Excellent company

Was referred to BARF by my last dog's chiropractic vet. They have been so helpful and patient to answer questions. My TiffySue had become so poorly that this was all she would consistently eat, and it was helping her. Unfortunately, her degenerative nerve condition also aggravated her heart murmur out of control and she had to be put to sleep. BARF called to check on her and were so sweet. Even sent a card. I now give this to my two mini-schnauzer puppies, and they love it. They are healthy, eat less, have tons of energy, and life is good. I'm a repeat customer and getting family members in on ordering, too.

- Amy W, Hewitt, TX

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Raising a Healthy fur baby

From her first day home at 8 weeks old, Anja has been a BARF baby! The vet calls her a poster child for raw feeding! I credit the food! BARF is a wonderful balanced product that provides her with the energy, immunity and dietary requirements for a healthy happy growing puppy. And she loves it!!!! Especially the new “Land and Sea” formula. Raw feeding isn’t easy but BARF products make it ALMOST effortless. So from 8weeks to 2 years old she has been a BARF baby. And she will be one as long as she is with me on this earth. I will say that once.... only once.... we were forced to feed a different food for a couple of weeks due to being away, biggest mistake ever. Within 3 days of eating the other food she began to scratch and bite at her skin. Her skin became dry and her coat lost all its sheen. Once home, she went back on the BARF diet and within a week her skin was clearing up and her coat looked like a coat and not a dirty rag. So never again! Try it and you can see the difference in your fur baby for yourself!!!!!!! Tracy S. And Anja. Knoxville Tennessee

- Tracy S, Louisville, TN

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Super picky pup approved!

I rescued Hudson a Newfoundland Lab mix at 11 months old. He was on Royal Canin Kibble. He didn't eat for the first week I had him, after that he'd eat a tiny bit, maybe and only after it was topped with a different topper every day. He hated meal time, and so did I. So many tears shed (all mine) over his not eating. I tried several different types of kibble, canned and fresh food. Nothing worked. Then I found Barfworld. And he's been eating it frozen (doesn't care for it soft) for every meal since April 2020. He's very healthy, great checkups, good teeth! His dry skin has gotten much better, allergies are better, and his poops are so much smaller! I tell everyone about raw food and Barfworld!

- Aubrey B, Jackson, MI

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No more flaky skin

At 8 weeks we brought Bella home. She had cradle cap crusty ear edges and scaly flakes on her head and inner ear flaps. She had been on science diet puppy, I immediately fed her BARF'S juicy chicken nuggets like other dog ,Ginger, my 10 year old papillion. Only one week later Bella had a silky coat, no more dry crusty ear edges or flaky skin and ears. She is a 12 week old happy Mini Doxie!

- Betty S, Port St Lucie, FL

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Very Happy Dog

We turned to BARF 4 years ago to stabilize our newly rescued English Cream Retriever. And it solved her digestive and allergy issues and she LOVED the food. Due to multiple moves and work travel schedules, we had to switch to a locally sourced freeze dried options. They were fine, but we had been noticing increasing bad breath and inconsistent bowel movements (higher volume and terrible odor). Now that we are settled in one place and no longer traveling, we have switched Ella back to BARF after a 2+ year interval, and within 2 weeks her breath and bowel movements are noticeably better. Additionally, she is even more excited about meal time, which we didn't think was possible.

- Rebekah C, Atlanta, GA

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Happy Doggies

Doggy and mommy approved! After trying almost everything that BARF has to offer to their customers, I can honestly say my dogs love everything. I have one picky eater (Maltese) and one that will eat anything, but starting to follow in his brother’s footsteps, (GSD). My GS has extremely bad non-seasonal allergies.  After months of putting together a raw diet of my own, following BARF guidelines, I decided to put my feet up and let the professionals do the heavy lifting. My dogs are both allergic to chicken so we have tried the beef and lamb chubs, freeze dried and raw nuggets, beef liver and lamb lung treats, both dogs have enjoyed and look forward to all their food and treats. The staff is amazingly supportive, friendly and helpful, and always willing to share any knowledge they have to help you navigate through, what sometimes can be overwhelming topics, to help provide the best quality of life for your pet. Eating a raw and balanced diet can overcome so many issues that arise in dogs today, sometimes it’s hard what to know is best for your pet, but I can honestly say I am comfortable and confident in what I am choosing to put into my little (and big) ones bodies. Our pets rely on US to make the best decisions possible for them, and I truly believe BARF is the best out there. My dogs skin issues are beginning to clear up and I haven’t seen poop this good in SO long. If their insides are happy then I am happy.  I cannot recommend the BARF products and company enough. .

- Christina B, Dorchester, MA

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You Are Our Heroes!

In May of 2019, Oliver's health took a drastic turn for the worse. He was suddenly unable to keep his food down, wasn't making any solid bowel movements, and would just pace the floor panting, unable to be comforted. We spent multiple, very expensive nights at the Emergency Vet who finally told us Oliver was inflicted with a severe case of Pancreatitis. It wasn't until this point that I learned Oliver needs to be fed a strict, low-fat diet. But the problem didn't exactly stop here. "Low-Fat" dog food not only has to be prescribed if you are buying it from pet stores, but the number of options out there can be counted on one hand. Poms are known to be picky eaters, but I swear Oliver takes this challenge to a whole new level. (Luckily I can laugh as I write this). Dry dog food is absolutely out of the question, and the other canned options were a hit or miss, depending on the day. I would stock up on a few different kinds only to come home and find out he wouldn't eat them. In addition to this, the medication he was on to help heal his tummy after his multiple trips to the vet were surprisingly only making matters worse. I had to force him to swallow the medication most of the time, and the "appetite stimulant" was actually having the opposite effect. He-would-not-eat-anything! And it was starting to show. After plenty of worrying, and another trip to the vet, I finally made the decision to stop ALL medication and immediately switch him to the B.A.R.F diet. As soon as I did this, his demeanor completely changed. His appetite was back, and he was scarfing down his food quicker than I could say "Bubba, slow down!" I was of course enamored by this, but still a bit apprehensive, because I wasn't sure if the B.A.R.F diet was low enough in fat. I reached out to customer support, who was not only easy to contact and quick to respond, but INCREDIBLY helpful. They assured me that the B.A.R.F diet is exactly that: low fat and easy to digest. I knew this was really my only option. He loves the food. I love that he loves the food so much. And we haven't looked back since. It has been well over six months, and there hasn't been a single day since I switched him back to B.A.R.F that he has had diarrhea or trouble keeping his food down. From the bottom of my Pom-Mom heart, thank you so so much! You are our heroes."

