Kibble Is Dead Food

One of the reasons why kibble has become immensely popular is because of how much more convenient it is compared to other dog food competitors. It is a product that is cost effective for the consumer in most cases and it stays shelf stable for months. It is easier and cheaper to store because kibble is not temperature sensitive.  Most people do not realize the process involved to offer the consumer this choice in dog food.

Robert Mueller · December 17, 2019

Kibble Is Dead Food

One of the reasons why kibble has become immensely popular is because of how much more convenient it is compared to other dog food competitors. It is a product that is cost effective for the consumer in most cases and it stays shelf stable for months. It is easier and cheaper to store because kibble is not temperature sensitive.  Most people do not realize the process involved to offer the consumer this choice in dog food.

In order to make healthy dog food that is cost effective and also affordable for the consumer, it has to be made from the scavenged remains of the human food chain, as well as interior grade or inexpensive ingredients. Even more damaging is the heat processing that is required to help preserve and sterilize the food. The result is a “dead food“ that has been altered by the application of heat and preserved with chemicals and fat sprays that allow the product to stand open for months. 

Anyone willing to trade the convenience of pouring product out of a bag and compare it to the benefits derived from a natural blend of biologically appropriate raw food needs to be educated on the harmful effects of kibble. There are major manufacturing giants in the kibble diet industry, conglomerates that have been generated from the profits of their product, who have convinced the world that their products are safe and beneficial to feed to their pets.  The recent recalls and pet food scares have opened a lot of eyes and have made people aware of the damaging effects kibble has on their companions and brought awareness for the need to read labels, and educate themselves on a more appropriate way to feed their pets. Another advantage (and it is a big one) is that dry food can be stored and distributed much easier than frozen foods but not all pet food distributors are willing to convert their facilities to handle frozen lines of pet food. For this reason, as well as others, we will always be competing with grain based dry food for dogs and cats. 

Kibble diets also require far less education to convince the consumer about the health benefits of their diets. The mass advertising dollars spent on this education in the past has made consumers believe their stories and promises of such benefits. Today we are seeing the multiplying effects of declining health in our nation's pets. Each new generation of pets seems to develop additional degenerative weakness and depressed immune systems. The results are staggering and are at epidemic proportions. Obesity is just one disease caused by excessive intake of carbohydrates.  Feeding a wholesome and natural raw food diet can make all the difference in your pets overall health and well-being. 

Raw Food Tip:

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Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”, and co-developer of BARF World’s BARF Diets® patties, nuggets and supplements – the first company to make the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF®) diet conveniently available to animals everywhere. To receive more articles like these in your email inbox,click here to sign up for “The Intelligent Pet” weekly e-zine absolutely FREE!


