I started feeding the BARF diet because of the dogs dying from the kibble recalls of 2007.

It was then that I decided to feed T-Bone the BARF Diet exclusively. I love BARF and the boys love it too!

- Laura A, Rockford, IL

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I Feel Healthy and Strong

This is my seven year old dachshund and he has been on barf food for at least two years. He can't walk but I bring him on a ginger lead walking every day and being on the barf diet has made him healthy and strong. Thanks barf world.

- Judy B, Pittsburg, TX

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I've been feeding my guys BARF since I adopted them at 2 years of age. They are around 11 now and still look and act young. I attribute this to the BARF diet! Thanks BARF!

- Lori B, New York, NY

Great Food

HI BARF World! I just want to thank you for a great food I got for my dog. She is doing so much better after be put on your diet.

- Tatiana B, Pottsboro, TX

Young Again!

Remy LOVES the BARF Combo patties !! He's been eating them for six weeks , and we definitely see increased energy and playfulness. At 8 years old , he is acting like a pup again ! Lou and Sherrie Bialota Middletown Delaware


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I began using BARF in 2010

and have been extremely happy with the product and the excellent service.

- Lynn B, Arkport, NY

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Best food

My older chihuahua had become grumpy, she was sore and most of the time wouldn’t even get out of her bed. She could barely make it up and down the stairs. A friend recommended BARF, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it for a couple months. This food has changed my dog’s life! She is like a young happy pup again, running, playing, exploring. I would have never believed just a food swap could make such a big difference. It has been the most amazing thing to see! Please do not hesitate to give BARF “a try” .... I’m a forever customer... seeing was believing in my case. I love my fur babies, they deserve to be happy and healthy, and with BARF they are!

- Brooke B, Summerville, SC

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We are very happy clients!

Since changing our dogs to the BARF diet, their weight normalized and they are much more satisfied with their food! Service is excellent, shipping is always on schedule, and communication is a top priority. Thank you BARF World!

- Julie B, Hampton Falls, NH

Balanced Diet

I've been feeding raw food for years, but the BARF diet is the only WELL BALANCED raw food diet I've found. We love it.

- Stan B, Fairhope, AL

Not-So Terrible Twos

Our 2 year old Labrador Retriever, Gus thrives on this food! We always say he eats better than most people we know. It's really a great product!

- Kristin B, Chevy Chase, MD

BARF from the Beginning

I don't have a Before and After testimony, for comparison, to talk about health improvements I have seen in my dogs. Why? Because I have always fed my dogs the BARF diet, even before the BARF World company was born. I studied all of Dr. Billinghurst's books in order to comprise a homemade BARF diet based on his recommendations. Many of my friends and family were in awe that I would put the time in to study the raw approach to preparing a homemade diet...besides,

- Mary B, Uniontown, PA

Make the Switch

We have two eight year-old Papillon\'s and switched to the BARF diet three years ago. Everything about their health and weight has improved but most noticeably is the improvement in tartar buid-up and gum infection. Small dogs are notorious for these problems and both of ours had experienced tooth loss. Our vet was always concerned recommending teeth cleaning at each bi-annual exam which requires sedation. This has not been a problem since switching to the BARF diet. Based on our results, I am a believer in the benefits of the BARF diet and your website, prompt delivery, customer service, and true concern for pet health.

- John C, Stanardsville, VA

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Dolly is our rescue.

She would have mild seizures every 2 weeks or so. After being on BARF for a while, the seizures have been less frequent. We haven\'t had one in 6 months! They are BARFers for life.

- Robin C, Advance, NC

This makes me happy

Willie is a standard schnauzer, just 4 months old and on a raw diet, so far he loves it and that makes me happy.

- Edward C, Oakdale, CA

Tassie had to have surgery for a bladder stone.

