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BARF Blog: Raise Your Paw for Raw

The latest scoop on pet health and nutrition.

Jan 08, 2008

Dog’s Digestive Health

I would like to offer suggestions to improve the digestive health of animals and humans.  The choices we make in our eating habits for ourselves and our pets will have dramatic consequences over

Jan 04, 2008

Dog Diet

Our diets are reversed I have been reading a very interesting book called “The China Study“- authored by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell . The book offers a very interesting scientific

Jan 02, 2008

BARF New Years Resolution

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Every year the day after New Years Day becomes a crisis day. I mean, that on this day we all VOW to make significant life style changes. Maybe it’s starting that dreaded diet

Jan 01, 2008

Christmas On Overload

I’m sure we can  all relate to the overload of food, drink and the high calorie and carbohydrate intake at the end of the year.  The parties, the delicious treats and the food that Gramma makes are

Dec 24, 2007

Raw Diet Benefit For Dogs

Another Raw Diet Benefit  Studying nutrition is my hobby and I find it quite interesting to discover information about nutrients and compounds that cast such importance on our daily bodily

Dec 17, 2007

Dog Cancer

Cancer Formation  Many factors pertain to the development of cancer in animals.  Of course the genetic susceptibility is a prime factor but after that there is a range of chemical and physical

Dec 14, 2007

Dog Bloat

Bloat is typically a condition that is most prevalent in larger breed dogs, it is a condition that can rapidly cause serious pain and death if not treated as an emergency. A large breed dog that has

Dec 13, 2007

Pet Food Safety, Made In China

Chinese produced goods pact A recent article published in the Chicago Tribune  outlined a new policy of government intervention designed to improve the regulation of foreign imports from China.


What is BARF?

“BARF®” is our acronym which means “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.” All of our diets are Complete and carefully Balanced; a proprietary blend of muscle meat, organs, bone-connector tissue, finely ground bone, fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. It’s the diet nature intended for our pets to not just survive but thrive.