- Krysten S, New Haven, MI

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shes a young, happy puppy again!

My older chihuahua had become grumpy, she was sore and most of the time wouldn’t even get out of her bed. She could barely make it up and down the stairs. A friend recommended BARF, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it for a couple months. This food has changed my dog’s life! She is like a young happy pup again, running, playing, exploring. I would have never believed just a food swap could make such a big difference. It has been the most amazing thing to see! Please do not hesitate to give BARF “a try” .... I’m a forever customer... seeing was believing in my case. I love my fur babies, they deserve to be happy and healthy, and with BARF they are!

- Brooke B, Summerville, SC

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We will never be without BARF again!

“We started Winston on BARF patties the day we brought him home from the breeder. Not only does he have an extremely healthy digestive system, but also the external benefits are undeniable. His coat has always looked amazing, with a beautiful sheen and very little dander. We rarely, if ever, need to brush him and he sheds much less than our previous lab who didn't have the benefit of the BARF food. We hear from strangers all the time what a gorgeous coat he has! Winston loves his BARF patties so much that when we recently ran out (due to my own error in ordering), he went on a hunger strike! We had to stick our faces in his bowl, pretending to eat it in order to get him to eat even a little bit! When that didn't work, I tried putting it in a treat toy, to no avail. His patties have arrived and all is well in the Bard-Pelletier home now! Thank you also to the wonderful staff at BARF World who are always so friendly and helpful!”

- Tricia P, Topsham, ME

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No More Kibble!

I have completely switch my girl, Winnie to raw! No more kibble! She’s doing great, her coat looks awesome and her alopecia has completely cleared! I’m sure the raw helped tremendously but I’ve also been using CBD oil and she is finally over 6 months Post OP from her knee surgery so way less stress in her life!

- Jamie S, East Patchogue, NY

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Vet Recommended

My Bichon Angel had been on a dog food prescribed by the vet for bladder stone problems. She had almost died when she was just 5 years old from 2 bladder stones that were blocking her urethra. She had to have surgery. For the next 9 years she was on the prescription food recommended by the vet and she did not have bladder stones again. However, she did have re-occurring ear infections, bladder infections that were hard to heal, constipation, hot spots, itchy and inflamed skin, as well as a dislike for the food! When Angel was 14 years old she was very ill, literally dying before my eyes. She did continue with the bladder infections but her blood work did not indicate why she was so ill. Her stomach was bloated and she was very sick. She had cataracts, was incontinent, and had horrible hot spots along with a continual itch and inflamed skin. what do you feed your dog? I honestly believe with all my heart the illnesses our pets are dying from are directly related to the commercial food we are feeding them! I will have another dog again, not yet, it is way too soon. I miss my Angel Marie more than my heart even knew it would! But I can tell you the next time I get a dog, that dog will be on BARF/RAW from the START!!!! Thank you to all at BARF World! They are so supportive and helpful with EVERYTHING I went through! From the beginning of putting Angel on raw to the very end when I had to work hard to get her to eat. They are GREAT! They really do care about you and your pet! God Bless! CIAO! This testimonial is for you Angel Marie Schermerhorn, so your story can save another fur mom and or dads baby!!!!!! Love you baby girl! Mom!


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Picky Pup

My dog Apollo is a very high energy dog but not a big eater. BARF satisfies him and his skin and coat look wonderful. His weight stays where it should be.

- Aileen L, Issaquah, WA

My happy little Buffy

Buffy stopped itching on the BARF diet after only 4 months of being on BARF. It has helped her quite a bot and she is enjoying the diet. Her fur is slicker and shiny. Buffy is a happy little dog right now.

- Ronnie M, Midland, AR

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I was a new dog mommy.

When I first contacted you I had adopted this ten year old rescue and renamed him Buddy. He had health issues, including a major surgery and digestive problems. I was leery of trying raw food but after reading up on it I decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did. His digestion, mood and demeanor have all changed for the better. Every day as I move to give him his bowl he looks up and licks his lips, his eyes shining. He's my little old man with renewed energy and big dog attitude. Our little prince. Thank you.

- Marcia L, Bronx, NY

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BARF has really made a difference!

Before BARF Gibson was having facial ticks when he would eat. Since eating BARF they have almost gone away. Also his breath is fresher and his much smaller stools.

- Nicholas S, Las Vegas, NV

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The 90 day challenge

This is our new puppy Otis!  We committed to Barf for 90 days but weren’t sure for the long haul. We now are officially committed.  Very easy, convenient and Otis loves it.  Great customer service.  Better yet as a physical therapist, I totally believe in proper fuel. We love Otis and want him around for a very long time. Thanks to Mariposa Portuguese Water Dog's - David Swank for introducing us to the raw diet and Barf World. Otis is a very active Portie who loves his raw diet. We love the convenience and customer service and the benefits of raw

- Deanna M, Whitehouse, OH

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BARF gave Daisy the protection she needed

My goldendoodle, Daisy recently started dog agility training and she's just flying through those hoops. It's hard to keep up with her! She\'s been on the BARF diet since she was a puppy. After my last two golden retrievers were diagnosed with cancer, I decided I had to do something to protect Daisy from the same fate. So I started feeding her the BARF Diet. She is doing so well on it that I'm now in the process of converting my Bengal cat, Kitty to the BARF Diet as well.