Several years ago my Schnauzer/Cocker mix The vet put her on a brand that he sold out of his office. Within a year she gained weight & developed another stone. The vet put her on another line from that same brand hoping that it would dissolve the stone. It did but we couldn't leave her on it because it was not balanced. Then I found an acupuncturist/vet who recommended the BARF diet. I switched her over to the BARF & she slimmed back down. She has been on the BARF diet for at least 3 ½ years & we have never had a sign of another stone. I am so thankful that she is now on a healthy food plan. Thank you for the peace of mind. Sherry Corley

- Sherry C, Pensacola, FL

I know what artificial colors and flavors do to humans and what allergic reactions to these types of things can do to people so I began to think, "Why do we think dogs area immune to that stuff"?

I started to look around at what was available at the stores for our pets and was not satisfied. I tried so many different diets before I decided to start making my pets their food myself. After nine months of making my pets food, I was exhausted. They were doing well - but I wasn\'t! So I decided to try the BARF Diet. I\'m so glad that I did! It is so much easier and my dogs are all doing so well. Their stools are firm and they are very healthy.

- Connie Jo C, Lancsaster, CA

Buddy and Copper have slimmed down

; Buddy has not had any seizures in the month since we started and everyone's breath is much better.

- Richard D, Cooper City, FL

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nothing is here

- Susan & Eric D, Oak Harbor, WA

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Marley loves the (BARF) food.

He looks really good and everyone can\'t believe that he is almost 9. His fur looks really nice. He used to be overweight at 117 and now he\'s staying at under 100! On the diet his weight just came off easily and naturally. It is a big change. The vet says his weight is just right.

- Janine D, Napa, CA

No More Dry Eyes

My King Spaniel Winston and Havanese Havi have been on the BARF Diet for 3 month's now. They have been doing wonderful. I can give all the credit to the BARF Diet for the improvement in their skin and coat. I even noticed an Havi's dry eyes improve!

- Amy D, Plantation, FL

We read the label

A few years ago we decided to start eating organically, reading every label to make sure we were eating the right things and not all the junk. Of course this meant that we were also trying to feed our dog the right food. We had searched for a while before we found a food that we thought was a good dog food, we also fed him scraps because we felt that was better than dog food. I was watching a program Natural Companions and they talked about BARF. I am so very glad that I found this. Now we have found a dog food I like giving to my dog. Our dog loves these patties. He can hear me get them out of the refrigerator and he comes on the run. He loves them so much he even licks the plate clean. His coat glistens and you can almost see your reflection. Thank you for a great dog food.

- Dianna E, Tribune, KS

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Chubby and Tike are doing great!

They both love meal time now, and poops are small. When we first started them on it we noticed a huge change in Tike. He seemed to get some "puppy energy" back. My husband and I also just feel better and safer about feeding it to them.

- Gregory E, Myrtle Beach, SC

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The Competitor

This is Fisher. He competes regularly in Agility and nosework competitions. We get tons of compliments on how great he looks since he’s been on the BARF diet. We have been so happy with how the 2 dogs we tried the diet with have looked and felt that we have now put a third dog on it. The dog we just put on the diet has had inflamed eyes since we have had her (she was a rescue several years ago). In the two weeks that she’s been on the diet we have noticed the whites of her eyes are white and not red! We highly recommend this food! The customer service has been great as well, super friendly and fast delivery !

- Julie F, Inola, OK

Sam's food comes exactly when it needs to come.

With the AutoBARF Gold automatic shipping program, my Golden retriever Sam\'s food comes exactly when it needs to come. The BARF Diet patties are so easy to feed and he absolutely loves it!

- Chris F, Williamsburg, VA

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My goldendoodle, Daisy recently started dog agility training and she's just flying through those hoops.

My goldendoodle, Daisy recently started dog agility training and she\'s just flying through those hoops. It\'s hard to keep up with her! She\'s been on the BARF diet since she was a puppy. After my last two golden retrievers were diagnosed with cancer, I decided I had to do something to protect Daisy from the same fate. So I started feeding her the BARF Diet. She is doing so well on it that I\'m now in the process of converting my Bengal cat, Kitty to the BARF Diet as well.

- Sharon G, Arvada, CO

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Our chiropractor recommended we try BARF.

