Raw Diet: It’s not just a pile of poo…

Many pet owners choose their dog’s food by lovely packaging and attractive pricing… which is why I would personally like to congratulate you on being a proactive pet owner and researching the best

· October 02, 2017

Many pet owners choose their dog’s food by lovely packaging and attractive pricing… which is why I would personally like to congratulate you on being a proactive pet owner and researching the best diet for your pup!

Heat destroys nutrients found in processed foods.

First, I would like to ask you this…Would you consider eating a diet composed of mostly bread, cookies or crackers? Of course you wouldn’t! That is why you are questioning these grain based diets for your pet! Most allergies arise from corn, wheat, and other common grains causing health problems among our dog friends. They also account for a substantial amount of carbohydrates in a dog’s diet causing Weight issues, Diabetes and Inflammatory conditions.

You are reading this article for one of two reasons…either you are already feeding your pup a raw diet and are furthering your knowledge on the subject OR you are considering raw feeding and are attempting to gather every bit of information you can before beginning or making the switch! Either way, thank you for being here! Raw feeding is one of the most important and rewarding choices you will make for your dog!

In a recent issue, I touched on the benefits of Raw Feeding such as Enhanced Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients, Elimination of Allergies and Hot Spots, Softer Skin and Coats, Healthy Teeth and Breath, Optimum Immune Systems, Healthy Body Mass and a Decrease in incidence of Degenerative Diseases. These benefits are what brought you to raw feeding in the first place but why is it that raw feeding can provide such a plethora of advantages? Well, allow me to fill you in on the details!

The first major claim of raw feeding that we are going to explore, is the ease of digestion, smaller stool sizes and enhanced absorption of nutrients. Why is a Raw diet better for digestion than dry? The answer is in the enzymes ! Living enzymes are proteins made by living organisms, which act as catalysts, making digestive and metabolic processes function properly. These enzymes assist your pet’s body to break down food and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients necessary for good health. By feeding your dog an enzyme-rich Raw food diet, you will reduce unnecessary stress on your dog’s organs to produce these vital enzymes on their own. This promotes optimum digestion and absorption. You simply can’t get enough of these enzymes and less stress on the organs means a longer and healthier life for your dog!

Some of you may be thinking, “okay, so maybe my kibble fed pup isn’t getting these enzymes from their food but they DO make some them so at least they’re getting a little…what’s the big deal?” Think again kibble feeders! The living enzymes are extremely important but they aren’t the only beneficial component to a raw diet. Moisture is another crucial aspect that most pet parents don’t even consider. Processed dog food such as kibble contains little to no moisture, causing liver, kidney and metabolic stress on the body. This puts your pup’s system into a state of dehydration. Even minor dehydration (which shows little outward symptoms at first) can put a huge amount of stress on the kidneys therefore it is almost like feeding humans a diet of bread and crackers and then only allowing a small amount of water on the side. That should make you thirsty just thinking about it!

Before your pup starts showing signs in the form of serious disease, their stool will give you clues to what is going on in there! It is a fact that you can tell so much about the health of humans and animals alike just by examining their stool! Don’t worry, I am not saying that you have to play in your pet’s poo…. but its appearance can definitely give you an indication of their overall health! Your pet’s stool should be small, firm, light in color and should disintegrate easily. This indicates that he is absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients from his diet and doesn’t have the need to waste a large amount of unnecessary “fillers”. Grain provides a large amount of waste thanks to the abundance of its non beneficial ingredients. You will not find that in a Raw diet. This also accounts for a more mild odor and who doesn’t want that? The more essential nutrients your dog is eating and absorbing, the less offensive the smell!

While it is absolutely fantastic that our pooper scooper moments are a little more pleasant when feeding a Raw diet, the most important aspect of this enhanced digestion is the degenerative diseases it can help to prevent in terms of the digestive tract. The risks of kidney and liver disease, as well as inflammatory bowel disorders are significantly decreased thanks to a decrease of stress on vital organs and an adequately hydrated body system!

So, if you are the pup parent who already feeds raw, I hope you feel enlightened and proud of your decision! You are giving your pet the best diet there is! And if you are a parent who is thinking of making the switch or starting your new puppy on Raw, please consider us here at Barf World and visit us at www.barfworld.com or call us at 1-866-282-2273 (BARF) to begin! We would love to help!



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