- Sharon G, Arvada, CO

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It's like catnip or something.

I was feeding Max his dry food but he doesn't really like it. He wouldn't really eat unless he had to and his energy was really low. He's 9 years old and was starting to have some mobility issues. His eyes were also starting to turn white and glassy; but literally within a couple of months on the raw food he just looks and acts like he's 3-5 years younger. It's really amazing! After he eats the BARF patties he literally has this little puppy freak out where he's bouncing around the room with his little dog pillow. He thrashes it around and he's hyper for about a half an hour - he's just so happy. And that, from an older dog, is just not something you'd expect to see from just two patties of food. He just gets so happy and has a spring in his step.

- Eliza Patricia D, Toluca Lake, CA

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My fur looks brand new

Taika is my Finnish Spitz who has been on BARF all her life. It has just been easy. Her digestion is great, her weight is great, her energy is up, up, up always! It\'s so easy to prepare- I'm just delighted on all accounts. Her coat is glossy, which is due to proper nutrition. She has a good immune system. Eating correctly certainly bolsters one's health and she is a walking example of canine health.

- Suzanne M, Colorado Springs, CO

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Dolly is a BARFer for life

Dolly is our rescue. She would have mild seizures every 2 weeks or so. After being on BARF for a while, the seizures have been less frequent. We haven't had one in 6 months! They are BARFers for life.

- Robin C, John's Island, SC

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The right choice

Petunia was rescued with mange and hardly any hair in the winter outside Buffalo, NY. Her foster family nursed her back to an adoptable state. And I was lucky enough to adopt her in June 2011. I've been feeding her BARF since I got her. My parents have been feeding their Bernese BARF since getting him as a puppy. My dad researched the best food and decided it was BARF so I figured when I got little bundle of love who had suffered so many health problems BARF was the only choice. Needless to say it was the right choice. Petunia loves it and now she's as healthy as can be. She has a ton more hair and just is so happy and healthy. I found a great vet who thought BARF was a good choice for Petunia so between BARF and my vet, Petunia is living like a normal happy healthy life. She's my baby and I'd do anything for her so I won't feed her anything but BARF. The skin problems and lack of hair are no longer an issue. As you can see from the pictures she's so cute, happy, and healthy.

- Christopher C, Wilmington, DE

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Jessie Janes

is doing great on the BARF diet. She never gets sick. She never gets a bad stool. Her coat is just beautiful. Bottom line, the BARF diet works and Jessie says.

- Ronnette D, Moscow, ID

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Made the switch and it made a difference

My sweet baby, Desoto, a 6- year old puggle, has started having energy level issues. This was a dog that used to run 5-6 times a week. I used to roller blade and bike with him since he was a puppy. I have done some research about the dog food that we can get in the pet stores and realized what kind of garbage is put in it and how it can harm the dog. I have tried to switch Desoto to a Vegetarian dry food, hoping that it would have less toxic ingredients. After about 2 years on the Vegetarian food, he started to loose energy, sleep more and was not interested in walking at all. He was definitely missing something in his diet. I have learned about Barfworld through Justin and Kate at the Extreme Health Radio and the success they had with their dog, Maggie, eating Barfworld formula. I am so thankful for them because I would never know it existed. I am so thankful that some company today cares enough for the animals and is doing something about it. It is the highest quality dog food on the market right now. That is all I want to do for Desoto, the best. He loves his patties and liver treats everyday. I noticed his coat is more shiny and his teeth look better too. Barfworld is doing an incredible job, the customer service with this company is through the roof. What was the last time someone called you each month after you have purchased something to check up on you? It was the first for me. I am so grateful and I hope that Barfworld will continue to grow and get more customers.

- Olina R, Davenport, FL

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As a new BARF family member I have seen great results within my first 30 days!

The Lavender Noni Lotion is like a miracle cream. My Pitbull Max had constant itching, hair loss and skin redness. With the Noni Lotion Max is scratching less and his skin looks better already. I am so happy to see that Max is growing hair back already. I definitely believe in the BARF Diet.

- Xiaomo L, La Verne, CA

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No more smelly breath

I adopted a 3 week old Schnauzer mix who's mama was rescued from a puppy Mill. When I brought Rio home he kept scratching and looked very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if it was the food the rescue group had him on or not. I immediately went onto the web searching for better, natural food to give him. That's when I found BARF. After I ordered it, I saw a complete change in Rio's skin and coat after a month. He completely stopped scratching and guess what? His breath doesn't even smell. He is now 8 months old and he love's his food. He will do back flips for it.

- Valentina and Jean-Claude R, South Glastonbury, CT

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Your company is helping our pets live healthier, longer lives.

Barf, My dog Lilyana is 5 years old, and the center of my world. We have been down a road of severe allergies, I had her tested at a year, because on Christmas eve, she was scratching so hard that her ear because bloated. We took her to the vet after Christmas and found that she had allergies. I had her allergy tested and found that she was allergic to 15 items. It was suggested several dog food prescriptions that provided zero relief. I then tried an expensive freeze dried dog food, that helped but she was still suffering issues. Then I saw an online add for BARF, and I figured I might as well try it. Let me tell you what a difference it has made in Lilyana's life. She no longer scratches all night long, she no longer has hot sports, and acts like a normal Jack Russell. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and for her. If you ever have a potential customer, please give them my info, because I would be ecstatic to share what BARF has done. Please keep making this product, because your company is helping our pets live healthier, longer lives.