Our pup was suffering from severe spinal issues and our chiropractor recommended we try BARF. That was over 2 years ago and I will never go back! Our sweet boy is back to his old self and loving life. He also loves the food which is a plus! We love our BARF family so keep doing what you are doing- you make a difference to us! Thank you!"

- Alison G, Ashburn, VA

I am a believer in raw food for my dogs.

I try to feed my family only the healthiest, most natural foods possible, so why would I want any less for my dogs. I am so committed to feeding my dogs raw foods that initially, I was making it myself. The process is very labor intensive. I eventually began searching for a raw dog food that would meet my requirements of being domestic and truly raw. This is when I found BARF. Our retrievers look great, and no one has allergy issues. Their coats are beautiful, and nobody can believe that Buster, our 14 year old continues to look so good.

- Andrea G, San Diego, CA

My Chihuahua Rocky is 11 years old and is new to the BARF Diet.

In less than 30 days I have noticed some great results. He loves the treats, EBARF Plus and Alaskan Naturals Salmon Oil. I add these supplements to every meal because he loves it all and enjoys his Etta Says Liver Treats. I stopped feeding kibble and definitely made the right switch to the BARF Diet. I am so happy to see that Rocky is acting like a pup again and his skin and coat issues have almost diminished!

- Sammie H, Aurora, CO

The BARF Diet is easy

The breeder that we bought Clyde from that recommended a raw meaty bone diet. We tried feeding different raw diets but it proved to be messy. Even dehydrated diets proved to be messy. The BARF Diet patties are easier since the patties are already made out. I don't understand people who think it is crazy to feed a raw diet. Why would you give your dog something that is processed - what do you think they ate before kibble was invented, Coconut Chicken!?

- Justin H, Lake Oswego, OR

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Pretty Poodles

Thanks so much for always taking such good care of my two special babies, Booh & Atticus. As puppies, my breeder, who is a top breeder and shower of standard poodles, suggested that if I wanted the best health for my dogs, I should use Barfworld. Both of my guys have been raised from day one with only your great diet. They are healthy and strong and love to play at the lake and run all day. I never feed them anything else. If we travel, I find a way to take their food with me. I also wanted to say a special thank you to all of the personal care you all give. I love your personal notes and hands-on care and attention. After seven plus years as a devoted customer, Fedex messed up the delivery this week. All I had to do was to call you guys and Autumn fixed my order instantly and is following up to make sure everything is better than alright. You really run this business like the old days when businesses really cared. Thanks for the best food and the best customer support!!!

- Cathryn H, Dallas, TX

We are a Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel #27 with the Australian Shepard Club of America (ASCA) and AKC.

We raise are dogs to meet the ASCA Breed Standard and compete in Conformation, Stock Trials, Agility, Obedience and Rally. Are dogs are first and foremost are pets, but they are true athletes and while I can\'t afford to feed eight 50lb dogs your BARF formulas, I do add raw chicken necks to their meals of Super Premium kibble twice a day. The girls that will be bred go on your formula once their bred and stay on it until two months post weaning of puppies. Of course the puppies are weaned on to it, once we start weaning them off of their four legged mom. If your food was not so expensive believe me when I say the entire kennel would be 100% BARF fed, its just not feasible with the costs of showing

- Trisha H, Fort Valley, GA

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From the Beginning

Milly's been on the BARF Diet from the beginning and she's doing fine. We never go to the vet unless its for a shot. I'm so pleased with that. Both of my daughters have pets on BARF too.

- Jean H, Novato, CA

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Thank You BARF World!

