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Why BARF World Rises Above Competitors

Our pets show us constant and unconditional love and as pet parents, we strive to do the same for them. What better way to show our dogs love and appreciation than by feeding them a delicious, natural and incredibly healthy diet? 

Stephanie Minturn · August 01, 2018

Our pets show us constant and unconditional love and as pet parents, we strive to do the same for them. What better way to show our dogs love and appreciation than by feeding them a delicious, natural and incredibly healthy diet? 

BARF World opened for business in 2000 and is considered the "pioneers" of raw feeding. It isn't uncommon to speak of raw dog food diets and hear others rave about BARF World. Today, more and more people have caught on to the many benefits of raw feeding and several new companies began producing their own diet. This may find you asking yourself, what makes BARF World better than all of those raw food competitors? The answer is in your dog! Once you notice the incredible benefits of BARF, you will be able to spot a BARF dog anywhere. You can tell by their shiny coats, healthy teeth and robust energy levels. Sure, you could try multiple foods and watch the differences in your own dog, but rather than use him as an experiment, allow me to simply explain why BARF is BEST for your pet! 

The BARF (bones and raw food) World diet was carefully designed as a grain free, all natural, balanced diet composed of raw protein, bone, fruit, vegetables and egg. Other raw diets may contain only one or two of these vital ingredients or sometimes partially or completely cooked. Some have added grain or unnecessary preservatives which rather than strengthening your dog's system, it could cause further damage. 

As a knowledgeable raw feeder, you are probably already aware that when feeding pets, each meal is not required to be complete and balanced. However, it is required that overall, the diet completely provides all the nutrients a healthy pet needs to thrive. But what does balance really mean? It's more than just proportional ingredients. Balance refers to a optimum pH level in the blood and gastric juices as well as a balance in hormone and blood glucose levels. It takes the right ingredients and in the correct amounts to get the job done. That is exactly what the BARF World diet offers. We don't leave out any beneficial ingredients and believe that a balanced pet is healthy pet. 

Why not choose a raw diet that is partially cooked?

The fear of bacteria when feeding raw has caused some people to turn to complete or partially cooked diets. Please visit to learn about safe handling for humans and why dogs actually benefit from the bacteria. Cooking will kill the bacteria in the food but it also kills the benefits. Living Enzymes are proteins found in raw foods which help the body function and are only beneficial to the body if they are living. Once food is cooked or processed, the enzymes are destroyed. These enzymes restore, repair, and maintain good health and they are replenished in our pets by eating raw, unprocessed foods. BARF World's raw patties retain the living enzymes, along with phytochemicals, antioxidants, and unprocessed amino acids. 

Why are fruits and vegetables important?

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients such as antioxidants, fiber and other immune boosting qualities! Dr. Billinghurst, the BARF diet originator, adopts the concept that dogs eat fruit and vegetables naturally in the wild, so why wouldn't they be added to the BARF diet? Along with balancing the pH in the body, that ensures that the blood isn't too acidic or alkaline, fruits and vegetables also provide hydration, anti-inflammatory benefits and even more digestive friendly enzymes! Phytonutrients, only found in plant material, ward off disease, parasitic worms and even acts as an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial defense. There is no doubt that adding fruits and vegetables to a raw meat diet will only improve the outcome. 

The importance of Bone

This is one ingredient that we find many of the raw diets out there are lacking. Bone is an incredibly important part of a raw diet. Bones are a great source of calcium and phosphorus and is crucial in a dog's diet for optimum health. Dog's need a balance of calcium and phosphorus in the diet. Meat is a very high source of phosphorus but a very low source in calcium. This imbalance can lead to skeletal degeneration and health problems in the years to come. 

Why Eggs are added to the BARF World diet

Eggs, labeled as "nature's perfect food source" are a great source of protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, selenium, calcium, zinc and more. They are another fantastic addition to the BARF World diet! Eggs are well known for their perfect protein source, synthesizing and maintaining healthy muscle mass and boosting energy levels and performance. 

These qualities make the BARF World diet unrivaled in the raw food industry and it's the only diet of its kind. You won't find another raw diet which perfectly mimics BARF World, which is why true "barfers" like yourself, know that you're offering the best diet on the market for your pet, a diet of excellence. 


Stephanie Minturn

Stephanie Minturn

Stephanie is a Registered Nurse and proud mother of 4 who has always loved animals and the purity and beauty they bring into the world. She enjoys researching current trends and evidence-based practice in the pet industry and relating it to the healthcare industry for humans. She has passion in discovering new-found knowledge with other pet owners like herself.


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What is BARF?

“BARF®” is our acronym which means “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.” All of our diets are Complete and carefully Balanced; a proprietary blend of muscle meat, organs, bone-connector tissue, finely ground bone, fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. It’s the diet nature intended for our pets to not just survive but thrive.