid kit at home, but that is not always sufficient for pet injuries. The K-911 kit includes 7 holistic remedies that are safe for people and for pets. These advanced treatment options have already scored rave reviews with our customers, and are the perfect addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

With all the many backyard dangers that our fur-babies can easily get into – such as toxic plants, debris, critters, rat poison, poisonous mushrooms, etc. – it would be wise to be prepared for what could happen with a well-stocked medicine cabinet or first aid kit. Of course, many of these hazards are easily avoided by also making sure to maintain a clean and safe yard.

Please don’t let your furry friend endure the discomfort that Mookie experienced. I know we cannot always be behind our loved ones, watching out for every danger that may lurk ahead, but we can be prepared for what could happen and have the right tools on hand, ready to deal with what life has in store.

For more information on our K-911 Kit and the products included, check out the BARF website ( ) or give one of our representatives a call at 1-866-282-2273. Stay safe!

2013-06-27_1338 Monica Reyes is a Raw Pet Food Specialist for BARF World Inc. She is a full-time student and working mom to a young toddler, a terrier mix named Mookie and a tabby cat named Phillip. Monica enjoys healthy home cooking and spending quality time with her family. For more articles like these and to learn more about the benefits of raw food for your pets, sign up for The Intelligent Pet monthly e-zine at .


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