Your hard work on balancing the perfect diet has made a significant difference to my fur baby. We have a beautiful, sweet English black Labrador named, Camie. At age 18 months old she began to experience fur loss on both sides of her body. Our vet suspected a food, hormonal or environmental allergy and we start with changing her diet. After trying a few different dehydrated, grain free brands, with no result, we decide to contact her breeder to see if they had seen or heard of fur loss on any of their labs. She asked me about the food and treats I was giving Camie. To my surprise Everything I was giving her was high in starch and sugar which, as a result, contribute to a yeast infection on her skin and inner ears. My poor little girl was losing fur, itchy, with a dull/course coat and had an ear infection! Our breeder highly recommended that I switch to BARF raw food and explained all the ingredients and benefits. I immediately called the friendly staff at BARF World. A Raw Food Specialist explained how the shipment would come in a Styrofoam container on dry ice and that I have the option to place orders online at my convenience. At first I thought, "This isn't going to work". We live in an RV full-time, are rarely in the same location (not to mention the limited freezer space) and sometimes lack Internet service. Well, let me tell you...they make it simple!! When I don't have Internet service or have a specific delivery location, I call the friendly team at BARF World and a Raw Specialist takes care of me! They are always very kind, helpful and never miss an order. Two days later, I received my first order. I couldn't wait to give Camie her Juicy Lamb Patties. Of course, she loved them right away! We call them Her "hamburgers". She gets so excited, sometimes I swear her tail is going to wag off! With in six months Camie's fur grew in thick, shiny and soft. She no longer is itchy and her ear infection is gone. Finally she is healthy, happy and back to being as beautiful outside as she is within. Thank you BARF World and staff! Tania, Mike and Camie K.

- Taunia K, Sapphire, NC

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Thank you, Barf World, for doing everything right.

Buddy is an 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Prior to putting him on this diet, he seemed to behave in what we thought was an age-appropriate manner. We were wrong - he now acts like a puppy, races to his bowl for each feeding and is behaving like a 2-year-old puppy. Your customer service is beyond compare and it is a pleasure to speak with each and every one of them. Your company is a breath of fresh air.

- Barbara K, Aliso Viejo, CA

Trial and Error until BARF!

We went through a month of trial and error with other foods trying to stop the diarrhea. Nothing would work for Arrow until we started him on the BARF Diet. After the first day, he was perfect. It was really incredible. I cannot say enough about this food except - we love it!

- Wendy and Thomas K, Fresno, CA

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When I first contacted you I was a new dog mommy.

I had adopted this ten year old rescue and renamed him Buddy. He had health issues, including a major surgery and digestive problems. I was leery of trying raw food but after reading up on it I decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did. His digestion, mood and demeanor have all changed for the better. Every day as I move to give him his bowl he looks up and licks his lips, his eyes shining. He's my little old man with renewed energy and big dog attitude. Our little prince. Thank you.

- Marcia L, Bronx, NY

My 4 year old Chihuahua Beagle still acts like a puppy.

My lil cutesy pup Shadae is a 4 year old Chihuahua Beagle mix who still acts like a puppy. Shadae absolutely LOVES her new BARF diet! No more processed kibble or dubious canned foods, if you want the best for your pet, get them on the BARF diet asap!


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People stop and stare now

I rescued a red doberman (Dharma) and have been feeding her barf diet and using the E-BARF Plus supplement. Her coat is so soft and it shines, her eyes are bright and she's full on energy. I have looked at other supplements that friends have told me about but none come close to what BARF offers. People always stop me and comment on her beautiful coat.

- Judy & bill L, Whitehouse Station, NJ

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Senior dog feeling young again

We had dogs that had health issues. There was a doctor who was saying that raw food was the best thing to feed your dog so we tried making the diet at home but it was such a hassle because we would be trying to balance the raw meet with the appropriate vegetables and we never knew if we were giving the right balance of nutrients. We came across BARF World online and said this is the answer we have been waiting for. Its all in patties and everything was perfectly balanced. We tried it and they gulped it down - they loved it. It was the answer we had been waiting for. Our vet said he have never seen ear canals this clean. Our Shi Tzsu, Gus, is 11 years old and goes on 4 mile walks. He has no arthritis or any problems. Lulah and Miss Pittypat are slim and trim and in perfect shape. People look at how great they look and I tell them its the raw diet they

- Lorraine L, Metuchen, NJ

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Picky Pup

My dog Apollo is a very high energy dog but not a big eater. BARF satisfies him and his skin and coat look wonderful. His weight stays where it should be.

- Aileen L, Issaquah, WA

I will never go back to kibble.