- Terri G, Deer Park, TX

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No Regrets

Just want to let you know that my babies LOVE their new food! When I was told about Barf food at first I had my reservation. I already had my experience with a raw diet and though Tyson loved it, I couldn't make Ava to eat it at all. It took me 6 months to finally build up my courage to sign up with Barf as you know a raw diet is not very cheap and I didn't want to waste my money again!!! Well..... I have no regrets at all!!! Of course, It is a little too soon to see any health changes but so far I am impressed with everything else!!! My dogs are loving the feeding time and getting very excited about it :) Ava was very skeptical at first but now she is 100% sold!!! Thank you soooo much for incredible service and a little gift we got last week from you! The lamb treats are the bomb :)))

- Tatiana N, Sherman, TX

My dog Brody is looking great.

His digestive upsets disappeared almost immediately after switching to the BARF diet. His coat is phenomenal. I get so many comments on how gorgeous his coat is and it's simply because he is nutritionally satisfied. He has so much energy which I want him to have. I know that in the long run my dog will be very strong and I don't have to worry about him gaining weight. I am really glad that I found BARF world.

- Sherry a W, Palm Desert, CA

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Thank You BARF World!

Your hard work on balancing the perfect diet has made a significant difference to my fur baby. We have a beautiful, sweet English black Labrador named, Camie. At age 18 months old she began to experience fur loss on both sides of her body. Our vet suspected a food, hormonal or environmental allergy and we start with changing her diet. After trying a few different dehydrated, grain free brands, with no result, we decide to contact her breeder to see if they had seen or heard of fur loss on any of their labs. She asked me about the food and treats I was giving Camie. To my surprise Everything I was giving her was high in starch and sugar which, as a result, contribute to a yeast infection on her skin and inner ears. My poor little girl was losing fur, itchy, with a dull/course coat and had an ear infection! Our breeder highly recommended that I switch to BARF raw food and explained all the ingredients and benefits. I immediately called the friendly staff at BARF World. A Raw Food Specialist explained how the shipment would come in a Styrofoam container on dry ice and that I have the option to place orders online at my convenience. At first I thought, "This isn't going to work". We live in an RV full-time, are rarely in the same location (not to mention the limited freezer space) and sometimes lack Internet service. Well, let me tell you...they make it simple!! When I don't have Internet service or have a specific delivery location, I call the friendly team at BARF World and a Raw Specialist takes care of me! They are always very kind, helpful and never miss an order. Two days later, I received my first order. I couldn't wait to give Camie her Juicy Lamb Patties. Of course, she loved them right away! We call them Her "hamburgers". She gets so excited, sometimes I swear her tail is going to wag off! With in six months Camie's fur grew in thick, shiny and soft. She no longer is itchy and her ear infection is gone. Finally she is healthy, happy and back to being as beautiful outside as she is within. Thank you BARF World and staff! Tania, Mike and Camie K.

- Taunia K, Sapphire, NC

Nothing was helping

I have the worlds best Shih Tzu (Cirra, 4.5 years old) and she was struggling with allergies ever since she was a puppy. We put her on limited restriction diets the vet had recommended. She was only eating her dry-food but nothing helped with her allergies. About 2-4 times a year we had to put her on antibiotics to heal her skin and a lot of money. After doing some research on-line I came across raw diets. I started doing the raw food, buying meaty bones, variety of meat, guts and so on. I started seeing results in her but it was getting very hard to get the variety of raw food that she needed and knowing portion sizes, a lot of planning and effort. I then did some more research and found BARF. BARF has made it so much easier to have Cirra on her raw food diet. I know how much to give her, the order is on auto ship and comes directly to my home, and she LOVES it. She loves all the flavors Cirra has been on the BARF diet for 1 month now and she is doing fantastic! Her coat is great and for the first time ever we have been able to grow her coat out. Her allergies are gone, she seems much happier, more alert and affectionate. She does not have to just eat dry-food but she eats food she loves and with enjoyable treats of meaty bones and veggies. The BARF Team was very nice and friendly and answered all my questions. My vet did not recommend that we switch her to raw food but we decided to do it any ways and BARF World helped us answer any questions we had. Raw food makes so much more sense for any dog, after all that is what they eat in the wild.

- Sabah C, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Our family is hooked on BARF.

The reason for us being hooked is quite clear- our previous dogs were street dogs and we spent thousands of dollars having growths removed from them. We took them to the holistic vet and told him about our experience with the cost of growth removals and he told us \

- Rebecca L, Miami, FL

We have more energy now

Since we switched them over to the BARF diet, Lily and Daisy have more energy. We needed Daisy to lose some weight and she is now starting to lean up. As a rottweiler, she is supposed to have that hornet's waist and barrel chest and she is definitely getting her figure back. Daisy loves the food- just loves it. They'll always be on this diet!

- Rhonda L, Essex, MA

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Feeding is super easy

I am absolutely thrilled I can keep the freeze-dried nuggets in the pantry. My German Shepherd loves it and can't get enough! We have already gone through the one bag I ordered to try. You guys are so helpful!

- Connie S, Tacoma, WA

Trimmed and allergy free

Feeding the BARF diet has made Maddie trimmer and allergy free. She really looks healthy and her weight is on point. She is maintaining her proper weight as she is getting older.

- Donna S, Franklin, TN

BARF deeply healed me

I started my miniature pinscher Nina on a BARF regimen as a puppy of twelve weeks after researching and concluding the BARF diet was superior to the other choices in the pet food industry.Nina is a High energy dog and she benefits deeply from the maximum nutritional content of her diet. Everyone who encounters her remarks about her shiny coat and beautiful demeanor.

- Michael P, new york city, NY

BARF still saves us money

I just wanted to share that I think you STILL save our family money. Sasha literally does NOT get sick. She has a pretty coat, shiny eyes, a spring in her step, and never has tummy issues. This is a big change from her.

