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It’s that time of year again folks. That’s right…the dreaded flea! In reality, there is no true “flea season”, they can strike at any time. But they do seem to be most prevalent during the warmer months.

Autumn Boga · May 07, 2019

Shoo Flea Don’t Bother Me!!!

It’s that time of year again folks. That’s right…the dreaded flea! In reality, there is no true “flea season”, they can strike at any time. But they do seem to be most prevalent during the warmer months. Many pet guardians have already begun to lament that these ugly little parasites are infesting their pet’s environment. Sure they are a nuisance, but are there really any dangers?

The most common symptom of fleas, and probably the most obvious, is the chronic scratching. Our poor fur babies just cannot quench the itch. This is especially true if your pet is allergic to fleas. This turns into biting and gnawing at their skin, which can lead to open wounds and sores. Left untreated for years, dogs can actually grind down their upper and lower front teeth trying to stop these “bugs”.  They are nasty little critters and if not controlled can lead to other conditions including anemia and internal parasites. Both of these can mean an expensive trip to the vet.

So how do you control fleas? Most traditional Veterinarians will subscribe a well-known prescription formula to combat fleas. However, the reality is these prescriptions are poison. If they are poisoning the fleas, sadly they are poisoning your dog or cat as well. There are widespread reports of terrible reactions to these drugs including seizures and the trigger of other chronic health concerns. Some may feel the benefit outweighs the risk. That’s certainly a personal decision to be left to the discretion of the pet guardian. However, many of our clients here are BARF® World prefer a holistic or more natural approach to conquering these itchy beasts.  What are they?

In the quest to stomp out these parasitic leeches, you must stop them from reproducing. This means keeping clean all areas your pets frequent. This includes:

· Bedding

· Dog Houses

· Furniture

· Carpet

· Yards

Bedding should be washed weekly at a minimum during an infestation and carpets and furniture vacuumed every other day. Be sure to throw out the vacuum bag every time.  Fleas can breed fast! It’s been said for every one flea you find on your dog, there could be up to 1000 more in the environment.

Bath your pet 1-2 times per week when you know fleas are present. An old favorite for killing fleas is Dawn dish soap.  According to fleascience.com it really does work. Dawn dish soap does kill fleas. It works by reducing the surface tension of water. Fleas sink and drown instead of remaining on the water’s surface.12 The dish detergent also prevents insects’ waxy cuticles from repelling water. As a result, water can enter their respiratory system to suffocate them”.  Keep in mind; this detergent can be very drying to your pups skin and fur. Rubbing some olive oil or coconut oil on the skin after can help keep the skin moisturized. While this method does work, it should be used sparingly.

For yards we suggest Diatomaceous Earth or “DE” for short. According to fleabites.net, food grade DE works by severely dehydrating fleas from the inside out. The sharp edges also shred the insects’ insides as well as their exoskeletons. The best part is that the entire process takes very little time.” Remember to always buy food grade. This natural, non-toxic powder- like substance can be sprinkled around your yard, on your carpet, furniture and even on your pet. You should not, however use this product if your pet suffers from any kind of respiratory issue. The powder is very fine and can severely affect the lungs of a compromised pet.

We also recommend Endless Mountain’s Canine Flea and Tick blend. The proprietary formula smells great, is non-toxic and the natural essential oils in it will repel fleas and ticks as well as mosquitos and biting flies. BARF® World offers a bundle of both DE (which can also be used on cats) and Canine Flea and Tick blend. Click here for more information on this product.

Getting rid of fleas, or keeping them at bay can be a tough job, but as the saying goes, “someone’s got to do it”. Using these tips should help make it a lot easier.

If you need more information, give us a call at BARF® World at 866-282-2273 or email us at
info@barfworld.com. We’ll keep your pup sitting pretty!


Raw Food Tip:

Mix one drop of each of the following oils in water and spray it on them each day they go out in tick-infested areas: Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage and Thyme. I recommend using it in their bedding areas and places they sleep or hang out. If you follow these natural care tips, I’m sure you and your pets will stay flea and tick free this summer!


Autumn Boga

Autumn Boga

Autumn's relationship with BARF World began in late 2015. She has been a lover of all animals, great and small, her entire life. She credits her parents with allowing her to have many pets growing up including rats, birds, fish, cats and dogs. Her zoo is currently at full capacity with four dogs, (one of which has a pet cat named Leonard), husband! A passionate believer in the benefits of the BARF World diet, Autumn tries to talk to as many people as possible. A recent convert to Pescetarianism, Autumn enjoys trying new eateries and has traveled over 25 countries.


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