When we first brought our new Labrador retriever puppy home we noticed a few concerning things. He drank a lot, and I mean an excessive amount. I never saw so much drinking! He also went poop all the time. We called him a poop machine. And he was very overweight and had a sour odor. I've been feeding my adult dogs a raw diet for a while, yet I was concerned about giving our growing puppy proper nutrition. That's when I decided to try BARF. It's only been a month and we can see a marked improvement in our puppy's health. He no longer drinks large amounts of water, his stools are more dense and less volume, and his coat has become thicker, softer, and shinier, and he no longer smells bad. I know Labs love to eat but when I see how much he enjoys his BARF patties I can't help but smile knowing all that goodness is helping his body grow up to be strong and healthy. He just looks like he feels better in every way, and I love knowing he is healthy and strong. I have learned so much about the benefits of feeding my dogs raw that

- Gayle L, Apple Valley, CA

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Taika is my Finnish Spitz who has been on BARF all her life.

It has just been easy. Her digestion is great, her weight is great, her energy is up, up, up always! It\'s so easy to prepare- I\'m just delighted on all accounts. Her coat is glossy, which is due to proper nutrition. She has a good immune system. Eating correctly certainly bolsters one\'s health and she is a walking example of canine health.

- Suzanne M, Colorado Springs, CO

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Lets Thrive Together

Josie is doing very well on BARF. She thrives on the diet, healthy as can be. People look at her and say 'How do you keep her so trim?'

- Chandler M, Pawley's Island, SC

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This is our new puppy Otis!  We committed to Barf for 90 days but weren’t sure for the long haul.

We now are officially committed.  Very easy, convenient and Otis loves it.  Great customer service.  Better yet as a physical therapist, I totally believe in proper fuel. We love Otis and want him around for a very long time. Thanks to Mariposa Portuguese Water Dog's - David Swank for introducing us to the raw diet and Barf World. Otis is a very active Portie who loves his raw diet. We love the convenience and customer service and the benefits of raw

- Deanna M, Whitehouse, OH

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Tony has been eating Barf since he was a puppy.

It’s the only food he has known, as his breeder started him on it. He is 10 years old in June and has been healthy and happy with his food!

- Shawn M, Marblehead, MA

Dynamic Duo

My dogs, Bella and Sophie, are doing well on the BARF diet. I will never go to anything else.

- Kay M, Boulder, CO

They can't inhale the food fast enough

I can't get the food to Xena and the 4 cockers fast enough and they can\'t inhale the food fast enough either. This is a great raw food for them. We are happy with our choice of food....

- Craig M, Victor, NY

I recently ordered the BARF diet for my 4.5 lb Chihuahua


- Julieann M, Encinitas, CA

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No Regrets

Just want to let you know that my babies LOVE their new food! When I was told about Barf food at first I had my reservation. I already had my experience with a raw diet and though Tyson loved it, I couldn't make Ava to eat it at all. It took me 6 months to finally build up my courage to sign up with Barf as you know a raw diet is not very cheap and I didn't want to waste my money again!!! Well..... I have no regrets at all!!! Of course, It is a little too soon to see any health changes but so far I am impressed with everything else!!! My dogs are loving the feeding time and getting very excited about it :) Ava was very skeptical at first but now she is 100% sold!!! Thank you soooo much for incredible service and a little gift we got last week from you! The lamb treats are the bomb :)))

- Tatiana N, Sherman, TX

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Strider has been eating the BARF Diet for years.

He loves it. We tried the food for his health and skin issues. Since on the raw diet, he has become a very healthy dog.

- Elizabeth N, Wayland, MA

He could clear a room with his gas.

We began using BARF for our older dog Nicholas, who was plagued with allergies and digestive problems. But after the BARF diet, he never had an episode of gas or diarrhea again. He thrived and so did all our pups.

- Barbara N, McDonald, PA

Lucky was a digestive nightmare when I adopted him.

He would only eat 1 meal a day. I tried several different foods and even cooked for him. Once I started BARF he had more energy, no lethargic behavior and is excited to eat. Thank you Barf World.

- Jill N, Lake Elsinore, CA

My dog Kylee has been on the BARF diet for over a month now.