- Lynn B, Plymouth, WI

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The Holistic Approach

In 1994 I had 2 GSD's with various & serious health issues. No conventional treatment seemed to work for them; in fact, their health continued to get worse. While in a pet store one day, I was browsing the book section & read about the benefits of a raw natural diet. I didn't know anyone else who fed BARF at the time & my vets wouldn't recommend it, but I figured that my dogs were so sick, I had nothing to lose. So I bought the book, took the plunge ~ & although I admit I was a little scared, I started feeding bones & raw food. I remember my dogs' first meal. They gobbled it down, their eyes rolled back in their head with joy & their expression seemed to say, "Mom, what took you so long?!?" Almost immediately their health began to improve, & within a couple of months their health problems just gradually seemed to slip away. At that time, my dogs needed various supplements. I used to buy these at the health food store & spent time wrapping each pill in Velveeta cheese to make it palatable, but this was very time-consuming. Years later, I came across the BARF website & learned about their powders. I switched to the E-Barf Plus & the Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil & life has been beautiful & so much simpler ever since. My dog loves the BARF supplements which I simply sprinkle/stir into his food. Right now my only dogchild is Rousseau, age 5 1/2, a red miniature poodle who is thriving on his raw natural diet. Hooray for BARF food & supplements!

- Patricia S, Port St Lucie, FL

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BARF healed me

My Standard poodle blackjack has had chronic ear issues for over a year. After talking to a raw pet food specialist at Barf I decided to only give him raw food. It’s been just three months now and there has been tremendous healing in his ears. I had been using a combo of Barf and high end kibble. For him eliminating all kibble was required for healing.

- Marsha C B, Santa Barbara, CA

Kibble made me BARF

I started feeding the BARF diet because of the dogs dying from the kibble recalls of 2007. It was then that I decided to feed T-Bone the BARF Diet exclusively. I love BARF and the boys love it too!

- Laura A, Rockford, IL

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We may be old but feel we feel young thanks to BARF

I have four senior dachshunds ages 14, 13, 10 and 12. They are all long-haired and have beautiful coats. The maintain a good weight and have pretty good energy for their ages. No one believes how old they are. I have been feeding them BARF for many years. I attribute their well-being to being fed BARF!

- Lea N, Dallas, TX

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I'm in love with BARF

Sage is in love with her BARF food. She can't wait for meals. In fact she wakes me up in the morning to get her breakfast started. She is definitely a happy BARF customer!

- Kathy R, Quakertown, PA

proper diet for my poodles

I originally started on the BARF diet for my labs. I didn't like the foods you could get in stores because of all the garbage in them. I was dissatisfied with the food that they were getting so I started researching a better diet for them. They did well on it and now both of my poodles are on it too! Their energy and the life quality of my dogs has been the thing I love the most about the diet.

- Janet P, Elk Grove, CA

Dynamic Duo

My dogs, Bella and Sophie, are doing well on the BARF diet. I will never go to anything else.

- Kay M, Boulder, CO

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People stop and stare now

I rescued a red doberman (Dharma) and have been feeding her barf diet and using the E-BARF Plus supplement. Her coat is so soft and it shines, her eyes are bright and she's full on energy. I have looked at other supplements that friends have told me about but none come close to what BARF offers. People always stop me and comment on her beautiful coat.

- Judy & bill L, Whitehouse Station, NJ

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I Feel Healthy and Strong

This is my seven year old dachshund and he has been on barf food for at least two years. He can't walk but I bring him on a ginger lead walking every day and being on the barf diet has made him healthy and strong. Thanks barf world.

- Judy B, Pittsburg, TX

I decided to give it a try

I have two large yellow labs - Roxy and Maya who are sisters just over one year old. Both exhibited some joint issues at times especially after exertion - they would limp for several days and not want to be active. Roxy also had some dry scabs on her belly that seemed to be some kind of allergy. After reading about the BARF diet through the Health Alert Newsletter that I subscribe to, . Within a few days, Roxy's skin was clear and now after two weeks both dogs have slimmed down and have exhibited no joint issues after exertion. I figure the extra expense of this food will pay for itself in less vet bills and more happy tail wagging around the house.

- Janet B, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

He just loves the patties, he inhales them!

Henry is my French Bull Dog. He has been on raw ever since we brought him home and has always been healthy. His poop is always solid and has no digestive problems. I mix his raw food with the salmon oil supplement and he has fantastic skin.

- Inna S, Arlington, VA

Image Description

He is off steroids

I am new to the BARF World family but I have seen such a significant difference in my dog Cooper. He was suffering with really bad allergies and had hot spots all over his body. The BARF Diet has been great for Cooper and I was even able to take him off of the steroids that my vet had prescribed for his allergies. I am so happy that Cooper's coat looks great and he feels great!

- Martha P, Coral Gables, FL

Buddy and Copper have slimmed down

; Buddy has not had any seizures in the month since we started and everyone's breath is much better.

- Richard D, Cooper City, FL

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His hair is silky and his teeth are white.

Tinder had intestinal issues and it cleared up within 24 hours of being on the BARF Diet!

- Gail F, Cromberg, CA

Puller has a skin condition and allergies.

He is the reason I switch them over to the BARF diet. I would give him a bath and you would think he is an old man. His hair was really sparse, there were bumps all over his back. After a bath there would be hair and flakes of skin all over. His condition was severe but it a gradually got better and the hair grew back on a raw diet- Now you would think he is a show dog!

- Gary B, Gettysburg, PA

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My dog, Serena has had allergies since she was 6 months old (she is now 5).