Evan Hollowell
Dec 29, 2019

I agree that all dried dog foods (kibble) doesn’t deserve a name that people think of as unhealthy meat meal and wheat glutens.. my dogs like blue buffalo and nutro. I agree that foods like pedigree and purina arent healthy at all and my dogs won’t touch the meat meal and grain dry dog foods. They seem as disgusted as I was when every dog in the kennel I bathed dogs at basically ate the cheapest kibble with little nutritional value for your dog until I used $50 to buy much healthier food for our dogs being boarded and the difference is obvious by the dogs speed to eat a meat rich dry food that doesn’t deserve to be called kibble which often went untouched by many dogs so I’d buy the food with my money and she would reimburse me for most of what I payed but I usually spend an extra $40-$50 to get a dry food that is nutritional and totally free of any harmful bacteria that statistics show a shorter life span for dogs that live off cheap “kibble” with little nutritional value. A meat dominant dry food Cleans the death better than cheap kibble and My dogs prefers chicken but I’m not gunna knowingly feed him raw chicken that most likely will have salmonella here n there.. statistically it will eventually eat bacteria they can get from raw food and many dogs have bred out that immunity to certain bacteria’s by certain breeds. I honestly believe a meat dominant dry food is a safer and more nutritional and safer for all dogs because idk any dog owners that would give their pup raw chicken so a meat rich dry food will statistically have a safer diet essentially causing less issues that certain breeds or it could just be your dog that have a strong enough immunity but paying more money for possible bacteria littered raw meat has a lot to do with how long the dog will live. some dogs may do just fine but when it comes to the health of a dog it’s not really worth the risk of seeing if your dog turns out to having no immunities at all towards raw foods but I would be willing to bet the dogs that eat a dry food dominated by real meat if both diets were tested by blood to check what gives the dog a stronger accumulation of a dogs vitamins,nutrients, and minerals that won’t be found in raw meat. Dogs began being domesticated 12,000 years ago so I don’t think they need a raw meat diet because most of the food that’s first ingredient is actual meat and if it is proven to have human grade ingredients then bagged dry food with real meat can give your dog the healthiest food because raw foods can’t be totally sure that it is 100% free of bacteria, spinal juices, salmonella etc. have lost their immunity to certain bacteria after 12,000 years without each dog having random bacteria exposure that over thousands of years eating diets with less and less bacteria possibly present in raw meat and dry food cleans the teeth and tooth decay and tooth loss which actually has a lot to do with a dogs health than most people realize and would definately be more prominent in a raw meat diet because those teeth are never being cleaned eating a complete raw diet. after 12,000 years of domestication, they have been less exposed to certain bacteria and has left them more susceptible to being negatively affected by bacteria that will eventually be found in all raw meats revelry now n then and my dogs are much more active and playful.. we raise dogs now, not the wolves that the first homo sapiens started to domesticate 12,000 years ago ... basically wolves can endure certain bacteria that dogs ,maybe certain breeds, that may not be able to eat without getting ill. 12,000 years is enough time to cause a bacteria immunity to disappear in the many types of breeds.. from a puppy u can close your hand around, to The size and height of a Great Dane ur toddler can ride and I think certain breeds may be able to handle a BARF diet over a “kibble” or dry dog food that has human grade ingredients only which is becoming easier to find. A meat rich dry food is cheaper and overall safer from bacteria that some dogs or breeds started losing their immunity to that bacteria. I don’t think trying ur dog on raw meat and getting used to it only to get negatively affected once they finally do ingest Listeria or Salmonella and the diet isn’t important enough to possibly put your dogs health at risk. I’ve worked at 4 kennels and am currently majoring in animal sciences with a focus on research and conservation which classes I will take for my criminal justice minor in hopes of becoming a game warden to give out tickets to those people breaking fishing and hunting laws and doing animal research to realize the estimated population of a certain species and being able to average out the standard size of certain species of fish and wether there is a larger or smaller population when last researched 5 years prior. Safety is always the best policy if u really love what they have become as our companions that can bring so much joy to people that are lonely and have nobody to interact with like senior citizens without a family. Also my dog looks at me like I’m the best thing since all dry dog food should not carry the stigma of being fed a diet of chicken meal and by products cheaply known as kibble. I don’t even use that word around them lol it’s a scary thing realizing ur diet has little flavor and nutrition so pay attention that the first ingredient is actually all meat, no meal or by products. I wouldn’t go for a raw meat diet unless it’s affordable and it’s a breed like a greyhound that is known to handle bacteria that may be in raw meat very well. BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION is ridiculous-BLAME the owner- not the breed...unless you are an AKC registered breeder that have the AKC papers to show the parents pedigree which if they have a purebred breed pedigree then you know you have no mixing of breeds. Everyone else- SPAY AND NEUTER your companions TODAY... since pit bulls aren’t purebred all of them should be spayed and neutered and rescued from shelters that are all overpopulated by Pit Bulls.

Robert Mueller
Jan 02, 2020

Joseph and Evan,

I appreciate your feedback. You have great questions and I wanted to share my latest blog post with you that addresses your concerns and comments.

- Rob Sr.

Dec 17, 2019

I disagree that all kibble food is “dead food” and that it’s made with scraps of animals and sprayed with preservatives. Take, for example, Rayne Nutrition dog food. It is made with quality, human-grade whole-foods. It is not sprayed with chemicals and filled with a bunch of fillers. There are other high-quality kibbles on the market, too. Now if you’re saying that raw food is better than kibble, I think that depends on the food and the dog. Not all raw foods are made safely, just as there are some kibbles on the market I wouldn’t buy because of their ingredients. Raw or kibble can have poor ingredients. The idea is to get a good one. Also, not all dogs do well on a raw diet. I tried ones on two of my dogs and had issues with diarrhea and extreme hunger because you don’t feed as much food. My dog would vomit because her stomach was empty. I’m sure some dogs do great on it, but mine do better with kibble and wet canned food. I feed Rayne Nutrition kangaroo food exclusively and have been thrilled with the results. Not all kibbles are bad.

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