She has lost weight and seems more satisfied. She even reminds us when it\'s dinner time by barking at us. When I am preparing her meals she comes running in and sits right next to me sniffing the air with anticipation. She eats every bit and begs less for additional treats. In fact she now sometimes turns down grain based treats. I believe by her behavior that she is more content and happy. It just makes good sense to feed raw. Since dogs ate raw meat for thousands of years, and we tried to switch them to grains which are not their natural diet.

- Roy O, Quakertown, PA

Why change a good thing?

Honestly, I have fed my dogs BARF from the beginning because I wanted only the best for them. They love it and are happy and healthy, so why change a good thing!

- Elva P, Englewood, CO

Our family is hooked on BARF.

The reason for us being hooked is quite clear- our previous dogs were street dogs and we spent thousands of dollars having growths removed from them. We took them to the holistic vet and told him about our experience with the cost of growth removals and he told us \

- Isaac P, Miami, FL

This is just the beginning

I have just started the salmon oil and probiotics, and want to feed these for now. Shelly is doing good with no problems with either one now.

- Roberta J. P, Dillon, MT

proper diet for my poodles

I originally started on the BARF diet for my labs. I didn't like the foods you could get in stores because of all the garbage in them. I was dissatisfied with the food that they were getting so I started researching a better diet for them. They did well on it and now both of my poodles are on it too! Their energy and the life quality of my dogs has been the thing I love the most about the diet.

- Janet P, Citrus Heights, CA

We laughed at the name

During the first six weeks I had Cissie, I had a hard time getting her to eat. Gene (previous owner) also had had a hard time getting Cissie to eat. My daughter, who is into traditional foods, told me about this dog food she had seen online that was biologically appropriate raw food for dogs. In fact that was it's named - BARF. , but we were happy to try it. That was October of 2011. Cissie loved it. In fact, I had to start giving her breakfast before her morning walk. We'd be a couple blocks away from home, and she'd just take off for home wanting her breakfast, running across streets before I could catch her. She loves BARF. I'm so happy to say that Cissie is now one happy, healthy dog! Thank you, BARF World for your part in that!

- Cathleen P, Sandpoint, ID

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My Chiropractor recommended BARF

I heard about raw food through my chiropractor, who had her older dog on the raw diet. She said that he improved so much on it. I have had problems with all of my previous Yorkies. They all had health issues. I knew I had to do something and got them off the commercial food. BARF came up when I researched it. I ordered the books and got the diet. Truthfully they are doing great now.

- Betsy P, Brooklyn Park, MN

Image Description

Sage is in love with her BARF food.

She can't wait for meals. In fact she wakes me up in the morning to get her breakfast started. She is definitely a happy BARF customer!

- Kathy R, Quakertown, PA

Rescue Recommended

I rescued Fritz last year. A good friend who feeds raw, recommended the BARF World site. She said that feeding raw really made a difference in the rescue dogs that were coming in. I could definitely tell the difference in his stool. It was much more condensed. I live in a condominium and have to pick up after him when we walk all the time. It was a good difference to see.

- Lois R, Union, KY

Image Description

My sweet baby, Desoto, a 6- year old puggle, has started having energy level issues.

This was a dog that used to run 5-6 times a week. I used to roller blade and bike with him since he was a puppy. I have done some research about the dog food that we can get in the pet stores and realized what kind of garbage is put in it and how it can harm the dog. I have tried to switch Desoto to a Vegetarian dry food, hoping that it would have less toxic ingredients. After about 2 years on the Vegetarian food, he started to loose energy, sleep more and was not interested in walking at all. He was definitely missing something in his diet. I have learned about Barfworld through Justin and Kate at the Extreme Health Radio and the success they had with their dog, Maggie, eating Barfworld formula. I am so thankful for them because I would never know it existed. I am so thankful that some company today cares enough for the animals and is doing something about it. It is the highest quality dog food on the market right now. That is all I want to do for Desoto, the best. He loves his patties and liver treats everyday. I noticed his coat is more shiny and his teeth look better too. Al at Barfworld is doing an incredible job, the customer service with this company is through the roof. What was the last time someone called you each month after you have purchased something to check up on you? It was the first for me. I am so grateful and I hope that Barfworld will continue to grow and get more customers.