She has had ear infections, severe skin issues where she scratched until she would bleed, and urinary tract infections from licking. She was at the vet at least once a month - during allergy season, sometimes more. We had her tested for her allergies and gave her shots. The shots seemed to help a little bit, but after 2 years I was not happy with the results. I changed her food, tried different shampoos, skin lotions...etc. She was so used to being on steroids and antibiotics that she would swallow pills with no problem. I hated to give her medications knowing all of the side effects and how they can shorten her life. Serena was so bad one morning, I called the vet asking to give her a steroid shot. Her normal vet was not in and I saw a covering vet who asked if I ever tried a raw diet. I never even thought about it since her kibble was supposed to be the best! The vet suggested I call BARF and give it a try. I had many concerns about the diet: ONE big thing was Serena was not a big eater. Her food could sit for days sometimes and she didn't care - but loved water. We would fill her water bowl at least 5 times a day. She was like this since a puppy! I had her tested for diabetes because she was always thirsty. I called BARF and decided to give it a try. Shipping was very fast. We got our order and I was very excited to start...Serena was not! It took about a week for her to even try it. I would call BARF would talk to Amber and Evan for ways to get her to eat this new food. I was not going to give up and neither were they. Amber and Even would call me and see how Serena was doing. Finally we got Serena to eat the raw diet....and she LOVES it!!! She goes crazy for it (it's gone in about 20 seconds), and even comes to get us for her meals. I will say, 2 weeks into the new diet she became super itchy and I called BARF and they were great explained that some dogs have a lot of toxins in them and this could be the cause. I decided to stick with the diet for the 90 days and am soooo glad I did. Serena looks amazing. She has so much energy, her coat looks great, and she is super happy. We all get sleep now - no itching and no crying for water. Oh and one of the best parts: not only does her skin look better but she hardly drinks any water now!!!! The raw diet has all moisture she needs :) Everyone has noticed how great Serena looks and I recommend anyone who has a dog with allergies to give it a try. I wish I found BARF 4 years ago. They have GREAT customer service and really care about your dog. It is nice knowing I can call up and change my shipping anytime. I cannot THANK BARF World enough - it is like Serena is a new dog :)

- Dawn B, Jacksonville, FL

Image Description

BARF maintains their coat

We have been fortunate to adopt these two beauties and BARF helps maintain their beautiful coats and happy healthy lifestyles.

- Deborah B, Frisco, TX

Image Description

We are so grateful

Galileo is our 10.5 year old cockapoo who's had some minor skin sensitivity and stomach issues. When we switched over to BARF we were looking for something that would help him to transition into his golden years. He's LOVING BARF! He's got more energy than ever, his skin and coat are glowing! We also love the added bonus of having to pick up much less and smaller 'deposits' when we go for our walks. to have BARF as a part of Galileo's health plan!

- Davide D, San Diego, CA

This makes me happy

Willie is a standard schnauzer, just 4 months old and on a raw diet, so far he loves it and that makes me happy.

- Edward C, Oakdale, CA

She made the switch in one day.

My dog, Kai, is a Japanese Spitz and incredibly spoiled-as in, she thinks she is a person. I had thought about switching her to a barf-type diet for about 5 years, but never really felt a pressing need to do it. About 6 months ago my sister\'s dog (which happens to be my dog's sister) was diagnosed with cancer. My sister immediately switched Koa to BARF. Stacey had so many good things to say that I decided to try it for Kai too. Well, Kai absolutely loves the patties. She had no stomach upset, no illness at all. However, Kai does not at all like the supplements that come with the BARF diet. So I wouldn't recommend them for everyone. We've only been on the diet for less than a month, but it has been smooth sailing all the way (except for the supplements) and I highly recommend the BARF diet to anyone.

- Cathy S, Henderson, NV

Sam's food comes exactly when it needs to come.

With the AutoBARF Gold automatic shipping program, my Golden retriever Sam\'s food comes exactly when it needs to come. The BARF Diet patties are so easy to feed and he absolutely loves it!

- Chris F, Williamsburg, VA

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Pretty Poodles

Thanks so much for always taking such good care of my two special babies, Booh & Atticus. As puppies, my breeder, who is a top breeder and shower of standard poodles, suggested that if I wanted the best health for my dogs, I should use Barfworld. Both of my guys have been raised from day one with only your great diet. They are healthy and strong and love to play at the lake and run all day. I never feed them anything else. If we travel, I find a way to take their food with me. I also wanted to say a special thank you to all of the personal care you all give. I love your personal notes and hands-on care and attention. After seven plus years as a devoted customer, Fedex messed up the delivery this week. All I had to do was to call you guys and Autumn fixed my order instantly and is following up to make sure everything is better than alright. You really run this business like the old days when businesses really cared. Thanks for the best food and the best customer support!!!

- Cathryn H, Dallas, TX

He could clear a room with his gas.

We began using BARF for our older dog Nicholas, who was plagued with allergies and digestive problems. But after the BARF diet, he never had an episode of gas or diarrhea again. He thrived and so did all our pups.

- Barbara N, McDonald, PA

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My Chiropractor recommended BARF

I heard about raw food through my chiropractor, who had her older dog on the raw diet. She said that he improved so much on it. I have had problems with all of my previous Yorkies. They all had health issues. I knew I had to do something and got them off the commercial food. BARF came up when I researched it. I ordered the books and got the diet. Truthfully they are doing great now.

- Betsy P, Brooklyn Park, MN

One of our yellow labs, Scotch, can be quite the picky eater.

He gets bored with his food and doesn’t always eat at mealtimes. So we got the Etta Says! Treats Liver Sprinkles Protein Powder and started topping his food with that and now he gobbles it right up! ?

- Donna S, Colombia Cross Roads, PA

Image Description

Penny's Improvement

Penny's skin condition and energy have greatly improved! Everyone with the BARF team has been fabulous and we appreciate the special gifts too :-)

- Kelly G, San Rafael, CA

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Tony looks amazing - his coat and skin have improved tenfold and his itching and ear infections (yeast) has greatly reduced.

- Susanna L, Lenox, MA

Young Again!

