Does your pet need a healthy snack?

We are proud to introduce a new line of treats that are sure to have your pet begging for more.  Our tasty BARF World® Snacks are fresh and locally produced. BARF World® Snacks are a nutritious meaty treat that your dog or cat can enjoy in between meals or for training.

These tasty snacks are made from high-grade meats and are sourced from Family Farms in the Midwest and proudly made in the USA. 

Our snacks are:

  • Low-fat
  • Have no preservatives or additives
  • Are high in protein

We hope your pet will learn some new tricks and enjoy some extra smackin’ with our BARF World® Snacks.  Be sure to add these tasty snacks to your next auto order. Your pet will thank you for it!

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What is BARF?

"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!