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Pet Alert!

4/12/2010 - Response Products Voluntarily Recalls Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

3/8/2010 - Nature's Variety Expands Nationwide Voluntary Recall to Include All Raw Frozen Chicken Diets with Any "Best If Used By" Date On or Before 2/5/11:

1/14/2010 - FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats Packaged and Distributed by Merrick Pet Care:


It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the premiere edition of “The Intelligent Pet”. This FREE e-zine is specifically meant for intelligent, like-minded pet parents who are not satisfied with just owning a pet but are actively searching for the very best in healthy, holistic pet products, information and foods to ensure that their furry kids are given the absolute best chance at a long, happy and healthy life.

To this end, we have created several different sections in this e-zine for you covering a variety of pet-related topics…but one that we highly recommend is the “Pet Alert” section.  It is here you can find any published recalls of pet foods and pet products that may often go unnoticed in the public eye but may directly affect your pet family. 

You’ll also be able to increase your understanding of feeding raw ingredients in our section called “Raw Knowledge” and continue to learn more about the life-long benefits of the BARF diet.  

So, if you’d love to be the first to know about new and upcoming healthy and holistic pet products, industry news and information then you are in exactly the right place! Now that you have joined “The Intelligent Pet” elite, your friends and family will look to you for information on the latest and greatest for their pets.

Congratulations again for accepting our invitation into this inner circle of dog lovers and pet people who want to attain health and ultimate happiness by expanding your knowledge and sharing life experiences – we are thrilled to have you and welcome you as we continue on our mission to improve the lives of pets worldwide.

I hope you will write to me with questions, suggestions, comments and criticisms and let us know more of what you would like to see (or less of) every month!  If you would like to share a story that’s great too…just send it to my attention at

Amber Keiper
Raw Diet Educator and loving pet parent of Chewy and Chiquita

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Raw Knowledge

Dogs Dig Easter Eggs Too!


May is National Egg Month (remember the “incredible edible egg”?) so it seems to be the perfect time to highlight the benefits of eggs for your dog – in particular the fact that eggshells are a great source of calcium for your pets. Calcium is needed for normal growth, strong bones, teeth, and claws, as well as for optimum muscle contraction.
Using raw bones as a calcium source is the most common way to provide this vital nutrient to your pets. Raw bones can usually be fed whole though some people who prefer to feed ground up bones find it hard to get a hold of the equipment needed to grind the bones.  Eggshells however, present a healthy, balanced calcium source mainly due to some trace amounts of other minerals contained in the shells. There is a combination of 27 different mineral micro-elements in the eggshell and interestingly, the composition is very similar to those found in bones and teeth.
The advantages of using eggshells include:

  1. Eggshells provide one of nature's best natural sources of calcium
  2. Powdered eggshells are easy to digest and are adequately absorbed by the digestive system
  3. Using powdered eggshells in combination with magnesium and vitamin D3 (like cod liver oil) improves bone mineral density.

A great way to powder the shells is to use a coffee grinder. This works much better than a food processor or blender. Feel free to use a variety of eggshells sourced from either chicken, duck or goose eggs. When supplementing your dog’s diet with calcium, it is important to note that the calcium and phosphorus levels are correct. They need to be delicately balanced in order to keep the body healthy. A ratio of 1.5 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus is appropriate for most dogs.

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist and has been in the pet food business for more than thirty years. Recognized as one of the early pioneers in promoting raw foods to pets, Rob’s history of developing and selling raw meat diets has exposed him to dogs, cats, and zoo carnivores worldwide. In 2001, Rob joined Australian veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst and other partners to form BARF World Inc., to bring premium raw pet food diets to the general public.

If Dogs Could Talk

Ruth Carlin and her BARF dog, Sid.

Q: Do you recommend mixing my dog’s current kibble diet in with the BARF diet patties?

A: This question comes up a lot with consumers that are just starting to switch their pet to the BARF diet and for those who want to continue feeding a healthy, raw food diet but are also trying to save on their dog food budget. Maybe it is because they have more than one dog or perhaps they are trying to sustain large or giant breed dogs. So to settle it once and for all - the answer is no…and maybe.

No because if your dog has had a history of digestive disorders it may not be the best course of action to combine the two diets in the same meal. The reason is that each diet is digested and absorbed quite differently. The ingredient utilization and the time needed to digest a raw diet is significantly faster (about 4-6 hours) versus a cooked diet which can take 8-12 hours to go from mouth to tail. This causes a confusing digestion process to occur and it may lead to further digestion problems such as diarrhea and vomiting if both diets are in the digestive tract at the same time.   
The “maybe” answer comes about when you separate the feeding schedule and incorporate a split feeding regimen. To put it simply, a split feeding regimen would consist of the raw meat diet (such as BARF World’s BARF Diet patties or nuggets) being fed in the morning and a dry, grain-free kibble at night. At least this way it gives the body time to react differently to the two different types of diets. If given enough time, your pet’s body should be able to allow the enzyme production from the pancreas to make a correction and engage enough digestive enzymes to properly digest the different types of food.