- Olina R, Davenport, FL

Mars is glad that we have returned to the BARF Diet.

We tried a cheaper brand but found they were indeed \

- Judith R, Hollywood, MD

Image Description

"Joker is my Jack Russell Terrier.

\ We started him on the BARF Diet to help him gain weight. He is missing his back teeth, so getting him to put on weight has been a challenge. Not only does he love the food, but his weight has dramatically improved in the month or two that he has been on the BARF Diet. I have my Joker back to normal, squirrel-hunting in the backyard!\"

- Ann R, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Image Description

Vet Recommended

My Bichon Angel had been on a dog food prescribed by the vet for bladder stone problems. She had almost died when she was just 5 years old from 2 bladder stones that were blocking her urethra. She had to have surgery. For the next 9 years she was on the prescription food recommended by the vet and she did not have bladder stones again. However, she did have re-occurring ear infections, bladder infections that were hard to heal, constipation, hot spots, itchy and inflamed skin, as well as a dislike for the food! When Angel was 14 years old she was very ill, literally dying before my eyes. She did continue with the bladder infections but her blood work did not indicate why she was so ill. Her stomach was bloated and she was very sick. She had cataracts, was incontinent, and had horrible hot spots along with a continual itch and inflamed skin. what do you feed your dog? I honestly believe with all my heart the illnesses our pets are dying from are directly related to the commercial food we are feeding them! I will have another dog again, not yet, it is way too soon. I miss my Angel Marie more than my heart even knew it would! But I can tell you the next time I get a dog, that dog will be on BARF/RAW from the START!!!! Thank you to all at BARF World! They are so supportive and helpful with EVERYTHING I went through! From the beginning of putting Angel on raw to the very end when I had to work hard to get her to eat. They are GREAT! They really do care about you and your pet! God Bless! CIAO! This testimonial is for you Angel Marie Schermerhorn, so your story can save another fur mom and or dads baby!!!!!! Love you baby girl! Mom!

- Karin S, Waterford, MI

She made the switch in one day.

My dog, Kai, is a Japanese Spitz and incredibly spoiled-as in, she thinks she is a person. I had thought about switching her to a barf-type diet for about 5 years, but never really felt a pressing need to do it. About 6 months ago my sister\'s dog (which happens to be my dog's sister) was diagnosed with cancer. My sister immediately switched Koa to BARF. Stacey had so many good things to say that I decided to try it for Kai too. Well, Kai absolutely loves the patties. She had no stomach upset, no illness at all. However, Kai does not at all like the supplements that come with the BARF diet. So I wouldn't recommend them for everyone. We've only been on the diet for less than a month, but it has been smooth sailing all the way (except for the supplements) and I highly recommend the BARF diet to anyone.

- Cathy S, Henderson, NV

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In 1994 I had 2 GSD's with various & serious health issues.

No conventional treatment seemed to work for them; in fact, their health continued to get worse. While in a pet store one day, I was browsing the book section & read about the benefits of a raw natural diet. I didn't know anyone else who fed BARF at the time & my vets wouldn't recommend it, but I figured that my dogs were so sick, I had nothing to lose. So I bought the book, took the plunge ~ & although I admit I was a little scared, I started feeding bones & raw food. I remember my dogs' first meal. They gobbled it down, their eyes rolled back in their head with joy & their expression seemed to say, "Mom, what took you so long?!?" Almost immediately their health began to improve, & within a couple of months their health problems just gradually seemed to slip away. At that time, my dogs needed various supplements. I used to buy these at the health food store & spent time wrapping each pill in Velveeta cheese to make it palatable, but this was very time-consuming. Years later, I came across the BARF website & learned about their powders. I switched to the E-Barf Plus & the Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil & life has been beautiful & so much simpler ever since. My dog loves the BARF supplements which I simply sprinkle/stir into his food. Right now my only dogchild is Rousseau, age 5 1/2, a red miniature poodle who is thriving on his raw natural diet. Hooray for BARF food & supplements!

