Could You Recognize a Puppy Mill Pup?

Are you getting a new dog or thinking about it? Once you've decided that you're ready to add an addition to your family, the next big decision is where to find your lifelong fur-baby.

Sara Forsberg · May 04, 2021

Could You Recognize a Puppy Mill Pup?

Are you getting a new dog or thinking about it? Once you've decided that you're ready to add an addition to your family, the next big decision is where to find your lifelong fur-baby. You want to make sure to not get an animal from a puppy mill.  But how do you recognize a puppy mill puppy?   Here are some tips on how you can help stop puppy mills when looking for your new four legged friend.

Do not get a puppy from a pet store

Despite what the store may say (and they may not even know or may have been given false information), most pet stores sell puppy mill puppies. Unless the store partners with local reputable rescue organizations or animal shelters and gets puppies from them, be mindful that almost all pet stores source from puppy mills.

Consider adoption

Adopting a dog who needs a home can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. A rescue organization or local animal shelter can help you find the right pup that best suits your family. Even if you have your heart set on a specific breed you can also find breed-specific rescue groups; even hypoallergenic, hybrids or designer dogs.

If you choose to buy from a breeder be sure to visit them

Puppy mills may try and pose as small family breeders online and in pet magazines or local newspapers. They sell puppies via the internet using honest looking ads or websites that make it look like the dogs came from a nurturing and happy environment. When picking up your pooch, do not meet them somewhere other than where they were raised.  Rather, insist on visiting them in their current environment. Responsible breeders provide a healthy and nurturing environment for their pups, and they will encourage you to visit, and are proud to show you around.  Keep in mind that registration papers, even AKC papers only tell you who a puppy's parents were, not how they were treated.

Do not buy a puppy mill dog with the thought you are rescuing them

Buying a puppy from a mill with the thought of rescuing them only puts money in the pockets of the owners and operators of the mill, and just opens up space for more puppies to be bred irresponsibly and inhumanely. If you come across an operation and see someone keeping their dogs in poor conditions, alert your local animal control rescue, shelter or authorities instead of buying the animal. These authorities can usually give you resources on where to buy or adopt an animal responsibly.

Do your part with responsible pet supply purchases

When buying pet supplies make the choice to not buy from any internet site that sells puppies or pet stores that sell puppies.

Stay informed

Here is The Humane Society’s annual link to the their annual “The Horrible Hundred” 

The cause to #stoppuppymills is near and dear to us at BARF World®. Berkeley, one of our Brand Ambassadors was rescued from a puppy mill in horrible condition. Many of his teeth had to be removed due to poor care and an improper diet. He also suffers from anxiety. Fortunately, he has been able to live out his years in a loving home and at our office! Being on the BARF World® diet, his health improved dramatically and his lifespan has increased. If you have a dog that came out of a puppy mill, ask us how our BARF® diets can help relieve or even reverse problems for older dogs and help prevent future problems in puppies by setting them on the best nutritional path. 

We all can help succeed in eliminating puppy mills, but only when people are educated about puppy mills and stop buying dogs from online ads or over the Internet or purchasing supplies or puppies from pet stores who do not source from rescues or shelters; instead, make the responsible choice to buy from small, reputable family breeders, or adopting from animal shelters or rescues. 


Sara Forsberg

Sara Forsberg

Sara has been part of the BARF team since 2019. She is responsible for some admin duties, helping keep the office running smoothly and support for Rob Jr. and the rest of the team. She has been passionate about animals since a small child growing up with a Siberian Husky and 3 cats, and as an adult having a Labrador Retriever that suffered from a lot of allergy problems. She now has a rescue orphaned kitten, Poppy, and a new addition in another Lab named Jax. She has 7 children that keep her busy in most of her spare time; but enjoys anything on or near the water, spending time with friends and family, music, reading and cooking.


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