Hoorah for Raw

This week is,  “National Raw Feeding Week”.  One of our favorite weeks of the year here at BARF World® and we are excited to be celebrating with you!

Cheryl Douglas · April 06, 2021

Hoorah for Raw

This week is,  “National Raw Feeding Week”.  One of our favorite weeks of the year here at BARF World® and we are excited to be celebrating with you!  If you are a pet parent who is not familiar with feeding your furry companion a raw diet, you may be asking, “What is raw feeding and is it safe?”  I am glad you asked.  

Throughout the centuries our domestic pets have become a part of our family, but we need to consider our pet’s origin.  Before our dogs and cats became domesticated, they were wild animals  and had to fend for themselves, which included hunting for their food. There was no cooking, no preparation, no fancy packaging, etc.  They would devour their entire prey, including the bones.  By feeding Fido a raw diet, you are feeding him a diet which replicates what his ancestors ate.  You are  actually feeding your pets a species appropriate diet and are giving them exactly what their bodies need to not only survive, but thrive. 

As many of you know, commercial dog food was developed in the 1800s.  Throughout the years, we have seen more preservatives and chemicals added to pet food.  Kibble has been the number one culprit for many health issues in our pets.  We, at BARF World receive weekly phone calls and/or emails from desperate pet parents whose furry baby is suffering from pancreatitis, kidney failure, obesity, diabetes (just to name a few).  Most often, the reason for these serious health issues is due to years and years of being fed a cooked, kibble diet. 

If you can relate, I would like to encourage you to switch your pet over to a raw diet, but you may be wondering if it is safe.  Safe for your pet, or safe for their humans?  The answer to both questions is, yes.  We’ve already established that your pet is designed to eat a raw food diet. They have shorter digestive tracts and their stomachs have a much higher acidity level than humans, which makes it easier for them to consume and thrive on a raw diet, such as the  BARF World® Diet.  

As for us humans, when preparing your pet’s raw meal you may be worried about cross contamination. Your concerns are valid.   Bacterial contamination has been a concern in the pet food industry for raw and kibble alike, yet the finger seems to continuously point to raw.  The answer is simple; handle the meat you are feeding your pet the same way you handle the raw meat you prepare for your family.  

  • Wash working surfaces, utensils and hands with hot soapy water after each feeding. 
  • To thaw, place in a container with a lid and defrost in the refrigerator. 
  • Food will spoil if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time.
  • Excess food should be refrigerated for the next feeding or discarded.

If you are not currently feeding your pet a raw food diet, I would encourage you to take our 90 day challenge so you can witness the positive changes in your fur baby for yourself.  For those of you who are feeding your pet a raw diet, your pet thanks you!  

As we celebrate National Raw Feeding week,  many Raw Feeders around the world will use this time to unite to share their stories & expertise. They will discuss the benefits of raw feeding and clear up any myths promoted by raw feeding opponents.  We’d love to hear some of your raw feeding success stories.  


Cheryl Douglas

Cheryl Douglas

Cheryl joined the BARF® World family in 2017. She offers strong Administrative Support to the BARF® World office, handles our Logistic needs, as well as Customer Service and Sales. She is passionate about pets; specifically rescue dogs. She is a Minnesota native and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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