Nature's Golden Seed

You have probably already heard all the buzz about the flax plant. The seeds of this flowering, blue plant are considered a superfood, supporting many components of your pet's health.

Stephanie Minturn · August 07, 2018

You have probably already heard all the buzz about the flax plant. This flowering, blue plant is found in the United States and Canada and it's tiny brown or gold seeds are considered a superfood, supporting many components of your pet's health. 

When consumed in a liquid, capsule or ground form, the amazing benefits of this tiny seed can be seen within a few weeks of its use. It is recommended that whole seeds are not used for dogs, not because it is harmful but because it won't absorb fast enough before being digested and expelled. Grinding the seed or purchasing a liquid form is the ideal way to administer a flax additive.

What's does it do?

  • Is packed with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, which are vital to skin health and contribute to the functioning of cells and the immune system. They increase the speed at which wounds heal and are known for their high anti-inflammatory benefits, keeping skin free of flare ups while promoting a moisture balanced, well nourished and lustrous coat. This is helpful with allergies and skin conditions including hot spots. When paired with a natural, raw diet, flax compliments the living enzymes and other anti-inflammatory components of a raw diet.
  • Possesses high levels of alpha-linoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory component, supporting joint health and is ideal for use in Senior dogs to help with mobility. Flax can also help to prevent future complications within the joints, so it is a great idea to start pups on flax at a young age.
  • Is an inflammation destroyer. In addition to aiding in the reduction of allergies, skin conditions and trouble with the joints, eliminating inflammation in the body is also an effective way to lower blood pressure and help prevent and fight cancer.
  • Is a soluble fiber, aiding in digestion. When feeding flax in a liquid or ground form, the body absorbs all the health benefits and then provides a smooth exit for waste products.
  • Is high in Lignans, an antioxidant supporting the immune system which adds a little something extra to a flourishing raw diet. Antioxidants work with living enzymes to create an immune system powerhouse for your pet.

With all the benefits flax has to offer, why not add a little flax to your pet's diet? Our E-BARF plus supplement has all the flax your pup needs and can be purchased at or by calling 1-866-282-2273. 


Stephanie Minturn

Stephanie Minturn

Stephanie is a Registered Nurse and proud mother of 4 who has always loved animals and the purity and beauty they bring into the world. She enjoys researching current trends and evidence-based practice in the pet industry and relating it to the healthcare industry for humans. She has passion in discovering new-found knowledge with other pet owners like herself.


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