Remy LOVES the BARF Combo patties !! He's been eating them for six weeks , and we definitely see increased energy and playfulness. At 8 years old , he is acting like a pup again ! Lou and Sherrie Bialota Middletown Delaware


Image Description

No More Gas

I have noticed their weight is now in line - they have little waists now. There is a little less itching and no gas. Poops are awesome now! They are smaller and seem to disappear quicker than I can pick them up.

- Delia W, Irving, TX

No More Dry Eyes

My King Spaniel Winston and Havanese Havi have been on the BARF Diet for 3 month's now. They have been doing wonderful. I can give all the credit to the BARF Diet for the improvement in their skin and coat. I even noticed an Havi's dry eyes improve!

- Amy D, Plantation, FL

Image Description

Senior dog feeling young again

We had dogs that had health issues. There was a doctor who was saying that raw food was the best thing to feed your dog so we tried making the diet at home but it was such a hassle because we would be trying to balance the raw meet with the appropriate vegetables and we never knew if we were giving the right balance of nutrients. We came across BARF World online and said this is the answer we have been waiting for. Its all in patties and everything was perfectly balanced. We tried it and they gulped it down - they loved it. It was the answer we had been waiting for. Our vet said he have never seen ear canals this clean. Our Shi Tzsu, Gus, is 11 years old and goes on 4 mile walks. He has no arthritis or any problems. Lulah and Miss Pittypat are slim and trim and in perfect shape. People look at how great they look and I tell them its the raw diet they

- Lorraine L, Metuchen, NJ

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Nothing but BARF

We love BARF and everyone in the BARF Family! How many years have we been customers? It seems like we've never had anything BUT BARF :)They also have shiny beautiful coats thanks to BARF :)

- Leah D, Portland, OR

Alleviated allergies

Our American Staffordshire Terrier, Petey loves his BARF patties! Petey is prone to staff infections which are triggered by allergies to the environment. The BARF Diet has actually alleviated some of the allergy problems which is good because he and Michael love to go out for bike rides together.

- Michael A, Staten Island, NY

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Race to the Treats

First let me say that my two dogs are absolutely THRILLED with their raw patties from BARF World. They have never been as eager to eat as they are now. We feed kibble in the AM and raw in the PM, and we have had no issues with loose stools, etc., even when switching from one variety to another when a bag has been finished. Their coats are shinier and we have less clean-up each evening due to the higher protein content in this food. They love it! The freeze-dried nuggets are ideal for treats. They wake from a deep sleep and come running from all parts of the house when they hear the bag open.

- Anita K, Dallas, PA

Balanced Diet

I've been feeding raw food for years, but the BARF diet is the only WELL BALANCED raw food diet I've found. We love it.

- Stan B, Fairhope, AL

Image Description

Crazy Soft Coat

On the left, you'll see before he started the barf diet his eyes have a slight dullness to them and there’s a lot of hair loss around his eyes. They were also very watery. On the right as you can see the hair is growing back around his eyes and they are no longer watering. His coat is ultra super crazy soft. (It was soft to begin with, but this is WOW!) He is a very happy pappie :-)

- Joanie B, Alto, GA

Image Description

We are very happy clients!

Since changing our dogs to the BARF diet, their weight normalized and they are much more satisfied with their food! Service is excellent, shipping is always on schedule, and communication is a top priority. Thank you BARF World!

- Julie B, Hampton Falls, NH

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I have been using E-Barf plus and You Salmon oil for the past 4-6 months. We've been using BARF food since the early 2000's for our last late pups (Zagnut, Rusty, and Einstein are all over the rainbow bridge), but our two latest are JR and Onyx, who absolutely love Barf, eating it with gusto inside of 3 minutes. Lately, JR our retriever had been scratching and knawing at himself quite a bit, so when you offered the E-Barf plus and salmon oil, I thought I'd take a chance with it. The results have been great to date, shinier coat, less dandruff from both dogs, and less itching and chewing. I went all-in and bought a box of 12 containers of E-Barf plus, and have been replenishing the salmon oil as I could (usually get about 1-1/2 bottles of E-Barf plus to one bottle of salmon oil). We couldn't be happier with the results, and look forward to keeping our boys shiny and healthy looking! Thanks! Stan

- Stan U, Glenn Dale, MD

Image Description

Chubby and Tike are doing great!

They both love meal time now, and poops are small. When we first started them on it we noticed a huge change in Tike. He seemed to get some "puppy energy" back. My husband and I also just feel better and safer about feeding it to them.

- Gregory E, Myrtle Beach, SC

Image Description

Bella no longer needs her arthritis medication.

After she had been off the dry commercial dog food for a month, I noticed that she was not so stiff in the evening. The Gabapentin she took made her more comfortable during the day, but she was always sore at the end of the day. I also gave her one daily tablet of Dasuquin with MSM for joint health. When I ran out of Gabapentin a week and a half ago, I decided not to refill the prescription right away. Two days later, I also ran out of Dasuquin. Bella is now doing better on BARF patties and fish oil, without Gabapentin and Dasuquin, than she was on my homemade diet and the same fish oil with this medication and this supplement. Last weekend, we walked to the farmer's market and back (a solid 3 miles, roundtrip). She did not even limp in the evening. She trots up and down the stairs at home. She jumps on the back seat of the car effortlessly. Needless to say, I don't need to buy Gabapentin or Dasuquin any more!

- Patricia D, Kensington, MD

Not to shabby for my tabby

Jasper is my orange tabby. My friends always tell me how soft his coat is. My vet even comments that he is a good looking fellow. He even lost a pound on this diet!

- Ruth D, Lincoln, NE

My 2 beautiful Pugs absolutely love the Chicken

formula and in less than 2 months, we have seen a drastic change. They used to be overweight and we have tried so many different Dog Dry Food Brands with portions and still they were overweight and use to smell really bad just a couple of days after their bath. In less than 2 months with the BARF Diet they are not longer overweight, they look healthy! :) Also, their skin and hair feels different and now they don't have ear issues (that were the one causing the bad smell) so overall, we are really happy and definitely would recommend it to every dog owner! At the beginning we ordered the variety pack to try them all and noticed that some of them were not a good option for our Dogs but the only way to know is trying and it is really worth it!... for us, the best options are Chicken formula and the mixed one now and then. Alicia Mares Little Elm, TX

- Alicia C, Rockwall, TX

Image Description

Thank you, Barf World, for doing everything right.