- Patricia S, Port St Lucie, FL

My son's dog stays with us sometime and has a lot of energy.

When she gets playing with my dog, Sarah, they are too much for my big dog, Elvis, he doesn't like it. They get out of control sometimes. I give the pup 2 sprays of the Rescue Remedy and 20 minutes later she is a lot calmer. It takes her down a notch.

- Julie S, Dunedin, FL

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Healthier Than Ever

Since I adopted Ginger, I was feeding her a high quality kibble, but soon noticed she was gaining weight and it wasn't due to lack of exercise. When I asked my vet he just told me to feed her less and walk more. That really didn't sound right or add up in my mind, so I did some further investigating and asking a friend/breeder, who told me about BARF. Since switching to BARF Ginger has lost weight and is more healthy than ever!

- Sarah S, Jamaica Plain, MA

One of our yellow labs, Scotch, can be quite the picky eater.

He gets bored with his food and doesn’t always eat at mealtimes. So we got the Etta Says! Treats Liver Sprinkles Protein Powder and started topping his food with that and now he gobbles it right up! ?

- Donna S, Colombia Cross Roads, PA

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I am absolutely thrilled I can keep the freeze-dried nuggets in the pantry.

My German Shepherd loves it and can't get enough! We have already gone through the one bag I ordered to try. You guys are so helpful!

- Connie S, Tacoma, WA

Rielly is doing great.

Knock on wood, my dog is 9 years old and he hasn't had a health problem at all. I would never change his food. He is still going strong and doing great. You guys are fantastic as always and I appreciate you.

- Debra S, Scottsdale, AZ

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In preparation for our new puppy, Kenny, we started Ollie on Barf about a month before Kenny's arrival.

We were concerned about Ollie's energy levels at 12 years old with the introduction of an energetic puppy. Ollie used to sleep often during the day. After 6 weeks of Barf, his energy level has increased and he is playing often with Kenny! In fact, sometimes Kenny is ready to be 'done' with their play but Ollie is still going strong!

- Alana S, Maryville, TN

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Before BARF Gibson was having facial ticks when he would eat.

Since eating BARF they have almost gone away. Also his breath is fresher and his much smaller stools. BARF has really made a difference!

- Nicholas S, Las Vegas, NV

Just for Show

I feed the diet to my Show Pug, Boo. I would make the diet myself but it was very time consuming. I like BARF's variety of formulas and I like the auto delivery. It is a lot more convenient. I am really happy with it the results.

- John V, Youngsville, NC

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They care so much

Isis was always on a raw diet but something happened with a shipment of food not showing up, forcing me to buy more people food, which leads to tons of money! i went searching online for other options and my heart literally went to my stomach when I found BARF world! You are not only cheaper, but quicker and even more convenient. Isis can't wait for meals and loves your food! I'm thrilled that your company cares so much about the health of my dog - it makes such difference!

- Mary V, Saylorsburg, PA

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Lost Weight

I am so overjoyed at the remarkable results 8 year old Shadow had experienced on the BARF food. For years vets have told me Shadow was dangerously overweight. I tried diet after diet, dog food after dog food ; you name it, we've tried it! Grain free, salmon, wet food, dry overweight food, reduced amounts, adding pumpkin puree, peas & carrots, we even tried the green bean diet for months! Nothing helped my poor pudgy puppy. We even nicknamed him Cowboy because he resembled a cow (or a Manatee). Shadow was short if breath, grumpy, and had lost his Lustre. After just a few weeks on BARF we saw a visible difference. It has been 5 months and Shadow us a shadow of his former self. We'll have an official weigh in later this week, but I wanted to share his remarkable transformation stop far. Thank you for making it so simple and for giving me many more years worth my best friend. With gratitude!

- Stacey W, Vienna, VA

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The change worked

Wendy is a 5 month old Dobie. She had a urinary tract problem of very frequent urinations. I changed her diet and gave vet prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks and now she seems to be normal. She also gained 9 lbs in 1 month. I plan to continue the BARF diet.

- Patti J W, Honey Grove, TX

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"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!

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