Raw Feeding Misconceptions... Nature Knows Best

Misconceptions and various theories flood the pet food industry. Read more about raw feeding misconceptions and find out how BARF World makes all the difference.

Robert Mueller · October 30, 2018

Many vets warn their clients about homemade raw diets not being balanced and complete. A more appropriate warning would be that ALL MEAT raw diets are NOT balanced and complete. You cannot feed a diet of just meat to your dog and expect him/her to do well. Your dog needs a proper blend of organ meats, bones, and other proper nutrients to achieve a balanced diet. Some nutritionists claim that veggies are not needed in the diet. We feel that a certain percentage of fruits and veggies are a necessary component in the formulation. Supplying complex carbohydrates are key to achieving a balanced diet. By combining raw ingredients from raw food sources, you can achieve the exact proportions of fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that a dog needs. 

Our philosophy also suggests that dogs do not need to have complete and balanced nutrition at every meal. AAFCO has set this standard so that at every meal, a dog gets a balanced and complete meal portion. This propaganda is designed to influence people into buying commercial dog food. The canine body, or our own for that matter, doesn't operate that way. You eat a variety of food over a period of time. Pet owners that are making homemade meals for their dog should give them a variety of proteins and alternations of other nutrients. This achieves a balance of essential nutrients over time. 

Regarding the required balance of nutrients for our pets, we can only accept what nature provides as the true measure of what is needed. The diet that nature provides is precisely what they need to function, thrive, and survive. Modeling a diet to that of a carcass then gives a "nature remedy" for achieving a complete and balanced formulation. Nature provides exactly what the animal can actually use and absorb. 

For people that don't have the time or knowledge to make their own homemade diets, BARF World, Inc.® offers a variety of protein choices. These commercially prepared diets are balanced and complete portions (based on AAFCO'S feeding protocols). that are designed to give your dog an adequate amount of nutrition at every meal. Not to mention, the BARF World, Inc.® diet includes ground bone, which is an ingredient homemade diets lack. We still advocate that a variety of several different choices be given to offer your dog the best opportunity to gain maximum nutritional value. 


Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”, and co-developer of BARF World’s BARF Diets® patties, nuggets and supplements – the first company to make the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF®) diet conveniently available to animals everywhere. To receive more articles like these in your email inbox,click here to sign up for “The Intelligent Pet” weekly e-zine absolutely FREE!


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