Buddy is an 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Prior to putting him on this diet, he seemed to behave in what we thought was an age-appropriate manner. We were wrong - he now acts like a puppy, races to his bowl for each feeding and is behaving like a 2-year-old puppy. Your customer service is beyond compare and it is a pleasure to speak with each and every one of them. Your company is a breath of fresh air.

- Barbara K, Aliso Viejo, CA

Image Description

Tony has been eating Barf since he was a puppy.

It’s the only food he has known, as his breeder started him on it. He is 10 years old in June and has been healthy and happy with his food!

- Shawn M, Marblehead, MA

BARF from the Beginning

I don't have a Before and After testimony, for comparison, to talk about health improvements I have seen in my dogs. Why? Because I have always fed my dogs the BARF diet, even before the BARF World company was born. I studied all of Dr. Billinghurst's books in order to comprise a homemade BARF diet based on his recommendations. Many of my friends and family were in awe that I would put the time in to study the raw approach to preparing a homemade diet...besides,

- Mary B, Uniontown, PA

It is so convenient to feed my dogs a nutritious meal.

Their coats look great!

- Shirley R, Van, TX

My son's dog stays with us sometime and has a lot of energy.

When she gets playing with my dog, Sarah, they are too much for my big dog, Elvis, he doesn't like it. They get out of control sometimes. I give the pup 2 sprays of the Rescue Remedy and 20 minutes later she is a lot calmer. It takes her down a notch.

- Julie S, Dunedin, FL

Image Description

Our chiropractor recommended we try BARF.

Our pup was suffering from severe spinal issues and our chiropractor recommended we try BARF. That was over 2 years ago and I will never go back! Our sweet boy is back to his old self and loving life. He also loves the food which is a plus! We love our BARF family so keep doing what you are doing- you make a difference to us! Thank you!"

- Alison G, Ashburn, VA

Image Description

The Rescue

I have a wonderful rescue hound named Rudy. He has been the most amazing dog in every respect with the exception of one thing. For quite some time, Rudy has suffered from a body odor problem. It didn't matter how much he was bathed or with what sweet smelling shampoo, Rudy would begin to stink within 24 hours of a bath. At BARF Worlds urging, I switched Rudy to your lamb and salmon oil BARF diet. We left 3 weeks ago on a vacation with Rudy and his new diet in tow. After being on the diet for about a week not only did Rudy's body odor problem disappear completely, but his coat showed substantial improvement becoming softer and silkier then ever. His energy level has been amazing as well.

- Marilyn B, Yountville, CA

Image Description

The Nightmare Before Barf

Zena is the reason why I initially went to raw food because I tried every kind of dog food for her allergies. She was getting ear infections and skin allergies (which white dogs are prone to). It was a nightmare!

- Alex S, Davie, FL

Image Description

The Competitor

This is Fisher. He competes regularly in Agility and nosework competitions. We get tons of compliments on how great he looks since he’s been on the BARF diet. We have been so happy with how the 2 dogs we tried the diet with have looked and felt that we have now put a third dog on it. The dog we just put on the diet has had inflamed eyes since we have had her (she was a rescue several years ago). In the two weeks that she’s been on the diet we have noticed the whites of her eyes are white and not red! We highly recommend this food! The customer service has been great as well, super friendly and fast delivery !

- Julie F, Inola, OK

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I've been feeding my guys BARF since I adopted them at 2 years of age. They are around 11 now and still look and act young. I attribute this to the BARF diet! Thanks BARF!

- Lori B, New York, NY

Allergies Away!

Poppy loves her BARF patties, and has so much less of a problem with allergies and skin sensitivity!

- Wendy D, Shingle Springs, CA

Image Description

Day 1 Dog

I've had Gemma on the BARF Diet since day one. Everyone remarks how shiny her coat is and how wonderful her teeth are and She doesn't have that doggie smell and her.

- Paulette D, North Kingstown, RI

Image Description

Stay Golden

My dogs have been on the BARF diet since they were "adolescents". They are full of energy and their coats are thick, shiny and soft. I get compliments all the time on how good they look. They are healthy, happy and have no joint issues.

- Vanessa M, Bordentown, NJ

Furry Friend

Comet's coat was dull and he was very thin when we became his foster family a few months ago. He is a very energetic one year old English Springer Spaniel. When we changed him over from kibble to the BARF diet his coat became glossy and soft. Over the last month, by adjusting the amount of food we feed him to meet his energy requirements, he gradually is gaining to a healthier weight.


Image Description

From the Beginning

Milly's been on the BARF Diet from the beginning and she's doing fine. We never go to the vet unless its for a shot. I'm so pleased with that. Both of my daughters have pets on BARF too.

- Jean H, Novato, CA

Image Description

Less Scratching

Levi is a 9-yr old Cockapoo. He's scratching MUCH LESS now after 6 weeks of eating BARF.

- Karen N, Bartlesville, OK

Image Description

Journey across the world

Foxspot flew halfway around the world to the USA 6 months ago with a history of lifelong chronic skin allergies. Switching from higher-quality store-bought to home-cooked chicken breasts, etc had helped a bit in the previous year, vet trips and steroid shots were still a regular chore and expense. Nothing compares to what happened when he started his Barfworld diet 3 months ago. Skin issues (and vet trips) have completely vanished, and energy, playfulness, etc of a 2-year old have returned. We are so happy for him, and so happy we heard about Barfworld!

- Thomas R, Boxborough, MA

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"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!

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