The “C” Word

It is absolutely devastating to hear that your beloved companion has been diagnosed with cancer. What will become of your fur baby? Will they suffer? Is there anything that can be done to help?

Sara Forsberg · November 17, 2020

The “C” Word

It is absolutely devastating to hear that your beloved companion has been diagnosed with cancer. What will become of your fur baby? Will they suffer? Is there anything that can be done to help?

Here is what is important.  We are not completely helpless in the fight against cancer in our pets. There are things that we as pet parents can do to help slow and stop the progression of cancer, and possibly  prevent it in the first place!

Start by eliminating  grain-based foods and treats! Why? One of the biggest “secrets” that a lot of people don’t know is that the body converts carbohydrates to sugar, (which is what cancer cells thrive on). What does this mean? The best diet for dogs with cancer is a meat-based, whole food diet. This type of diet is most effective when your pet is fed raw food. BARF World’s complete & balanced BARF Diet®, which is made from fresh, whole food ingredients, is exactly that! Not only is the BARF Diet® a high protein, low-carb diet, it’s also rich in phytonutrients (all of which help improve the digestive and immune system). Plus, it also contains some amazing cancer-fighting ingredients.

The following is some valuable information about cancer with your four- legged companion.

When your pet has cancer and chemotherapy is your last resort, it can greatly depress your pet’s immune system, which can make your pet more susceptible to illness and infection. This is why many holistic veterinarians will often try other, less invasive methods, before resorting to chemo or radiation therapy. A strong and healthy immune system is your pet’s best defense when battling cancer and is especially important if you decide to opt for chemotherapy treatment. This is why diet is so important; it is the foundation for good health for your pet!

Dogs with cancer often suffer from digestive problems and can experience reoccurring symptoms of diarrhea and/or vomiting, especially when undergoing chemotherapy treatments. It’s important to ensure that a natural probiotic supplement is added to your pet’s daily meal regimen whenever there is gastric distress. Probiotics help restore the natural balance in the intestinal tract while helping to relieve inflammation. They also ensure that the body properly absorbs as many nutrients as possible from the food being consumed. BARF World’s E-BARF Plus supplement is an amazing pre/probiotic made with mostly organic ingredients. This newly improved green superfood supplement supercharges your dog’s immune system.

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, remember that you are not alone. There are various ways for you and your pooch to find the support you need to get through this difficult time and find a way through the chaos. The team here at BARF World is always available to offer you our guidance, information and support. Give us a call at 1-866-282-2273 to talk to one of our raw pet food specialists.

Raw Food Tip:

Cancer grows into a tumor that is large enough to detect but not large enough to cause severe problems. It is at this stage that supplements can be effective against the cancer growth. Then the third stage is when the cancer is diagnosed. At this stage the cells have created their own blood supply and builds a mucous coating around the cells that protect them from the immune system. This is another reason why only depending on the immune system as the body’s defense mechanism is not enough to fight the cancer.

- Robert Mueller, Sr.


Sara Forsberg

Sara Forsberg

Sara Forsberg has been part of the BARF team since 2019. She has been passionate about animals since a small child growing up with a Siberian Husky and 3 cats, and as an adult having a Labrador Retriever that suffered from a lot of allergy problems. She now has an indoor/ outdoor farm cat rescue named Callie, and a new addition in another Lab named Jax. She has 7 children that keep her busy in most of her spare time; but enjoys anything on or near the water, spending time with friends and family, music, reading and cooking.


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