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The Secret To Cancer, Take Away Its Fuel

Two fuels glucose (sugar) or fat What if there was one life saving piece of advice that could be given to people or animals that were suffering from cancer or could be used as a prevention tool?

· February 17, 2009

Two fuels glucose (sugar) or fat

What if there was one life saving piece of advice that could be given to people or animals that were suffering from cancer or could be used as a prevention tool? Certainly, the one suffering from the disease would welcome this advice with open arms. What if there was one suggestion that would significantly reduce the exposure to this deadly disease? In order to understand the logical reasons behind the advice, and why it should work you first have to understand and agree upon the way the body reacts to a cancer tumor.

In order to suggest that one simple change might alter the course of this disease, we must find the weakest link in the chain. There are several phases that the cancer cell goes through to form a tumor. The first phase happens when the DNA a normal cell mutates or changes. This happens to millions of cells in the body every day and fortunately nothing happens with most of them. The immune system is responsible to wipe them out. You can see the importance of maintaining a strong immune system before, during and after contracting this disease. Some of these cells are strong enough to survive and grow. These are the ones that turn into tumors if left unchecked. HERE LIES THE KEY!!! They grow IF they get the right fuel.

The the cancer grows into a tumor that is large enough to detect but not large enough to cause severe problems. It is at this stage that supplements can be effective against the cancer growth. Then the third stage is when the cancer is diagnosed. At this stage the cells have created their own blood supply and builds a mucous coating around the cells that protect them from the immune system. This is another reason why only depending on the immune system as the body’s defense mechanism is not enough to fight the cancer.

The 4th and final phase is when the cancer changes from a localized tumor to an invasive tumor. The increased inflammation cause new blood vessels to form and the cancer spreads through these vessels to other areas. Once it gets to this stage the cancer is hard to fight. So if you want to aggressively stop the spread of cancer we must attack it early. This is the point when it is most vulnerable.

I reported earlier that the cancer cells need fuel to grow. So the secret to preventing cancer is to take away its fuel. Without fuel it simply can’t survive. There are only two types of fuel. They burn either glucose (sugar) or fat. Nobel prize winner, Otto Warburg proved that cancer cells live entirely on glucose. Improving fat metabolism actually inhibits the growth of cancer. To prevent cancer you must keep the body from shifting to a glucose-burning metabolism. If cancer has already formed then make sure the cells are primarily burning fat instead of glucose. The best way to do this is to avoid foods that significantly increase the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. That means elimination of sugars, starches and other refined carbs. Focus on low-glycemic vegetables, as well as meats, fish and poultry.

Can you now see the advantage gained by switching your dogs diet to a low-glycemic diet ( the BARF DIET ) eliminating the high carbohydrate laden food offered by a heat processed kibble diet?

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