Allergies? No Problem - Why Switch Your Dog to Raw

Does your dog suffer from food or environmental allergies? Have you tried everything from prescription diets, medications, supplements and you are only succeeding in alleviating some of the symptoms, masking or keeping them at bay? A RAW diet could be the answer!

Sara Forsberg · May 11, 2021

Allergies? No Problem

Why Switch Your Dog to Raw?

Does your dog suffer from food or environmental allergies? Have you tried everything from prescription diets, medications, supplements and you are only succeeding in alleviating some of the symptoms, masking or keeping them at bay? A RAW diet could be the answer!

My dog’s story

My first baby,  back in the late 90’s was my fur-baby. She was a yellow lab named Chamois. At just 4 months old she developed itching, rash-inflamed skin. The vets were baffled because most dogs don’t develop allergies until they are a little older. I did everything I could to help her with her flare-ups but she still had red, itchy, inflamed skin and patches of hair loss. She was constantly itching, biting and licking at her paws and was miserable. She was on a constant stream of Benadryl and also steroids when she had a major flare up. I did some research and put her on the best diets available at the time.  I also added fish oils, used an anti- itch spray on her tummy and between her feet pads.  I would take her to the groomer every 3 weeks to be bathed with a soothing oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and to have her ears cleaned.   She wasn’t completely miserable with all of those measures in place, but certainly not always comfortable. Little did I know at the time that even though I had her on the “best” dog food available, that if I had her on a RAW diet I could have saved so much money on treatments, medications and vet bills and more importantly she would have been so much healthier and happier.

Why do dogs have or develop allergies?

The ancestors of our beloved companions (wolves, wild and undomesticated dogs) didn’t eat cooked foods or kibble full of additives and preservatives. Wolves and wild dogs ate what they killed, such as birds, small mammals, and  fish. They consumed the entire animal, which included meat, organs and bones. The organs contained bits of fiber, fruits and vegetables that their prey (often herbivores) ate, which were contained in their stomachs and intestines.

As dogs became domesticated, their owners fed them leftover scraps from butchering or before cooking. They chewed on leftover bones with bits of tissue still attached or  what they rummaged around for outside (again also killing and eating small animals). Nothing man- made, overly processed or full of unnatural ingredients. Now  humans, as well as our pets, have seen skyrocketing increases in allergies, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders.  This is due to  processing, additives, preservatives and biological manipulation of the food we consume causing a myriad of health problems that were not seen years ago.

So why RAW for allergies?

B.A.R.F means “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”. It is a diet made from natural ingredients that our pups  ancestors ate (raw muscle and organ meat, ground bone, vegetables, and fruit). How does this help? A RAW diet mimics this innate ancestral diet by reducing inflammatory conditions, allergies, digestive issues, itchy raw skin, and ear infections all while providing a more typical digestive process found in the wild and reducing the stress on your dog’s immune system. What you’ll notice is less frequent and firmer stools because their bodies are absorbing the nutrients it needs and not reacting to unnatural ingredients causing discomfort and messy loose stools. In addition your pet’s inflamed skin and chronic ear problems will improve or even disappear. Their dry and dull coat with flaky skin will transform to be shinier, softer and more radiant. Imagine, ending the constant expensive vet visits, oral steroids or cortisone shots, antibiotics, Benadryl, medicated ear cleaner and specialty shampoos.  

What’s the next step to assist your pup?

If your dog is miserable with chewing, scratching or itching their skin raw, or biting at their paws; you can help end their painful itchy skin, ear infections and digestive problems by going back to what Mother Nature intended and what's best for them.  Give your fur baby the life they deserve; a  happier and healthier life with a BARF World® RAW diet.


Sara Forsberg

Sara Forsberg

Sara has been part of the BARF team since 2019. She is responsible for some admin duties, helping keep the office running smoothly and support for Rob Jr. and the rest of the team. She has been passionate about animals since a small child growing up with a Siberian Husky and 3 cats, and as an adult having a Labrador Retriever that suffered from a lot of allergy problems. She now has a rescue orphaned kitten, Poppy, and a new addition in another Lab named Jax. She has 7 children that keep her busy in most of her spare time; but enjoys anything on or near the water, spending time with friends and family, music, reading and cooking.


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"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!

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