With dogs and cats that can successfully digest the combination of foods in this manner, it is at least 50% better than doing nothing and staying with an inferior food choice. I would however never suggest doing a split feeding schedule with dogs or cats that are being given heavy doses of antibiotics, steroids, or any other drug that may depress the immune system or cause gastrointestinal upset. Many new customers that have made the decision to switch their pet to the raw diet have made that decision because their pet is experiencing a chronic health issue. The daily ingestion of a heat processed pet food will eventually take its toll on the body and the results may be allergies and skin and coat problems, digestion issues, degenerative illnesses such as cancer and kidney failure and many other conditions that can be reversed by first making a complete change to their pet’s diet.
I always suggest that a person that is either just starting to convert their pet onto the BARF diet or is planning on incorporating the split feeding model to also use our E-BARF Plus powder and E-Omega Coat oil product. This powerful combination of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals will ensure conversion success and also eliminate the majority of problems with potentially sick animals by naturally improving digestion and providing additional immune system support.

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist and has been in the pet food business for more than thirty years. Recognized as one of the early pioneers in promoting raw foods to pets, Rob’s history of developing and selling raw meat diets has exposed him to dogs, cats, and zoo carnivores worldwide. In 2001, Rob joined Australian veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst and other partners to form BARF World Inc., to bring premium raw pet food diets to the general public.

Good Dog

Think Like A Dog – How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Bike Riders

Have you ever been embarrassed by your otherwise well-behaved dog as she chases or barks nonstop at other people as they ride their bicycles or jog your way? It can be quite stressful trying to get her to stop this type of behavior especially if she happens to be a large breed dog like my Husky/Shepherd mix, Matsi! In my past experience as a veterinary technician handling powerful, strong-willed dogs, I’ve come to realize that the primary thing that helps against situations like these is to think like a dog.

Let’s consider this situation from a canine perspective: dogs perceive joggers and bikers as strangers and because of that may show signs of anxiety - either by running away or standing their ground and barking to make the ‘threat’ go away. Alternatively, some dogs may perceive these strangers as possible playmates and may simply want to join in on the run/ride (and then the chase ensues). Whatever the case may be, your ultimate objective is to control your pet not only for the safety of yourself and others butalso for the safety of your dog.


Darlene and Dan Oshop with their BARF dog, Annabelle.

The main objective when controlling your pet in this scenario is to get her attention…and what better way to get you pup’s ears perked and tail wagging by offering her a tasty treat or her favorite toy? The moment your dog shows signs of distraction or excitement, call out her name and offer her a high value treat or her favorite toy (preferably with a squeaker) so she cannot refuse.

By teaching your dog to focus her attention on you when something unfamiliar comes along, she will begin to rely on your instruction on what action to take.

Using your dog’s name and offering a treat/reward will reinforce the idea that “If I pay attention to Mom/Dad something good will happen!” Every dog is different and learns at their own pace so don’t despair if it takes some time for your pup to make the connection. With practice, your pup will eventually learn to focus on you during moments of distress or distraction.

It may take some time to get your dog to break their habit of chasing or barking, especially when the distraction is close.

The next step is to have your dog sit calmly by your side as bikers and joggers go by. Instruct your pup to sit as the jogger or biker comes near you. Once they calmly sit while focusing on you, go ahead and give your pup a treat.

With consistent training and a set routine, you’ll master this challenge with your dog and in the long run this will make you and your dog happy, without worry of bikers of joggers being a problem ever again. -Thomas Benin

Thomas Benin is a freelance animal photographer and former veterinary technician. He and his husky/German shepherd mix, Matsi are avid travelers and love to go hiking, running, mountain climbing and sight seeing.

Bark Out Loud

Wags of Wisdom

"The dog has no ambition, no self-interest, no desire for vengeance, no fear other than being displeasing." - Count of Buffon, French naturalist and biologist

"He never makes it his business to inquire whether you are in the right or wrong, never bothers as to whether you are going up or down life's ladder, never asks whether you are rich or poor, silly or wise, sinner or saint. You are his his pal. That is enough for him." - Jerome K. Jerome, English writer

Family rescued from fire disaster.

It is all of our worst nightmare, a house fire in the middle of the night. Luckily for the Macdonnells their dog woke them to warn of the fire even before the smoke detectors went off. The family was able to escape unharmed. The fire department was called to the seen at 4:17am.

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