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BARF gave Daisy the protection she needed

My goldendoodle, Daisy recently started dog agility training and she's just flying through those hoops. It's hard to keep up with her! She\'s been on the BARF diet since she was a puppy. After my last two golden retrievers were diagnosed with cancer, I decided I had to do something to protect Daisy from the same fate. So I started feeding her the BARF Diet. She is doing so well on it that I'm now in the process of converting my Bengal cat, Kitty to the BARF Diet as well.

- Sharon G, Arvada, CO

Slowed Down the Sickness

As a note, the little white one in the front, Nicolas, is 13 years old and was diagnosed in December with a fairly large cancerous lung tumor and given 3 weeks to live. Look at him does he look like he has a lung tumor? I mean, I saw the xray there is definitely a tumor but I don't think it's cancer and it hasn't grown and he is as playful and happy as he's ever been. I swear on my life, it's the food. I've had them on barf for about 6 years. They are just so healthy and playful and precious. While I know I'll lose Nicolas at some point. he is showing no signs of slowing down or being sick. A true testament to a healthy diet and lots of love. Barf food ROCKS!

- Lisa P, Pasadena, CA

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What is BARF?

“BARF®” is our acronym which means “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.” All of our diets are Complete and carefully Balanced; a proprietary blend of muscle meat, organs, bone-connector tissue, finely ground bone, fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. It’s the diet nature intended for our pets to not just survive but thrive.