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The latest scoop on pet health and nutrition.

Oct 23, 2007

Who Regulates The Pet Food Industry?

A great question in the minds of all animal lovers is: “Who regulates the Pet Food Industry?” Again a lot of deception exists in this area because people are being assured of protection and safety

Oct 08, 2007

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement My Dog

This is a question I get every week and it deserves an answer. Most customers that convert their dogs and cats to a more appropriate raw food diet find that the problems they were having are reduced

Oct 03, 2007

BARF Diet and Styrofoam Coolers

Today I heard that one of our mail order customers loved our product but may discontinue purchasing from us because of the styrofoam coolers that we use for shipping our Barf Diet patties.

Oct 03, 2007

My Dog Is An Omnivore? Or Carnivore?

There seems to be a split decision on whether or not a dog is a carnivore or an omnivore. Of course the dry food manufacturers would want to convince the public that a dog is an omnivore but in

Sep 24, 2007

Grain Based Dry Dog and Cat Food Exposed

Never in my 32 years of manufacturing and selling raw food diets have I seen such an exposure of wrong doing. The recent Menu foods lawsuit has exposed the dry food industry to total scrutiny and

Sep 21, 2007

BARF Diets and Calorie Requirements

It has come to my attention that more and more customers are inquiring about the calorie content in our raw BARF World diets. Maybe the obesity problem is becoming rampant and people are beginning

Sep 16, 2007

BARF World’s Top 5

Not long ago we were asked by a potential new distributor of The Barf Diet for our top 5 selling benefits over our competitors  who sell raw diets that  our currently on the market place.  We

Sep 11, 2007

My Experience Selling Raw Diets To Zoos

I have written other articles regarding my interesting experiences in dealing with the Zoos in the United States. But, I have one that tops them all. A late fall regional zoo conference in Texas


What is BARF?

"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!